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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Link Building Service

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Link Building Service

The process by which you make use of links from outside on your website is referred to as link building service. This link building is very important to endorse the websites. Today it is believed that high-quality links are the most important factors that help in improving the brand awareness of a particular website. It also has a great impact on the traffic of a particular website. Link building is considered to be one of the most influential factors in a particular website.

How does a professional link building service create links for your website?

1. They create contents that are fresh and are also focused
If you are interested in getting good quality links from outside, then it is essential for you to create contents that are fresh and unique. This will compel more and more people to get linked to your website.

2. They lay stress more on quality than on the quantity
It is important that you focus more on the quality of the inbound links. It is better to put in a few reliable links than putting hundreds of links that cannot be relied on. It is better to get links from those websites that have high traffic. In case you take links from sites that cannot be considered as trustworthy then there is a chance that the ranking of your websites may go down.

3. They ensure that they make use of relevant links
Most of us often try to get easy links. However, it is always important to get links from websites that are relevant to your website. The more relevant the inbound link is, the greater are the chances of having higher traffic for your website.

4. They use links that offer value in exchange
It is very important to ensure that the webmasters spend more time on your link. They will surely help you with your links if they offer some value to you in return. For example, if you supply good quality content to another website then the webmasters will inevitably spend more time with your links. However, it is not at all recommended to offer links in return. This is because it might make the search engine spiders question the authenticity.

5. Initially, they do not rely on paid links
If you pay money directly for these link building services, then it might not always be very cost effective. However, you can pay some money to advertise the links.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Four Fantastic Tips for Effective Digital Marketing Campaign in 2018

Four Fantastic Tips for Effective Digital Marketing Campaign in 2018

The eventful year 2017 comes to an end and we are approaching the year 2018 with new hopes and goals. Talking about marketing, the passing year 2017 has taught us many useful things and gave new insights for creating fruitful marketing campaigns in the future. Out of several efficient tactics, today, we are going to see four noteworthy tips for bringing the optimum result of your digital marketing campaign.

CoSchedule has recently done a survey among 1597 marketers and they have got interesting marketing statistics, which can guide us in implementing optimal marketing strategies for 2018.

Let us elaborate these statistics so that you can stay ahead of the curve and get better results for your marketing campaign in the year 2018 and beyond:

Document your strategy- A whopping 538 percent greater chance to get success in the marketing efforts is largely attributed to documenting strategy- a CoSchedule stat says. The main objective of documenting marketing strategy is to enhance its visibility. It is easy for your team to implement, communicate, and collaborate during the ongoing campaign if all the team members have a proper understanding of your marketing strategy and their individual roles in ensuring success.

Documentation also provides a chance to review the strategy during the campaign that enables you to follow the goals while addressing changing requirements. When you document the strategy, chances are bright that you can foresee the hurdles well in advance, and handle them more efficiently.

Do proper audience research- Okay! Nothing is changed on this front. Frequent audience research is highly popular among the marketers. It is stated that successful marketers are 242 percent more likely to conduct audience research in a frequent manner. More importantly, you need not target an audience, only the right audience can enhance your brand value. You can find the answers to questions like:

• Who are your competitors?
• Which country or region do you want to target for your products or service?
• How your offer is different than your competitors?
• Which people can utilize your product or service in the best possible manner?
• On which solutions your products or services are focusing? Etc.
You can get the most from marketing campaign through addressing the most relevant and suitable audience for your business, and this questionnaire can help you find the right audience.

Define your goals- Marketers with set goals can have a 429 percent greater chance of getting success in the campaign. Though setting clear goals is one of the most difficult tasks, it pays off to the marketers. You can start with making a goal summary while being realistic with existing resources and time. It is necessary to focus on any one objective while setting the goal. For example, generating a certain number of leads per month could be your objective while setting the goal.

Another important thing is to set a viable deadline for achieving your goal. When you follow a deadline for reaching the goal, your efforts can be more intense and focused. Every marketing campaign can be directed in a proper manner through defining the goal and deciding the deadline to achieve it.

Make process documentation- The CoSchedule stat shows that marketers who document their marketing processes are 466 percent more likely to get succeed in their campaigns. Just like a strategy documentation, workflow and process documentation of the marketing campaign is also very important. It can improve the execution of processes and make them more efficient for achieving the optimum outcome. Another hidden benefit of documenting the process is it brings your team members together and provides better collaboration opportunity. Process documentation is an important reference that you and your team can access at any point during and after a marketing campaign.

These four useful aspects can help you create and run an effective marketing campaign in the year 2018 and beyond. If you rely on basic marketing insights and follow these tips, it would be easy for you to garner all the benefits of digital marketing.

At Ecosmob, we offer you high-quality digital marketing services that follow the latest marketing trends while utilizing various channels like SEO, social media marketing, etc. for achieving the desired outcome.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

5 highly effective techniques to boost your organic traffic

5 highly effective techniques to boost your organic traffic

What you think you know and what you actually know, makes a lot of difference. And that's exactly the case with SEO. Everyone seems to be an 'SEO Expert', but do they really know the business as they claim. And today, in the online marketplace, plethora of information is available and people are worried about what to trust and what to implement.

Preferably, it is smart brains to experiment what you read before actually applying it on your site.

Here, we share with you some of the most effective SEO tips that will help improve your organic search results. Anyone, from startups to MNCs can use these to improve their SEO rankings by hiring best seo company in India.

1. Link requests
The effectiveness of this technique would vary from business to business. Here, you try to find out who is mentioning about you, or your business, or your products or services or even your content without mentioning your brand name or adding a link to your site. And once you have a list of such people, reach out to them and request them to mention your website's link to their posts. This technique can be highly effective if you are an already established brand, as it will land you thousands of new links and that too with little efforts.

2. Community Contacts
The results of this technique may again vary from industry to industry, but either way it can benefit you either at large or in a little way.

Here, you find out online communities that have people who are or could be your target audience so that you can start building relationships with them and eventually have them promote your brand, products or services or even your content.

3. Insightful Guest Posts
While many sites use one-off guest posts to boost traffic of their sites, if applied on-going content, it can dramatically increase the traffic, in the long run. By on-going we mean creating meaningful content relating to your industry.

Such industry related publications will not only build repute within the industry but also build relationships with your customers which can be utilized later to push new content on your site and bring in good number of backlinks.

4. Buying out an existing website
This is perhaps the most underrated SEO technique today. It has been unfortunately and incorrectly accepted that acquiring an existing website will burn big holes in your pocket. But this doesn't stand true. In fact, a strategic and rightly planned acquisition can result into one of the best investments. Such acquisitions can move the entire existing traffic of the acquired site into yours, all the links of the acquired site can be taken by you, it results into huge accumulation of content that belonged to the acquired site, the keyword rankings of the acquired site comes to you and you may even get access to their social media accounts and mailing list subscribers.

5. Finding Underperforming Content
It's true for every website, whether a startup or an established one - most of the organic traffic comes from only few of the total content on the website. All you need to do is, find out the underperforming content on your site, especially that which ranks on the second or third page and optimize it to boost traffic.

Use these highly effective techniques now and employ a top seo company India, to boost your organic traffic.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Why hiring the best SEO company Delhi for institutes is important?

Why hiring the best SEO company Delhi for institutes is important?

Internet has become very much the part of our lives and most of us keep surfing the internet for the most of our free time, to get information or just to play games and enjoy other online activates. Online presence is highly important for the growth of a business.

What do you think is the best tool to advertise any business online? When it comes to digital marketing, SEO strategies and techniques play a crucial role.

For the education sector and the higher education institutions, leveraging the endless possibilities of SEO means connecting better with the existing and potential students. For this, you need an able partner who can give you an overview of where you stand globally and provide you with a customized strategy that will help you to reach your goals. Best SEO company Delhi for institutes helps improve the brand’s reputation among the students. Some of the top companies offering the search engine optimization services in Delhi are:

2. Techmagnate
3. Page Traffic
4. Netscape

Benefits of SEO services for institutes

Key benefits from SEO perspective are listed below:
• Help in increasing the institute’s popularity
• Help in gaining the trust of the people
• Your website will act as a brand identity for your educational institute
• Help in improving the enrollment in the institute
• Make the institute’s website easily available to those searching for it online
• Good designed and search engine optimized website helps you get better ROI

To maximize these benefits, one should hire the best SEO company Delhi for institutes that will help improve their rankings and maintain a good reputation.

What an SEO will do for your educational institutes?
SEO professionals make use of the strategies and techniques to make any website rank higher in the search engine result pages. Two broad categories of SEO are:
1. On-page optimization
2. Off-page optimization

On-page optimization
It is an important aspect of any SEO services and a website is optimized at different levels to ensure that it is SEO friendly. The On-page SEO services offered by the best SEO company Delhi for institutes include:
• Keyword research and analysis
• content creation and optimization
• Establishing a usable website navigation structure
• Integrating website with all social networks

Off-page optimization
This service assists you to create an authority for your educational institute with your online presence at the right place among the target audience. A good SEO company focuses on creating back links that generate quality traffic and attracts potential students to the website. The services offered are:
• Establishing links to the website from the authorized domains
• Publishing engaging content
• Proper sharing of content on social media platforms
• Releasing press releases to introduce new courses and information

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Use of local search result to improve your business

Use of local search result to improve your business

Use of the Internet to promote one’s business has gained a huge traction in India. Nowadays, we see a lot of companies both small and big spending huge amount of money on advertisement campaign on the digital media. However, before you jump on this bandwagon, it would be prudent on your part to ask yourself whether the product or services you are selling has a global appeal or is its importance limited to the local market only. If the answer is a local market, then it would make sense to focus more on the local search results rather than the global ones.

If you are in Indian company trying to market products to the local market, you should take the help of an SEO company in India to get better results. The local SEO companies have a greater understanding of the tastes and preferences of the local people. To improve local search engine result, SEO companies use a gamut of strategies that include listing your website in the directories of search engines like Google, Bing, Four square, Super pages and others. This allows them to include your website in any search result.

If you are targeting the India audience, then hiring an SEO India company makes a lot of sense. They can easily advertise your company’s website on those pages, where most of your potential client go. This will help you to target your focused group more intensely. Now, SEO strategies involve a lot of steps that are taken sequentially to get the best result for a client’s website. Some of these steps include; Analysis of a website, understand the client’s requirements, keyword research, content writing, website optimization, SEO submission, link building and reporting among a host of others.

The importance of the usage of local search content can be gauged from the fact that 46 percent of all Google search is local. Therefore, employing an SEO India company will give a boost to your advertisement campaign as they know the market and the people of an area more closely. It has been observed that a person who does a local search try to find some particular brand, however, a large number of the local searches are not directed towards a particular brand. If you have a presence on the Internet platform, then you can target these people through similar kind of product or services they are looking on the Internet. Being near them will allow you to serve their needs in a better way as compared to some business selling a similar product that is situated in a different city.

Research has shown that focusing on local search results have increased the conversion rate tremendously compared to another form of traditional advertisement. When somebody looks for some product in a particular city, then online directories like Foursquare, Cityscape direct the search towards those business websites that have a presence in that city or place. As more and more people are using mobile phones to search for different things on the Internet, the use of local search has also risen dramatically. In addition, local search gives you a greater return on Investment than say traditional advertisement methods as the search is totally based on the needs of the customers.

You can increase your business by getting listed in the Google My Business. This absolutely free service from Google increases the chance of your website being discovered in any local search. All these features make the local search a vital element in any SEO strategy and therefore should be employed effectively to get the desired results.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

How SEO services are benefiting the online businesses?

How SEO services are benefiting the online businesses?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website for certain keywords. It is one of the most preferred forms of marketing as it is more about making information available to involve the audiences rather than annoying and distracting them. The audiences look at the ads or search engines and click them if they find them relevant to their goals or needs.

There are many leading SEO companies offering best SEO services in India such as Unipro Education – New Delhi, Rank Higher – Bangalore, Savit Interactive – Mumbai, Click n Join – Mumbai and many more. SEO services when hired from top SEO agencies in India give a competitive edge to a business by providing services for content creation, link building, social sharing, keyword research, on and off page optimization, website analysis, social media marketing and many more. Moreover, leading SEO companies in India offer full-fledged SEO services at affordable price.

Reasons to choose top SEO agencies in India
As more and more local customers are going online for finding local businesses, organizations are gearing up in making their businesses more visible on the internet. SEO services in India come across as a much-needed, much desired breakthrough. Best SEO services in India are all about getting high ranking for certain specific keywords, that bring more qualified leads to your site.

As search algorithms are getting complex day-by-day, it is important to hire a good SEO agency in India to maintain and achieve high ranking on SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). Some of the key reasons to hire top SEO agencies in India are as follows:
• Focus on both conversions and rankings – Top SEO company in India always know that a high Google page ranking is useless without a site conversion strategy.
• Accountability – Top SEO agencies in India offer you with regular report on the project’s progress and also deliver on the short-term benchmarks unfalteringly.
• Keyword research – Selecting the right keyword is the starting point of all SEO related activities. Best SEO companies in India choose the keyword set based on the quality of website, keyword strength and the commercial intent of the website. These top SEO agencies in India also make sure that all the keywords are goal oriented and highly competitive.
• Understand your business – Top SEO companies in India completely understand your business type, industry, market place, target customers, business model, goals, USP and objectives. They create your SEO marketing strategy based on this understanding.
• SEO content development – Authentic and compelling content plays a crucial role in the SEO. To help you improve your rankings considerably and dominate the search results, best SEO services in India ensure that the content is relevant and unique. 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

List of Tips for SEO Workers

List of Tips for SEO Workers

SEO is becoming more and more important for websites and businesses, seemingly on a daily basis. With constantly changing guidelines, there’s so much to consider all the time; it can be difficult to keep on top of things. However, whether you’re searching online for a definitive source of information or asking your colleagues, it seems as though everybody has a different idea on what’s more important and what the basics actually are.

In this article, we’ll explore and define a vast number of tips and tricks that can help you to improve your SEO knowledge and techniques, helping you to become one of the most effective and efficient SEO workers in the industry!

Patience is Key
SEO practices are equally about you as a person as it is about how much knowledge you have. Once you’ve optimised the keywords in a web page or article, you won’t instantly see millions of readers once you hit the publish button. SEO is about the long game. This means being patient to see what results come from certain techniques before panicking and changing your strategies before they’ve had a chance to work.

Never Stop Learning
With over 200 SEO criteria set by Google alone, SEO is one of those industries where you could easily learn something new every day. Be open to this ability to learn. In fact, you should embrace it and try to learn something new every day. When you have the time, commit to online SEO courses, read books on the industry and read articles written by some of the leading people in the industry. The more you know, the better you’ll be.

Page Warren, Marketing Manager for Best Australian Writers, explains;

“Despite the overwhelming demand for SEO workers, this is still an incredibly competitive industry. You need to be on top of your game if you want to be the best. By keeping your knowledge of current SEO practises up to date, you can be sure that you’re always one step ahead, allowing you to maximise your opportunities by doing the best job you can”

Master on the Basics
Despite what every SEO worker says, there are some basics that you’ll need to practice ensuring your website’s SEO ranking can be the best it can be. You’ll need to learn how to create XML site maps, refine your URLs so that they’re SEO-friendly as well as constantly researching the best relevant keywords for your industry. These are all essential techniques that you should be using already. If you are, ensure you master your practices, so you can complete them effortlessly without wasting too much time.

Your Website’s Content is Your Lifeline
Whether you’re working for a blog, a website, a business or for yourself, content marketing is vital. If you don’t already write blogs or source blogs from external sources, you need to start, now. This will effectively generate leads of your website as well as increasing your SEO ranking. You need to make sure all your content is of the highest quality possible and is 100% unique while applying the correct keyword density to each post. The same applies to your static page content.

Utilising Social Media
Social media is bigger today than it ever has been before and this will continuously grow with time with no end in sight. However, from an SEO worker’s perspective, you need to use these platforms wisely. Whether you’re sharing content on your website’s page or using the integrated marketing and advertising tools, do your research before you start spending money. Most successful sites have completed prior research and have become successful on a very limited budget because they were precise and targeted properly.

Use Tools
Even if you only practised the tips and tricks mentioned above, there simply isn’t enough hours in the day to complete it all, let alone all the other practices you should be implementing and completed. Whatever aspect of SEO you excel in, concentrate your energy on that. For the other jobs, research, download and invest in other tools that will help to make your job easier. Whatever aspect of SEO you want to complete, you can be sure there are endless tools out there that can help you to complete that task with ease.

Optimizing the Website
This is an essential SEO practice that many workers implement at the start but never return to. Optimising your website is considered by some to be the most important element to building a high SEO ranking. At the start, your website may run fluidly and flawlessly. However, once you begin adding content, videos, images, plugins and extra pages, it won’t be long before the website begins to slow. Take time out each month to complete a thorough deep clean and optimisation of your website, ensuring your users will never have to wait around while the website loads.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Outsource to top lead generation companies in India for better business results

Outsource to top lead generation companies in India for better business results

top and best lead generation company in India

In order to efficiently make sales, you need to have qualified leads. Lead generation is an internet marketing strategy that refers to the generation of prospective customer interest in your services and products. The process is all about brand awareness, pulling down leads and making sales. Leads generation is a new approach and it is gaining its ground in new businesses. It is the most cost effective way of marketing and it simply means the increase in ROI. It is just like advertising, where a buyer who is looking for some product or service gets to know its complete information and seller is also given a chance to present its services and products to the buyers.

Why go for top lead generation companies in India

Hiring a top lead generation company in India can go a long way because in the absence of adequate leads, the other crucial aspects of business like strategy, planning and intelligence can fall flat. There are several top lead generation companies in India offering top notch lead generation services to its clients. The lead generating professionals of top lead generation companies in India are highly qualified and experienced providing complete support to their clients and fulfilling their lead requirements at the appropriate time.

Moreover, these top lead generation companies also measure the evolving lead quality by using advanced lead scoring based on multiple dimensions. These top companies can also convert online web traffic into leads with progressive forms and dynamic landing pages. Besides all these, they also develop new raw inquiries into sales ready leads by making use of personalized and relevant lead nurturing campaigns.

Top lead generation company in India uses advertisements, social media, keywords and paid search in order to get maximum exposure. They also offer quality and valuable content understandable to the end user so as to keep your audience engaged. Call-to-action marketing and personalized messaging campaigns are some of the proven methods adopted by top lead generation companies in India so as to generate more leads.

Today’s competitive market is very dynamic and changes regularly. So, these top companies regularly build, refine and test their strategies from time to time so as to cope up with the changing needs of the market. Best lead generation companies also help you reduce the operating costs and also make an effective workforce for a more productive lead generation program. This in turn helps in the success of your business development activities and also enhances the efficiency of the overall sales process.

Unipro in New Delhi is the most renowned lead generation company in India offering best lead generation services to universities and colleges using latest technologies, proven sales oriented approaches and vast experience of several successful lead generation campaigns. The company helps to put your lead generation campaign on the right track, so that the educational institutes can derive the maximum mileage out of it. By using valuable and quality content understandable to the students and parents, the company works to convert student leads, which means the audience finally applies for your course.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Email Marketing to Drive Better SEO Results for Website

Email Marketing to Drive Better SEO Results for Website

Smart marketers are using the email marketing strategy to drive better SEO results. Though we don’t see a direct relation between email marketing and SEO, but it surely is one of the most engaging tools for online visitors. It is also a great tool for supporting and improving the SEO campaign. Below are some of the ways that can be included in your email marketing campaign to influence directly on the rankings in SEO.

1. Inbound Links
To increase the authority it is essential that there are more links pointing to your site along with the more diverse and sources with high authority. To acquire strong inbound links is a very important factor to improve your SEO and this can be done by effectively using the email marketing campaign. Emails can encourage people to link to your posts or different pages of your site.

2. Content Promotion
Emails are a great way to promote your web content, as they help in increasing the visibility and performance of the content. By sending regular newsletters on weekly or monthly basis can help people get connected to your latest blogs and posts. Eventually, it can help in gaining more inbound links.

3. On-site Engagement
The relative value of a web page is determined by Google using various traffic and engagement metrics. After much research and speculation, experts have made it clear that the more the number of active and engaged users will surely help one in increasing the search rankings. But the main point to be considered is that there should be low bounce rates and the time spent on each page should be more. To engage your audience further, sending them attractive offers is also a great tool.

4. Social Media Engagement
This is an indirect way of improving your SEO campaign by having more followers, shares and likes and most importantly having bigger and more engaged followers. Even by sharing the latest posts, social media share links and icons on your profile can help in reaching deeper with your audience, ultimately increasing the inbound links.

5. Reputation building
To build a good brand reputation, having brand recognition and retaining the existing customers is very valuable. High profile publishers are interested in publishing only the brands that have gained a high reputation. And to finally get listed in the top SEO pages, your engagement with popular influencers will add further to it.

6. Long-term development
By knowing that which of your articles or posts are most popular by sending newsletters through email one can create a strong database and statistics that will help in long term development for your SEO campaign. It can serve as a very important tool to understand better your target audience and create better content to appeal them and let them stay glued to your page.

7. Other useful tips
To run email marketing campaigns successfully, it is very important to focus on value and never attempt to buy subscribers. Also, don’t go over the edge to influence your readers, by sending them spam emails, as they may end up in unsubscribing. Ensure that you are able to track opens and click-through by your email platform and it helps you to provide insights into the behavior of your target audience.

So, finally we can admit that email marketing is a great tool to affect the behavior of your target audience and if you can influence that as per your website requirements, it will surely and ultimately lead to great SEO rankings.

Author Bio:
Manchun Pandit is working in India based top Website Designing Company as Digital Marketing Manager. We have more than 8 years Experience in the SEO, SMO, PPC and many more.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

How to use SEO to amplify your brand

How to use SEO to amplify your brand

Ranking on the first page for your company name or brand name is vital for online recognition for any business or brand. Content is KING and we all know that old SEO adage and it is still true and relevant even today. Using well optimized and unique content through SEO (organic search engine marketing) to boost your brand's visibility will give you competitive advantage over your competitors. Here are some tips you can use to improve your brand visibility online;

Using SEO to Enhance Online Visibility
You have a website, you have content, but still your site isn't moving up the organic search engine results pages. Time to bring in the SEO specialists.

Before you launch into any SEO project, it's good to have a proper understanding of what SEO is, and what it can do for your business

Remember that today, effective white hat (honest) SEO is an analytical, technical and creative process that is best implemented by an SEO professional or SEO agency for businesses to make the best of the Web and reach out to customers locally and all over the world.

What makes up good SEO
• Architecture optimization
• Optimizing content for rankings and keywords
• On-page content optimization
• Accurate description meta tags, heading tags and page titles
• Mobile optimization
• Local optimization
• Site speed optimization
• Image optimization
• Backlink analysis
• Social media promotion

By paying attention to each of these areas - without employing black hat SEO practices - and constantly reviewing them, you will see your brand stand out and be found on SERPs.

Google search signals
Another way to look at SEO is to consider the signals Google uses to determine if a website is worth ranking high on SERPs, or not, and if your website and content have them.

These signals (coming from your content) include bolded words in the text, whether your website is optimised for mobile and whether the headline on a page matches the text in the query.

Other signals are how many links go into your site, site speed, content freshness and the quality of your content.

RankBrain signals good content
A new, hugely important signal is referred to by Google as RankBrain - essentially the machine learning/artificial intelligence part of the search engine’s algorithm. It determines what results appear on SERPs and where they are ranked, and its primary aim is to deliver more relevant search results for users.

RankBrain has now become the most important signal for Google. While some say you can't optimize for RankBrain, we say that there are things you can do, and should do.

The most important factor is content, and if it provides a quality user experience. This can be defined by asking: is my website and its content useful, shareable, relevant, findable and credible?

Google will be the judge of this by looking to see if you have a low bounce rate (the percentage of visitors who come to your website and leave without navigating to any of your other pages), and whether users spend a lot of time on your site.

Google also judges the quality of you content by measuring 'time to long click' - when a user clicks from a search result to your website and stays there for a long time before returning to Google.

Another type of content Google doesn't like is 'thin content'? This is content that offers little value to users because it is light on real information and include duplicate pages, e-commerce listings with short descriptions and scraped content from other websites or feeds.

It's not only what type of content you're posting (video, for instance, is preferred over text), it also looks at how the user interacts and engages with your content.

Then, do users return to your site? If so, how often? Use your analytics program to measure these important points and remedy them if the results are poor.

What makes Google ignore or not find your website
• Not mobile-friendly. Use Google's mobile-friendly test tool to see if your website is mobile-friendly
• Lots of duplicate content and many broken links - Screaming Frog or your Google Search Console tools can check your site for these
• Mobile site loads too slowly - anything over four seconds and Google will rank your site lower. Use the Page Speed Insights to test your site
• Your site is not responsive - check it with
• The design is deceptive and misleading
• You host malicious downloads
• You have low-quality main and supplementary content
• You have a low click through rate (CTR) on the Google Search Network. Improve your
• Title Tags and Meta Descriptions and relook your keywords

Once you’ve done a good audit of your site and site SEO (there are free and paid-for tools on the Internet or employ a specialist SEO company), and fixed all the issues, start promoting your content in Social Media and across micro news sites such as and others relevant to your industry.

Once your content and SEO are optimized, you will reap the rewards of higher rankings in SERPs, and attracting thousands of users to your brand.
Author Bio
Lelo Patience Klaas is a content marketer and a blogger with two of her own blogs, onTravel_Destinations and KlaasiConneXions. She has a strong flair for writing and loves writing informative SEO articles and writing about travel destinations. Lelo Patience Klaas specializes in digital marketing, education, parenting and travel niches.

Her Interests include catching up on SEO news and preparing audience-grabbing blog posts for her blogs. She is a well-rounded, a dedicated writer and a self-proclaimed social media expert.

When she is not busy blogging about the latest search engine updates or the most amazing travel destinations then she is busy with community development projects or preparing creative dishes for her family.

Lelo is a very spontaneous person that loves to live life on the edge. She has a strong aspiration to learn new things and eager to see the world. Calgary SEO - Alberta SEO Expert Services Company