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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Tips and Tricks For First Time Home Owners

Tips and Tricks For First Time Home Owners

Whether you are setting up alone, or are buying a home with your partner, it is important to be prepared for certain domestic eventualities. Once the excitement of being a first-time homeowner has settled, you will soon realize that there is a lot of work and considerable finances involved in maintaining a home. Everything from decorating, faults, and repairs become your sole responsibility and if you are not prepared, you could find yourself spending money needlessly or being left in an uncomfortable situation for longer than is needed. Make things easier by using our tips and tricks for first-time homeowners and enjoy your new home rather than worrying about what to do if things go wrong.

Before you purchase a property, you will need to consider the best form of home insurance and what company will best suit your needs. Some lenders prefer you to use certain companies, and you may also need to purchase a very specific type of home insurance to secure a mortgage. Research the best offers and the best cover for not only your home and contents but also what kind of accidents and emergencies are covered in the insurance you want to purchase.

You may be a hands-on type of homeowner, and not mind digging out the plunger for a blocked toilet and tinkering around with pipes when something isn’t working as it should. However, even the most experienced DIY plumber may require a professional for the tougher problems. Enquire with neighbors, family, and friends what local plumber they use and who they find to be reliable. Look online for reviews of the plumbers in your area and research not only the best-priced plumbers but also the ones that are willing to come out immediately in the event of an emergency.

Sometimes matters are taken out of your hands and although you may treat your home with the respect it deserves, others may not, or accidents may happen. Should you be the victim of a burglary, or of a neighborhood kids ball game gone wrong, you could find yourself with a broken window. This is one job that you certainly don’t want to attempt yourself, and you will need the services of a reliable and reputable window replacement company that can replace the broken window quickly. Nobody wants to be left with a gaping hole where the window once was or a draft because a ball has made its way through the glass of a door or window. Find out more info about reliable and affordable window repair companies by visiting the GHClark website.

Emergency contacts
This can relate to knowing what services to contact in the event of a domestic emergency to ensuring a trusted neighbor has your emergency contact details should you and your family be away. Keep a list of emergency contacts by your home telephone so that any house-sitters will know immediately who to contact in the event of an emergency. You should also leave these contact details with a neighbor and instruct them who to contact should you not be available.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Serviced Apartment Qualities Digital Nomads Should Look For

Serviced Apartment Qualities Digital Nomads Should Look For

Digital nomads are people who work remotely at their own accord. They are typically bloggers, web developers, writers, etc. that only need their laptops or phones to work. As convenient as it sounds, being a digital nomad can be overwhelming at first because they usually work and travel to places they consider as comfortable workplaces. For budding digital nomads in the Philippines, it might be best to go and work at a serviced apartment near Manila.

However, you must make sure that the serviced apartment has all the things you need as a digital nomad in order to be as productive and as comfortable as you can. If you’re not yet sure about what you need, then these are some of the qualities a serviced apartment should have for all your digital nomad needs.

Fast and Stable Internet Connection
As a digital nomad, the internet is your main source of income. All your transactions, all your clients, and all your efforts are transmitted online. You live online and internet is your best friend.

Make sure that the wifi signal is strong and stable enough so that it won’t hinder your work. As the base of your work, it is imperative that you should confirm that the place you’re going to stay in has this for you to even consider staying here.

You should consider the places where the apartment has strong internet. Is it in your room? Or in a public area? Wherever it is make sure that it is accessible 24/7 because as a digital nomad, you don’t have specific hours of work.

The serviced apartment you’re going to stay in should be near places that you know you will frequent too. Are you a travel blogger that is currently trying to write about a certain hidden gem in Intramuros? Then, look for serviced apartments in Manila. Will you do online tutoring and need a place where there would be as little noise as possible? Look for a more secluded serviced apartment. Make sure that the place you’re going to stay in is a place where you can comfortably do your job in peace. As a digital nomad, you have the perk of travelling from one place to another so be sure that the serviced apartment that you stay in can give you the taste of the culture of the place and gives you access to transportation and other tourist attractions.

Serviced apartments are not cheap. It would be better to look for those that would be worth every peso that you are going to spend while staying there. Some serviced apartments have complimentary drinks and food on arrival and for someone on a budget, these little things will help.

Some serviced apartments have deals with local facilities and amenities. They could offer you things from gym memberships to restaurant promos or maybe even a deal for you to be toured around the area.

Whatever your budget is, make sure that you stick to your budget and choose a serviced apartment that will not make your pockets empty at the end of your stay.

As someone living away from their home, digital nomads may find it hard sometimes to be comfortable while they work and travel at the same time. See to it that the bed is as comfortable as it gets to ensure some rest and relaxation. An advantage of working in a serviced apartment is that when you’re in the right one, you will feel as if you’re at home since the setting is almost the same as anyone’s home.

Working in the comfort of your own “home” will make it a lot easier for people to do their jobs on the go.

Key Takeaway
Overall, serviced apartments should be your home away from your home. It is a place for you to work as a digital nomad and a place for you to relax as a traveler.

There are many serviced apartments in Manila and around the Philippines. All of them have their own quirks and advantages. But serviced apartments that have the qualities listed above are definitely places that digital nomads must stay in if they so choose.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Seven Tips In Choosing The Right Home Builder

Seven Tips In Choosing The Right Home Builder

(photo source: canadian resource)
Do you have plans on building a home? You have to understand that building a home is not just about between you and your family members, you would also need a lot of people to collaborate with in order to fully showcase the beauty of you dream home. Also, you cannot just start something without having an in-depth knowledge about the direction you’re headed to. Remember, a house is probably the most important place you will have once you start having a family so there should be no room for mistakes. Having a house is probably the most rewarding thing in the world that is why you have to make sure that you’ve everything you can in order for everything to materialize into something worthwhile.

If you wanna know some tips on how to choose the right home builder, continue reading below:

(photo source: prestige homes)
You need to do a lot of research in order for you to fully have a grasp of what it’s like to build a home. Also, you need to find the right home builder for you. You can’t just hire someone out of nowhere without knowing their background. Home builders are there to help you with everything you need. One of the top home builders that we can suggest is Wincrest! They provide exeptional assistance to their clients.

(photo source: constellationbb)
Analyze first before jumping into a big project like this. Ask yourself: Am I ready for this? If yes, then that’s probably a good sign to start. Remember, once you start this, you can never go back because you will have to spend a lot of money. But don’t worry, home builders will be there to guide you. You should also learn to analyze the background of your chosen home builder. It’s better if you choose the ones that are reliable and have already made an impact in the home industry.

(photo source: estes custom builder)
Of course, in everything that you want to do in life, you have to know how to plan. There are actually times when you don’t really have to hire a home builder especially if you’re only planning to build a small house. But if it’s a big one then most probably you would need a home builder to help you with all the processes you would have to endure.

(photo source: euro canadian)
Once you’ve found a home builder, learn to communicate. You can’t just leave the property alone to the builder and wait until the house is built. Communication is key to any kind of activity so if you want everything to fall into the right place, communicate with you home builder and ask questions too so that you will be able to learn new things.

(photo source: mydfwrealestate)
You also have to suggest to your home builders about the things that you want to happen to your future home. You can’t just let your home builder decide for you as you also have the creative freedom to have a say about this matter.

(photo source: professional builder)
You should also collaborate with interior and exterior designers because they also know stuff about home building. You need other people to get to work for your future home because like what is said, it should be a collaborative work.

(photo source: epiphany digest)
And lastly, just relax. The excitement and fear are both understandable but nothing will happen if you think too much. Just be happy that you’re finally building your home for you and your family!

Author Bio: Mark Hipolito is a daytime writer for Wincrest, one of Australia’s top home builders that designs people’s dream homes for. Wincrest has been creating dream homes for families since 1986.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Think of Cost, Think of Value: 5 Tips for First-time Home Sellers

Think of Cost, Think of Value: 5 Tips for First-time Home Sellers

If you try to search for real estate tips and tricks on the internet, there are a lot of impressive contents available for first-time property buyers. However, that is not the case if you search for tips and tricks for first-time property sellers.

When a person or a homeowner decides to sell his/her property for the first time, there is usually a stage of uncertainty and confusion. Nearly all first time home sellers lack understanding and knowledge of how or where to begin the property selling process.

So before you decide to sell your property for the very first time, ensure that you know some of the most crucial tips for first-time property selling. For a little help, listed below are some important tips. Follow these tips, and you will surely have a smoother and easier selling process.

The Right Price
By pricing your property accurately, you will attract many buyers with varying bids. However, before you can price your property, you must sign up for the help of a trustworthy listing agent. Go for a reputable real estate agent who markets various listings because you will get a much better price. Ideally, the one who completely knows your neighborhood.

A listing agent will help you examine and compare sales and formulate an estimated value called Comparative Market Analysis or CMA, for comparative pricing analysis. If you don’t like hiring a listing agent, then you can do a CMA at Zillow’s Zestimate. It gives accurate answers when done precisely.

Know your Agent’s Standard Commission
Before you hire a listing agent, be sure to ask him or her about his/her standard real estate commission. If the rate is fair and practical enough, think about the benefits that you can get if you hire this individual.

Review the agent’s history and performance. Never expect to get a discount if you hire a full-service real estate agent. Signing a contract is only the starting point.

Of course, your property will not market itself, regardless of what you hear, read, or the disposition of the real estate sites to make the selling process seem as easy as clicking the mouse. It is not.

To be able to gain more money from your home, hire professionals such as Rose And Jones. As a reminder, don’t try to set a competition for commission among agents because you will just end up with a blabbermouth.

Pay attention to Home Updates
More often than not, you will hear your agents blabbering about home updates, clutter, and curb appeal. Don’t take it very lightly, take it seriously. Even though some properties are getting offers, your property still needs to look enticing and inviting to be able to get the right price.

Of course, not everyone is capable of doing grand renovations such as replacing countertops or installing hardwood floors, and that is all right. The most profitable home updates are those small changes like ensuring a pleasing entry space, clean yard, and uncluttered rooms.

By doing so, you drive the customers to concentrate on the home’s features and not on your stuff. Make the buyers feel like they are walking on a mansion because for sure they will bid higher than your price.

Property Showings
Properties that are not open for people who want to see the place has less chance to get sold. If property showings are a burden for you, think about showing your property for the first week that it is on the market.

Well, it may feel a bit invasive and meddlesome to allow buyers to stroll through your property. But the best and advantageous way to quickly sell your property is to allow a buyer with his/her real estate agent to see the place quietly and peacefully.

So, if it’s okay with you, it is best to leave the property while they are touring the property. Most of the time, the buyer’s agent favors touring the place without intrusion and interference.

Take out Your Private Things
De-personalizing your property is one of the most crucial things to do when marketing it. Because if you have more personal things in the house, the lesser the chance that the buyers can envision themselves residing there.

Pack all your special things such as memorabilia, family photos, religious decorations, and keepsakes, and place them in a safe place. Strategically stage your property in a way that your potential buyers can visualize your house as theirs.

Selling properties for the first time can be a very exhausting, tiring, and stressful experience. But if you have a skilled and knowledgeable real estate agent with you, you will have a better chance of having an easier, smoother, and successful home selling process.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Hire a Letting Agent and throw your Worries Away

Hire a Letting Agent and throw your Worries Away

There is no one who doesn’t wish to live a luxurious house, however, owning a beautifully designed home is just a dream for many people because the recession has already increased the prices of property. Well, those who can’t own a one can find rental houses best to live with their family. In a recent survey, experts say that most of the people in Worcestershire are living in rental houses because buying a property isn’t really affordable for them, however, the property owners are doing great business these days and some are still striving to get constant cash-flows. Letting out a property is really an art but the majority of property owners isn’t adept at it. If you want to get constant cash-flows then you really need to consider about hiring a letting agent because as a layman, you can’t advertise and negotiate in a professional manner. Moreover, letting out a property isn’t like giving the keys of the house to the tenant and collecting rent from him on monthly basis, rather, you have to do some paperwork, marketing, and tenant screening as well. Oh, are you stepping back because you think that letting agent will charge a lot? Well, you need to come out from this misconception as agent charge a small percentage from property owners and from tenants as well however such small percentage seems nothing if you compare it with the pros of hiring an agent.

A Right Tenant Means Fewer Troubles
The professionals know how to screen potential tenants, so they can assist you in process of hunting. Every experienced letting agent in Worcestershire generally keeps the list of tenants, so whenever you reach an agent, he can find a lessee within maximum two days, however, agent always makes sure that renter is a reliable person and will not cause you any trouble because the professional agents prefer to check the history of tenant on prior basis.

Tenancy Agreement
The letting agent will not only help in finding the tenant but he will do the paperwork as well. Property owners do not understand some difficult term used in the tenancy contract, so the agent elaborate and makes everything clear. More on, you won’t have to compromise on your comfort as the agent will visit the land department on your behalf and will register the paperwork on your behalf. Secure deposits and other necessary relevant documentation will also be done by the agent.

Now Rent Collection isn’t a Big Deal
The time is gone when property owners used to visit renters several times on every month because now agents will collect the rent on your behalf because you may not know how to deal with the excuses of tenants but agents even become a bad boy at the time of collecting the rent because they do not tolerate the same excuse for three continuous months and rather prefer to evict the tenant from house who gives excuses every month rather than giving rent.

Management of Property
The management of property will also be the responsibility of letting agent, so a lot of your time will be saved this way. The repair and maintenance of the property, and highlighting its prominent features, all will be done by the agent. More on, when the landlords hire a professional person, the tenants turnover will also get reduced and it will allow you to save the cost as well because when a lessee leaves your property, it will not be the same as when he came to live, however the low turnover will save your expense of wear and tear, new paint and advertisement s well.

Professional Advice
If you own more than two houses, the agent will guide you in an appropriate way regarding the letting tips because they know how to earn maximum through the business of property. More on, if you want to get the assistance of agent for few matters only and want to handle the rest of the tasks by yourself then the agent can assist you in this regard as well.

Market Information
Property owners do not know which tactics are most useful for doing a property business but the agents know everything about the market, so they can make proper plans for you pertinent the business growth. Laymen do not know the actual value of their houses and most of the time, they rip off by buyers and tenants, however, the agent will analyse the exact market value of the house and will make the rental plans accordingly. More on, if you want to rent out your property to a person who agrees to pay more then letting agent can assist you in this regard as well. The negotiation skills of agents cannot be beaten as they always win a deal and that is why landlords prefer to hire them.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Factors to Consider Before You Buy Condos for Sale

Factors to Consider Before You Buy Condos for Sale

If you are looking to live in a low maintenance house, you can consider checking out condos for sale. There is the convenience of stay for small or nuclear families. Condos are cheap and practical as compared to the box-styled colonial houses or multilevel houses. Most of the condos units come with appealing amenities like clubhouse, pools for kids and adults, gym, and courts for various sports. The price range for each condos unit may vary and hence choose the best condos unit for sale in your budget. You need to consider the following factors before you choose the right condos for sale.

You may have plenty of appliances and pieces of furniture which you might have to shift to your new home. So look for an ideal floor area before you choose the right condos for sale. Have a conversation with real estate agent. Sosua Dominican Republic real estate has various best amenities at affordable prices. A 50 square meter condos unit is perfect for a nuclear family or a single person. You can also look for loft type unit, which is kind of popular choice for many buyers as it comes with a staircase that leads to the bedroom.

If you are looking for a spacious area, look for condos units which have 100 square meters for the floor area. You can enjoy the comfort of having plenty of rooms and appliances and an area for your guests to entertain them. In the most condos units, you have to purchase a parking slot for vehicles which has exclusive parking fees while other condos units allow the homeowners to rent a parking space at affordable prices. Check overall look of the parking space before you make a final purchase. Also, inquire about the security of the entire area so that you can ensure that your vehicle is parked in the safe zone. Security staffs should include strict policies which keep a check on the non-homeowners visiting your place. Cabarete Dominican Republic real estate units provide the best parking areas at reasonable prices.

Don’t just rush for a single option by looking at the advertisements. Have plenty of options to choose from. Consult the best real estate agents and also inquire about other condos they can offer. Find the best condos unit near your workplace. It will cut your travel expenses. Decide on the prices including monthly fees, parking space, rental spaces and several others before you make a final decision. If you want several amenities like gym, swimming etc look for various options and choose the best real estate unit for you. Sosua Dominican Republic real estate units are the best.

You can inquire about the assessments it has to offer to you. Look at the management of the units. Also inquire about the policies of having pets in the units, procedure for repair requests and other services. Before you buy the best condos for sale, make sure that you have settled for all uncertainties and other services.

Cabarete Dominican Republic real estate units are the best and affordable.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Should You Buy A House Or Buy A Business?

Should You Buy A House Or Buy A Business?

Getting your house and starting a business are two of the most important choices that you will make in your life. Both of these are very risky and expensive investments that will affect your life significantly. You typically have to choose one to do before the other and this might be one of the most conflicting considerations for you. There are many arguments for each side, at the end of the day you will need to decide what is most important.

Buying your Business First
There is a good case for buying your business before you invest in a home. Firstly, buying a home would require taking out a loan if you don’t have the capital, which is normally the case. However a house in Ontario does not offer the same return on your investment as a business does. If you have some cash that you would give upfront towards your home then you might make better use of it by investing in a new business. After doing this then you will likely be able to save some money that will allow you to pay an even bigger deposit for your house or even purchase or build the house without having to get a loan.

A House Can Be a Setback
An issue that is sometimes faced by those buying their Ontario home before a business is the problem of having a home that is way beyond your means. In this situation you will find yourself in the frustrating position of having to use much of the money you make to put towards the property which will lead to other aspects of your livelihood being neglected. This can cause a strain on your family life and your well being. If you focus on ensuring that you are in a stable position financial wise then you will prevent this from happening.

Renting a House is Easy to Do
The alternative to buying a house is renting one until you can afford the bigger investment. This is a good choice being that renting in Ontario is overall less expensive than buying a house. Renting is not at all the worst idea out there. Once you rent a decent property for a good price you will be able to live comfortably until you are in a better position to go into home ownership. The alternative to owning your business on the other hand is keeping a job which most times are a more undesirable choice to owning the source which provides you with your earnings.

Buying a House First

A Business Acquisition is Riskier
In defense of owning a home first, investing in a business comes with a higher risk. Buying a business before you buy your home should be a decision you make if you are sure that you will get returns from the business you are planning to get. However, sometimes no matter how confident you are, many unexpected things will happen that will cause the business to crash and put you back to square one. When you invest in your home, you are less likely to run into this situation, buying a home provides you with security and this is not necessarily the case with a business.

A House is a lot Cheaper
Owning a home is usually less expensive than owning a business. All you need to do is go through any business for sale Ontario list and you will see what these entities are going for. Therefore, a home is an easier investment to start off with. You will more than likely have less startup costs and less stress when you invest in a home. Owning a home comes with less pressure, less work and you don’t need any specific competence to do it.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Understanding a Home Buyer’s Journey

Understanding a Home Buyer’s Journey

The different stages a buyer goes through while buying a property

Buying a home is no way similar to a retail shopping experience. It is a game changer for many middle class people.

Get real; a home is a tangible asset!
Going to a mall and buying clothes you had not intended to buy will not burn a hole in your pocket even if it was an instant decision, probably triggered of by an approaching holiday. A home purchase will similarly be triggered off by a need or desire, maybe because you are fed up of shifting house every time the lease deed expires or because like your friends, you too desire to own a home of your own.

However, buying a property is never as easy as entering a mall, finding something you like and making the purchase. Investing in a property requires deliberation on the state of your finances and capacity for paying EMIs. It is deeply interwoven with your dreams about a home, your ability to find projects that are within your budget, visiting the properties to zero in on what you like, and finally signing on the sale agreement.

Financial considerations take centre-stage
Then come the down payment that determines the final decision to invest.
The first stage in buying a property is probably awareness that you need it. Awareness will lead to a search that will first begin on the internet and then on ground by visiting project sites. You would at the same time make enquiries among friends and family.

What you will also factor in is what kind of home you can afford, the kind of features you want— like the number of bedrooms, kitchen size and open spaces. You might find that you liked the location of one of the luxury villas in Bangalore you recently visited but that does not mean you have the wherewithal to be able to finance such an apartment. Remember to be careful when you go in for under-construction projects as builders can take you for a ride and you would be left with an incomplete apartment even after having made a full payment. Unscrupulous builders might not have the necessary clearances like sanctioned plan or commencement certificate so look into these aspects before making the down payment. Check relevant documents which give credence to the project in which you are investing. It is the most logical thing to do when buying a new home.

Check the legalities
Consult a property lawyer; you are putting in your hard earned money into the property.

While it is a good idea to dream about living in a luxury villa you must not be taken in by the glossy brochures or the sugar coated sales talk of the builder. Instead what you must do is make a checklist of all the legalities of buying a property in consultation with a property lawyer and go over these with the builder. This will ensure you are making an investment in a property that has legal sanction.

Once you have ensured everything is above board you must go check out the property so you can see what kind of material is actually being used in the building. You need to also see if the features, amenities promised to you in the brochure actually exist on ground. With the new rules that govern the realty sector, all is set to change. But due diligence is highly recommended at every stage.

The final stages
Before sealing the deal in an under-construction project do a thorough check once more.

After having checked out everything if you then decide to go in for an under-construction villa go in for a payment schedule that reflects the actual completion stages. In the next stage of the process you will need to sign a sale agreement. You must again check out the terms and conditions of the sale agreement.

If you feel that the terms of the agreement don’t suit you and the builder is not willing to make the necessary changes, you might find it a better idea to look for another property.

On making the down payment you will receive an allotment letter which will have the details of your flat or villa like flat number, area of the property and price. The payment details and other extra charges levied on amenities such as car parking, club membership, and maintenance charges that you are liable to pay at the time of possession.

The final stage is possession and registration of your property so that it becomes yours legally. However, a registration of Khata will happen only if you have an Occupancy Certificate (OC). An OC is given only if the construction is according to sanctioned plans and bye-laws. Therefore, the builder must commit to OC and Khata in writing in the sale agreement.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Chandni Chowk: Where Modern Living and Heritage Come Together

Chandni Chowk: Where Modern Living and Heritage Come Together

Those who have been to Delhi and heard about the charms of the Old Delhi know how nostalgic it can be to visit this part of the city. They must have also heard about the iconic location of Chandni Chowk. This entire region is the nerve center of Old Delhi which still houses the Havelis and the heritage homes in the region. Home to the famous Chandni Chowk Market this has been the commercial hub of Old Delhi even before independence and today it houses everything from quaint restaurants to big retail outlets. For anyone looking forward to conducting business here it would be a good idea to get a place to stay as traffic around Old Delhi can get extremely congested during the peaks hours, which can make long distance commute a hassle. In that regard, even a 1 BHK flat for sale in Chandni Chowk would be a good investment because it is one of the prime localities in the city.

The region is situated very close to the Old Delhi Railway Station and is one of the prime locations for those who want to conduct business in the wholesale market. The Golden Mosque, Begum Samru’s Palace, Chawri Bazar and Delhi Town Hall are located in the vicinity which also makes for a great tourist attraction for those who are passionate about heritage. Even a 1 BHK flat in Chandni Chowk can cost around Rs. 25 lakhs and that too in the resale market. Likewise a 2 BHK flat would cost somewhere around Rs. 40 lakhs in the resale market and that too depending on the proximity to the main road.

What has to be remembered while buying a property here is that most of these 2 BHK flats in Delhi are listed on the resale market and most of the properties here are on independent builder floors of old houses. Those who have visited Old Delhi know that the place is completely saturated and there are hardly any spaces left for high rise contemporary apartment buildings, the likes of which we see in New Delhi. Most of the flats here have been renovated from old vintage buildings and there are some activists working to save the architecture and the heritage of the locality by encouraging people to buy a property here, in the heart of Old Delhi and enjoy the feeling of living in big comfortable rooms of renovated havelis. Those planning for commercial activities can also buy a property here and renovate it to make room for modern interiors while keeping the outer facades unchanged.

However, even if the nostalgia factor is high and owning a space here can be a strategic victory, the cost of maintenance for such a building has to be factored in while buying a property here and there should be complete harmony with other buyers of independent floors in the building for the stay to be a hassle free one.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Oh Womaniya! Why real estate needs to see more women investors

Oh Womaniya! Why real estate needs to see more women investors

Give women some common ground and then see how they could be the next real deal

The last couple of decades has seen a shift where women have felt the need to be independent and self-sufficient. This saw those taking on jobs in industries which were male dominated. While these women went on to paving successful career paths for themselves, the numbers and proportions of these women were hardly encouraging. While there are quite a few women prevalent at the entry and middle levels, there is a sharp drop in these numbers at the top levels. This however, does not mean that it is a herculean task which cannot be achieved. The names of Carly Fiorina (legendary CEO of Hewlett Packard and first woman ever in charge of a Fortune 100 company) and Indra Nooyi (CEO of Pepsi) would ring a bell across quite a few households around the world.

Indian real estate has also seen a similar shift in pattern in the recent times. It is as a home buyer that women first made a real impact in this industry. That is the time everyone in this industry stood up to notice this change as previously women were not associated with buying their own homes. It is time for this industry to witness a change as the number of women working professionals is on the rise and this is a trend which is here to stay…forever.

While tried and tested may work, innovation is the name of every game
This could probably be rated as the number one problem that most working women around India face. After all, in a country of over a billion which has been male dominated for so long and has failed to progress in terms of its beliefs and mentality, women are bound to face resistance to change. “Society” is still not very accepting about why a woman should wear a pair of pants or a skirt and go and work in an office when their “principal” duty is to be at home and look after the needs there. This barrier has already been breached successfully in some places and is the only way forward.

Why do one thing at a time when you can kill two birds with one stone
It is no secret that women have been known to be much better multitaskers as compared to men. Over generations women have had to handle a much fuller plate than men even though there could be disagreement on this aspect. From then till now, they have seemed to manage pretty well and will continue to do so. If anyone has doubts, just think about the number of women across the world who create a daily balance between managing a home, kids and a job and then compare that to the number of men who do the same. Emotional Quotient

After all, it is all in the mind
The real estate industry is already volatile enough. What it needs is some mind which are more adept at handling pressure situations in a calmer manner. In certain cases, it is advantageous to be a woman as well. Consumers find women more appealing and that is why they are used for products ranging from washing powder (Nirma) to men’s does in ads. Women are also known to possess a higher sense of commitment and integrity which also helps when developing and building customer relationships. They will be much more caring even towards matters that may not require that much attention.

Into the future
Progress is headed in the right direction and more women empowerment is one of the main keys to it
While a lot of women have ventured into the world of real estate, a lot more are expected to do the same. One of the leading causes for this is the fact that top companies from around the world started the trend of improving the gender ratio within their working ranks.

Including women in real estate and developers in Bangalore would also be a fresh change to a male dominated industry where a different style of thinking could lead to a different approach in work methods and processes. It would also ensure that the talent pool and resources are not limited to only one particular gender. With the number of educated and qualified women having risen massively, some of these male dominated positions could become as shaky as the market becomes on occasions.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

A home away from home in Bangalore

A home away from home in Bangalore

home in bangalore

While moving to a new place is an adventure, it comes with the pain of leaving the comfort of your cozy home and your own city that you know everything about. Leaving loved ones behind can be an emotional pain that not many like to deal with.

Hunting for an apartment on rent in Bangalore, a dear city, can be a cause a lot of anxiety. It is a big decision. You have to see the location, the distance from your workplace, the facilities provide, monthly rent etc. etc. etc. The list is long and as one finalizes the apartment or hostel, more loopholes surface.

As a working girl, I’d say that staying in a PG in Bangalore is not a good idea. Firstly you’ll have to headhunt for PGs, going to brokers, looking at the ‘to-let’ signs in the front yard of houses and to choose from the worst only to settle for one which is not as bad as the others, as they say, one eyed king in the kingdom of blinds.

Apart from the appalling living conditions like crammed up rooms, tasteless food and water shortage to name a few, the definition of privacy and personal space goes for a toss when you decide to sign up for a PG. These conditions can actually ruin your experience of living in one of the most beautiful and coolest cities of India.

If you are searching for an apartment on rent in Bangalore, call upon social media and new apps to come to your aid. There are many pages one can find on Facebook where people have posted to sub-let their apartments or have put up an ad for a ‘house on rent’. You can connect with the owners and discuss the terms and conditions, choosing from an array of options available on the social media platform.

Enjoy your solitude
Getting a fully furnished house, where you have a lot of personal space and home-services only a phone call away, can prove to be vital in making you love the city more. Having a house with one more friend who too is looking for personal space and peace in a new city can be the foundation of an everlasting friendship where you respect each other’s privacy.

Call your friends over
With an internet router and DTH already provided, you can fire up your laptop or can watch a movie with your roomie at home. Besides, you can call your friends over for a party or a sleepover anytime you want without worrying about the lack of space or that frown upon the landlord’s face.

Live in a dear city at affordable price
You won’t even have to shell out a fortune to get a nice home which you’d love coming back to from work along. All you’ll have to do is login to a site like NestAway, pay a security deposit for two months and house is all yours.

Be your own boss
Once you get a furnished apartment on rent in Bangalore, you can relax in your haven, come home to a nice, clean and big house where you can cook the delicious food of your choice, call house-help or order from outside. Living in your own house is a totally different and much more liberating experience than you’ll ever have in a PG.

No restrictions
While living in a PG you have to follow all the rules laid down by the landlord, in a house you can do what you want. So you can go to that concert in town or stretch your hours at work at your own will without having to call and inform the landlord about it in advance.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

4 Trends that changed Commercial Real Estate upside down

4 Trends that changed Commercial Real Estate upside down

Commercial properties; the industrial term as widely used has witnessed tremendous change over the last 30 years. No longer it’s the usual “mom-and-pop” but today showcase institutional asset class allowing owners to manage global and complex portfolios. Investors once were rarely interested in commercial real estate but the introduction of new financial structures and global market pertinent to the industry; more or less 25 per cent investment portfolios represent commercial properties.

Although we’ve the best tech tools at our end such as cloud, big data, mobile and many others, CRE or commercial real estate is still managed through the typical spread-sheets by most. The good news, even this is changing as a new wave of CRE tech companies harness innovative tools driving the industry to the verge of triumph. From an agent’s perspective, here’re a few major changes reshaping the CRE niche;

1. Competition on all fronts & rising gradually
In an active real estate market, commercial industry is facing a much higher degree of competition, changing the very way we recruit, invest and launch fundraising campaigns. Huge capital inflow sustained lower interest rates and impulsiveness in equity markets that further resulted in increased demand for such properties unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

This optimistic competition also took fundraising to a new level as investors only prefer firms promising the best absolute yields. Limited number of partners are eyeing greatly on advance tools for better visibility of real estate market whereas talent hunt for the best suitable candidate or investor is also there.

With CRE asset class expands and become more complex, the next industrial leaders requires a different skill set having strong grasp over latest trends and familiarity with modern work environment.

2. The rising demand for real-time data access
We also observe a notable shift around data and analytics expectations. Indeed, CRE has always been data driven, completely aggregating and analysing the stream of data from ERP systems and spread sheets has nearly been impossible. The result is extracting portfolio-wide details that require an expert team of analysts and hours of manual accretion.

Owners and brokerage firms of commercial properties need harnessing actual market data and portfolio for success. It comes in handy to gain an edge over taking better and informed decisions, reduce portfolio risk and operate more efficiently. Still, there’s a growing need to tap the data much deeper to keep the element of competitive advantage in their grasp.

3. Amplified mobility
CRE is also an expanding mobile industry with lease agents and customers spending more working hours using mobile data and internet on-the-go. The boom of smartphones and applications also touched the CRE and today we’ve many different apps; both free and subscription based to manage the industry in best possible ways. These mobile tools are for brokers, owners, buyers and even typical users holding special interest in real estate industry.

4. Technology consumerisation
As technology pervaded our lives, we owe much to the developers of smart apps and here, real estate applications that have simplified the entire process from search to buy, rent and all. A sensible software from the simplest to most complex process is becoming must rule instead of an option.

Core CRE software platforms evolved years ago and renovations to them bridged the gap between the tools and problems. The many new CRE companies today harness ultramodern software, the perfect skillset to manage it entirely as well as deep domain expertise, ruling the real estate industry by storm. A proof of this trend is visible with VC investments in the real estate companies driven by technology.

I’d like to mention a name of one dubai based commercial properties management firm for wonderful facts and information it shared during the article write up. No doubt, spread sheets and phone calls remains the primary tool for CRE owners and brokers, the newer and smarter tools are here to rule and change the face of commercial properties as we speak. 
Property management outsourcing with RealtyOutsourcing is a new trend in the real estate industry.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

4 Improvements To Increase The Value Of Your Home

4 Improvements To Increase The Value Of Your Home

Making improvements to your home are not just about making your home a better place to live, but are about increasing the value as well.

The best value for a home improvement are the ones that are relatively easy to do, are not overpriced, and require the least amount of maintenance. This doesn't mean using cheap materials, it just means that you should balance the level of quality with the value. A good project will make your home look better and give it a higher overall market value. Here are 4 improvements to consider that will increase the value of your home.

The Front Door

One of the cheapest on the list is changing your front door. Just from looking at your home, it is one of the most noticeable things most visitors will see, and one of the most used parts of your home day to day. You can not only save money by buying a much sturdier steel door, you are making your house much more safer as well. Steel doors with new quality sealing can save on your energy bill and in some cases put money back into your pocket.

The Siding

The first thing people notice when passing by your house is the exterior siding. If it is old and falling apart, it can dramatically drop the value of your home- up to 10% according to some appraisers.

Consider getting some new vinyl siding. It is not overly expensive, easy to install and most of all is long lasting. It comes in a variety of colors and finishes, letting you give your home any kind of look you choose.

The Garage

Your garage is probably one of the most misused places in your house. A lot of people use it as a primary storage place for things they have held on to since they moved in but can't find a place inside the rest of the house for it.

Consider the size of your garage and how much added value you can get from making big improvements on it. If you aren't using it to store your vehicle, have it converted into an extra living space. If you are still using it for your cars, move the excess stuff out of it and put a new door on it. Either way, treat the garage like the rest of the house.

The Backyard

One of the best things you can do is to build in your backyard. Whether this is adding an outdoor storage facility (which cleans up your garage and attic) or building a new patio or deck.

Depending on your location, decks are one of the most popular additions you can make to your home. They are fairly inexpensive and allow you to expand your home's dimensions without paying for an entirely new room.

While adding on to the house can get pricey, adding a separate building can be fairly inexpensive. Something like a storage facility, greenhouse or tool shed can help you improve the overall look of your home without having to break the bank.

Author Bio:

Jodi Bakst has an unparalleled reputation for listening to her clients and delivering results, whether that be in finding the right home for buyers or selling homes

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tips For Selling Your Property

Tips For Selling Your Property

The property is becoming increasingly competitive and with prices rising higher and higher, the demand has continued to grow. According to Rightmove, there was more than 100 million people whom visited the site, looking to gain access into the property world. With the increase in people wanting to take on a property, with have come up with a few tips to help you when selling your property.

Cleaning Up & Decluttering
When you want to sell your home there needs to be an organised and attractive look to it. Whether this is through the internet with strong photography, or if it for those coming to view the property, your home needs to be clean. Potential buyers need to feel comfortable and excited at the prospect, rather than simply looking to get out. Tidy rooms up and make it look at natural as possible, rather than taking objects away making rooms look empty. First impressions are hugely important to potential buyers, so make them count.

Can You Freshen Up The Property
Adding a touch of neutral colour to your property helping you tidy your property, as well as smartening it up. Keep it neutral as this will help potential buyers think about how they could possibly decorate the property, stamping their own look. There isn’t a need to go overboard, but little additions such as replacing cracked tiles, a touch of colour and new lights can do wonders to the appearance. It also helps the property feel well looked after, so make sure you take advantage of that.

Do You Have Conveyancers and Estate Agents At The Ready?
The importance of conveyancing solicitors and estate agents are important whenever you are looking to move, or sell property. There are various different tips you can use in order to choose the right people. Do you research and compile a list of questions to fire away so you feel comfortable with the next stages.

Whether you are looking for conveyancing solicitors in Manchester, or London you need to find the right ones, especially when moving home. This way you can find a reasonable price and negotiate contracts, finding something that caters back to you.

As there is so much finance based within property, looking for the best possible deal is crucial when you finally look to sell your property. Again, do research, take a look at your area and a fair price onto your property. Research other properties and see what they have valued their property, just so there is a rough indication to the prices. At this point there will be a rough understanding of how much your property is actually worth, rather than under, or over valuating your property.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Practical Guide for Family Men: Buying a Home

Practical Guide for Family Men: Buying a Home

Buying a new home is almost every family man’s dream. After years of working and getting past various life challenges, nothing beats investing on your dream house - A home that you can truly call your own. Now that you are financially capable of buying a new home for your family, it is a must that you carefully choose the best one in the market today.

You may feel overwhelmed with the number of good choices out in the real estate industry, but this should not lead you to making bad decisions. If you are currently shopping for a new house, there are several important things you need to put in mind so you don’t end up making the wrong choices. Below are some tips on how to find the most suitable home for your family.

Do the legwork, do your research – While you can always seek the expertise and assistance of real estate brokers and agents, being a hands-on homebuyer is definitely what you want to be. Researching for houses for sale is much easier nowadays since you always browse the net for the best deals that suit what your family needs. There is a garden variety of websites, message boards or forums, and even social media groups that are specifically target homebuyers. You would want to join these online discussion in order for you to broaden your knowledge when it comes to home buying. In addition, it is a must that you do a background check on the companies that you are planning to work with for you to be sure that your money will not be put into waste.

Contact real estate professionals – Even if you think that you have solid background and knowledge about the current house market in Australia today, it is still more advisable to retain the services of housing market professionals. These people live and breathe real estate so you will never go wrong by seeking the assistance of one. However, make sure that the person or people you hire have extensive experience in the industry, have solid reputation, and are well-connected so everything will be done as smoothly as you want it to be.

Decide which type of house you want – There are dozens of house designs popular in the Australian housing market today, including two storey house designs and split level designs. When it comes to choosing the type of home for your family, it is important that you consider several factors, such as number of family members, age of family members, and your family’s lifestyle. It is also advisable to consult with your real estate broker to know which type of house best for your family.

Let your budget be your guide – Your budget is the limit when it comes to buying your dream family home. Before applying for any mortgage, make sure that you can repay what you will borrow so you will not end up paying more of what you can. It is imperative that you factor in your current source of income, emergency funds, future expenses (e.g. children’s education, utilities, insurance, home maintenance). Don’t chew what you can’t swallow.

Buying you a new house in Australia, whether it two storey house designs or any other, the important thing is that you become a wise shopper first before anything else. A house is a significant investment so you would want to have a sound mind from the get-go. If you don’t have prior experience in buying a home, you can always turn to professionals and they will show you the ropes, making your home purchase much more convenient and seamless.