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Friday, July 20, 2018

5 Food & Food Tech Trends That Are Shaking the Global Culinary Scene

5 Food & Food Tech Trends That Are Shaking the Global Culinary Scene

Global Culinary Scene

It's 2018, which means, along with everything thing else it influences, technology is transforming the way buyers think about, shop for, and obtain food.

From more sustainable diets to Amazon's dominance, here are five food and food tech trends that are shaking the global culinary scene.

1. Healthier, more mindful diets
As consumers around the world, continue to learn about and gain access to healthy food, the shift to more sustainable diets is going to continue to grow throughout 2018.

Mindful, sustainable diets are a result of buyers wanting to know every detail about a food or beverage and the company producing it. This section of consumers wants to ensure that their values align with that of the producer and retailer.

Movies, documentaries and books have had a massive influence on cultural knowledge and have inspired many people to become vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or merely reduce the amount of meat and animal products they consume on a regular basis. For this reason, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes are going to become more and more mainstream.

Additionally, soy products such as tempeh and tofu will continue to grow in prominence, while consumers increasingly obtain their protein from legumes, nuts and other plant protein sources.

The Impossible Burger is a good example of how the tech-driven innovations are changing the way we eat. The makers of this burger engineered a new brand of food technology platform that made it possible to create juicy, meaty burgers made 100% from plants. Similar technology disruptors and pioneers all over the world are now working double time to provide good food with low impact to the environment.

To keep up with these demands, brands, retailers and food distributors in UAE are shifting to a new mindset that focuses on and values social responsibility, consumer health and wellness, and nutrition.

2. Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is entering all parts of our modern-day lives, and nowhere is this more obvious than when it comes to obtaining our food. There is no escaping it — the Internet, and our food have started a relationship.

According to studies, by 2020 there will be 55 million smart devices in our homes, a number that will make these home-based assistants (such as Amazon's Alexa and Sonos) undoubtedly the largest supermarket chain on the planet. These devices enable homes to simply and efficiently restock fridges and cupboards.

No doubt, soon, we will all be installing smart freezers and cupboards that will then be in a position to automatically replenish the necessary food items and products. To keep up with this, physical stores will need to focus on fresh, artisanal and speciality foods that AI replenishing can't be substituted for.

Furthermore, AI allows retailers in the grocery industry to have a better understanding of customer data which can be utilized as a means for controlling pricing, advertisements, product distribution and lots more. Not only does AI promise to help retailers price products more precisely, but it can also assist in forecasting demand.

3. Amazon's dominance
In 2017, Amazon shook up the food industry when it bought Whole Foods, enabling it to have a physical presence in the US to considerably grow its grocery delivery services. Earlier this year, Amazon opened its Amazon Go concept shop which is located at Amazon’s Seattle headquarters and is cash- and cashier-free.

When consumers enter the store, they scan an app and shop around using a virtual cart. Once an item is pulled off the shelf, it is added to their shopping cart, and then invoiced to their Amazon account.

In 2018 and beyond, expect to see Amazon create entirely new markets, products, and trends for the food industry.

4. Customized meal kits
In the fast-paced world of 2018, households want to consume easily accessible yet delicious food regularly. For this reason, customized meal kits are growing in popularity — packaged meals that have healthy offerings to satisfy customers' individual dietary and taste needs.

Over the course of 2018, anticipate hearing a lot more people talking about their customized meal kits and plans, and expect significant transformations in the prepared meal kit market. In fact, this segment of the industry has led to an undeniable increase in services involving food delivery in the UAE.

5. “Pretty” food
Of course, the desire to Instagram (yes, used as a verb!) and share everything we eat on social media means that dishes are going to have to continue looking just as good as they taste. Colorful plates, smoking cocktails, glamorous-looking salads, and fanciful wraps and sandwiches are going to continue to be staples in the food trends of 2018.

Aside from good old fashioned plating, new technology plays a key role in making food prettier today. Global food innovation companies, for example, are now making good-looking and great-tasting food through 3D printing.

Many food items and beverage products also now prioritize ethical packaging – while keeping everything good looking. They’re now prepare to invest in new technologies that promote sustainable packaging design and materials.

Some of these new tech-driven food packaging solutions include aqueous barrier coatings, lightweight insulation as an alternative to conventional foam, fiber for packaging extracted from plant waste, soy-based inks with a wide range of colors and molded fiber printing that offers various possibilities for high-resolution, visually enticing graphics.

Just like with everything related to technology, the food industry is going to evolve at an exponential rate over the next few years. What do you predict is going to be the next food trend? Let us know in the comments below!

Jad Assad is the Marketing Manager at Horeca Trade LLC with more than eight years of experience in digital, online and offline marketing. He started his career in Beirut working in a creative agency and then moved to Dubai to further expand his career. He created and implemented award-winning high-impact digital and offline marketing campaigns that consistently generated revenue streams and improved performance in targeted segments.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Sushi for Beginners: 5 Tips for Ordering and Eating This Japanese Delicacy

Sushi for Beginners: 5 Tips for Ordering and Eating This Japanese Delicacy


Despite the popularity of Japanese cuisine, many people are still hesitant about eating one particular dish: sushi. Even serious foodies are sometimes cautious about ordering this delicacy at certain restaurants because they are afraid they won’t like the taste of the raw seafood or other ingredients in it.

If you also haven’t tasted sushi and want to try it for the first time at one of the best Japanese restaurants in Abu Dhabi, here are some important tips to remember to enjoy this delicacy:

1. Know the different types of sushi
Sushi, simply defined, means “cooked rice with vinegar.” Since you’re new to the world of sushi, here are the more common types you will find in most Japanese restaurants:

Nigiri – A dollop of rice with a topping that is usually made of fish or other types of seafood

Maki – Rolled rice with fish and vegetables as filling and covered with a sheet of roasted seaweed or nori. It is then cut into bite-sized pieces.

Uramaki – A seaweed wrap is filled with fish and vegetables then covered with rice. It is also served in bite-sized portions.

Temaki - Sushi that has been hand-rolled into a cone shape to make it easier to eat with your hands.

2. Start by ordering sushi with familiar ingredients
Since it’s your first time to eat sushi, reduce your apprehensions by ordering rolls with ingredients you already like, know or have tasted.

If you already like salmon, consider ordering sushi with smoked or cured salmon. The smoked or cured salmon isn’t too different from the taste and texture of the cooked version so there’s a high chance you will like it.

If you don’t like raw seafood in the first place and you think a roll may taste too fishy, opt for sushi that has milder ingredients such as tuna, red snapper, or scallop.

California roll (sushi with crab, avocado, cucumber, and sesame seeds) is often a safe option for first-timers since most people are likely familiar with and have tasted these ingredients.

3. Try vegetarian rolls
You also won’t go wrong with ordering rolls that come with veggie or fruit fillings.

Most Japanese restaurants today serve kappa maki or cucumber sushi rolls. Other options you can choose from are avocado, sweet potato, and mushroom sushi rolls.

By trying different veggie sushi rolls first, you can slowly get used to this style of food. You can then decide later if you want to try the other menu items.

4. Get to know the condiments
A dish of sushi always comes with wasabi or Japanese horseradish. This is a green ball of paste which is very spicy and has an extremely strong pungency. Because it is spicy, be careful in adding this condiment to the soy sauce especially if you’re not particularly fond of hot flavors.

Sushi is also served with pickled ginger. These are the thin, pink, or white tan slices of veggies you see on the side of the plate. You are supposed to eat this to cleanse your palate in between bites.

Lastly, soy sauce always accompanies sushi rolls as well. To avoid overpowering the roll with this salty condiment, avoid submerging the sushi in soy sauce; just very lightly dip it.

5. Follow the recommended steps for eating sushi
Below are some useful steps and tips for you to enjoy eating your first sushi:

• Before eating, make sure your hands are clean. This is because you can eat sushi with your hands if you’re not comfortable with using chopsticks.

• To have the perfect dipping sauce, pour a small amount of soy sauce and a bit of wasabi in a small bowl. Mix them together.

• When dipping the sushi, make sure you dip the fish or topping first and not the rice. If you dip the rice first, the roll won’t stay together and you will have a harder time eating it.

• If the sushi already has sauce, do not dip it in the soy sauce anymore. Try enjoying it as is — seasoned and served by the chef.

• Most food experts recommend eating sushi in one bite. However, if the portion is too big, you can eat it in two bites.

• Once you’ve finished your roll, eat a slice of ginger to refresh your palate. Keep eating this in between bites. However, avoid eating it in the same bite as the sushi. Also, do not eat too much of this palate cleanser since it will overpower the taste of the sushi.

If you’re still overwhelmed by the menu choices or you’re not sure you will like what you will order, don’t hesitate to ask the chef for his or her recommendations. In case your dining companions have already tried sushi before, you can also ask them what items they love. You may end up liking them, too.

Franck Mottais is the Operations Manager at Tourism Development & Investment Company or TDIC. With a true passion for food and beverage operations, Franck's personal goal is to consistently deliver the highest quality of guest service and effectively run distinguished establishments such as KOI Restaurant & Lounge and Boa Steakhouse in Abu Dhabi.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

A Guide to Dining at the Best Steakhouses in Abu Dhabi

A Guide to Dining at the Best Steakhouses in Abu Dhabi

There are numerous steakhouses in Abu Dhabi. These restaurants offer different eating experiences ranging from fine dining to casual and fast casual to barbecues.

But finding a top-notch restaurant that serves the best steak in Abu Dhabi is only the start of enjoying a truly satisfying and superb steak dinner. You have to know what and how to order so that you won’t be disappointed with your meal.

To have a filling and memorable dining experience at a steakhouse in Abu Dhabi, you will do well to know this simple guide:

1. Steaks have different grade levels
The beef served in restaurants is graded by expert USDA inspectors. They are graded based on the amount of fat specs or marbling and age of cattle before the meat was harvested.

The finest steakhouses will only serve the top three grades. The best grade is Prime followed by Choice and Select. If you want to have the most tender, flavorful, and juiciest steak, make sure the restaurant you will go to serves Prime beef.

2. There are various cuts of steaks
There are different cuts or types of steaks. What you will ultimately order should depend on your preference. But the most popular steaks ordered at steakhouses in Abu Dhabi are:

• Ribeye
Regarded by many as the juiciest and most flavorful of all steaks, the ribeye has the amplest fat marbling. Because of its rich flavor, this is the number one choice of steak aficionados

The ribeye can be served with or without the bone. If it is roasted, it is called prime rib. If it is sliced into steaks and grilled or roasted, it is then called a ribeye chop.

• Filet mignon
Also known as “tenderloin filet,” it is the most tender of steaks even if it has little fat marbling. It also has the mildest flavor compared to other cuts.

It is considered the healthiest steak option since it is lean and less fatty. And because of this, it is not as juicy as the other cuts and it becomes dry if cooked beyond medium.

• New York strip
The New York strip has less fat than a rib eye but still as tender. It has a distinct beefy flavor that many describe as buttery and moist. Some restaurants serve bone-in versions of New York strips.

• T-bone
The T-bone steak is made of two cuts: the filet mignon and New York strip. These two cuts are divided in the middle by a bone in the shape of the letter T, hence, its name.

If you want to sample two cuts of steaks in just one meal, order a T-bone steak.

• Porterhouse
The porterhouse is the biggest cut of steak and is a larger version of the T-bone. This steak is cut from the upper part of the loin section and has a larger piece of tenderloin filet.

A porterhouse steak is best for sharing. A 48-ounce steak can easily satisfy two diners.

3. Know your preferred level of doneness
If you’re a steak connoisseur, you already know how you want your steak cooked. But if every time you’re asked how you want your steak cooked and you can’t give a quick answer, here are the common cooking gradations ideal for steaks:

• Rare
A rare cooked steak is cooked and seared outside while still keeping a red, soft, and cool center.

• Medium rare
This is the recommended level of doneness for steaks. A medium rare steak has a rare center but has a thick, firm brown crust.

• Medium
If you don’t want your steak to be too red in the middle, order it medium. A medium-cooked steak will have a thick band of light pink through the middle but it is more brown than pink. The top and the bottom will be charred darkly as well.

• Medium well
A medium well steak has a light shade of pink at the center and is covered with a charred, dark brown crust. This is perfect for people who don’t want any color in their steak but also don’t want the meat to be fully cooked.

• Well-done
For those who prefer brown and fully cooked meat, order your steak well-done. The steak is served without the slightest hint of pink. A superb well done steak is browned on all sides but its inside is not burned.

To complete your meal, order a side dish or two. The most popular and scrumptious sides are:

• Baked, mashed, or roasted potatoes
• Creamed spinach or asparagus
• Buttered mushrooms
• Sweet corn
• Simple salad

The right beverage will also allow you to enjoy your steak dinner more. Order a glass of the restaurant’s best red – it is the classic steak and wine pairing.

Ultimately, to truly enjoy a steak dinner in Abu Dhabi, order what you want and tell the server how you want your meat cooked. The best steakhouses will take note of their customers’ preferences to ensure they have an excellent dining experience.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Food for Thought: Secrets for Taking Better Food Photos While Traveling

Food for Thought: Secrets for Taking Better Food Photos While Traveling

At one time, photography was a way to document and record our experiences when we traveled. But over time, documenting vacations became more than just taking pictures of local cultures, beautiful scenery, and inspiring architecture.

These days, a vacation wouldn’t be complete without documenting the local food experiences and gastronomical fare.

Food photography is on the rise. Not only is it becoming one of the fastest growing hobbies for amateur photographers, but everyone is getting involved, from your parents to friends. Instagram and Facebook are laden with people sharing photos of food as part of their travel experience.

If you’re one of the many travelers who prefer to collect beautiful images instead of souvenirs, then this guide is for you. Below, we look at how you can do justice to your food photography while traveling.

1. Use natural light
When you’re traveling, you aren’t afforded photography studio lighting to capture great photos. Luckily, natural light is the best source of light to replicate the visual presentation of food. And depending on your destination, you may always find it readily available.

Even if your travel plans include less than preferable lighting conditions, a cloudy or rainy atmosphere can lead to some serious ambiance and mood to your photos.

Be sure to practice several ways of capturing natural light in your food photography before leaving. Try shooting from different angles and venturing out in your hometown and shooting in different locales such as restaurants, food halls, and food stalls.

If and when you can, try to plan your meals around the “golden hour” of photography, which is the hour before sunset when natural light provides beautiful soft lighting.

2. To flash or not to flash
When traveling, it's best to be careful with the amount of gear you carry along. Taking too much gear can quickly become a burden and the potential for damages, theft, or loss can be detrimental to your travel plans. In this regard, try to travel without bringing along an external flash in your carry-on.

Flash may not be on everyone’s menu, and a quick strobe of bright light may put off other guests at your chosen restaurant. Not to mention, a direct flash will simply serve to flatten subjects, losing the purpose and appeal of enticing food photography.

Instead, practice shooting with different lighting situations, such as dimly lit restaurants. If you can, experiment with the features available on your camera like the:
• Aperture
• Or shutter speed

Search for different sources of light as well.
A candle adds romantic ambiance to your photos, and clean, white plates or menus on white paper can double as an impromptu reflector.

3. Presentation is everything
Just like photographing food at a studio or your home, distractions around the principal subject, the food, can convolute the image and ruin the photo’s aesthetic appeal.

Experiment with different plates and in different settings. When possible, remove any distractions that may ruin the image. This includes randomly strewn cutlery, misaligned plates and grubby napkins.

When it comes to presenting food, remember KISS: Keep it sweet and simple.

4. Composition matters
Similarly to presentation, composition is still important no matter where your passport takes you. Achieving the perfect balance in photo composition takes practice. So, practice, practice, practice.

Most plates of food present their least desirable state when framed from directly above, unless, of course, this is an artistic direction, such as highlighting symmetrical presentation on a plate. As often as you can, experiment with different angles.

Food, like people, has specific angles that bring out the best features. Don’t be afraid to get down and low or shoot at an angle to perfectly compose your photo.

Some dishes may benefit from a tightly cropped photo, while others will present best zoomed out. Think multi-dish spreads like those found in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines.

5. Less is more
From a logistical and security standpoint, traveling light affords you more options to get the images and shots you want. When you’re exploring a new city and you’re decked out in camera gear, you draw attention to yourself and you can become susceptible to becoming a victim of crime.

As travel food photography requires you to “run and gun” or get multiple shots of your desired subject in as little time as possible (particularly in busy, bustling environments like food markets, crowded restaurants, and other foreign spaces where you don’t speak the language), the lighter you travel, the less likely things will become uncomfortable or in some situations, hostile.

As a foreigner in a new country, you’ll undoubtedly stand out, especially when you’re idling around capturing images of food. The last thing you want to do is burden yourself with excess and unnecessary camera gear.

Don’t forsake the experience
While it's important to capture photos of your food to document your travel experience, it's just as important to enjoy what’s presented in front of you. So take a few moments to put down your camera or smartphone, enjoy the travel experience, and allow yourself to capture the culinary scene before you through your senses.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

15 Best Restaurants in New Orleans

15 Best Restaurants in New Orleans

jackson square

If your ideal trip includes eating your way across the Big Easy, this is the list for you. We scoured the local scene for iconic restaurants serving classics like gumbo and Po’ Boys, but we didn’t ignore the hot new trends. Vietnamese in NOLA? Laissez les bons temps rouler! (Let the good times roll!)

1. Johnny’s Po’ Boy
With dozens of Po’ Boys on the menu, you’ll find a traditional Louisiana sandwich for every palate. If classic roast beef or fried shrimp are too ordinary for you, there’s always the alligator sausage!

2. Café Du Monde
Café Du Monde

Every visit to New Orleans must include a stop at Cafe Du Mode, one of the city's most iconic restaurants. It’s the perfect place for beignets and café au lait for breakfast or a mid-afternoon break. The original 1862-founded location in the French Quarter is a can’t-miss, but if you’re craving more during your sightseeing, there are now eight Café Du Monde Coffee Stands sprinkled throughout the city.

3. Central Grocery
Don’t be fooled by the name; this is no ordinary grocery store. This classic Italian deli and grocery serves up the city’s most beloved muffuletta sandwich (in fact, Central Grocery invented it more than a century ago). While you’re there, make time to browse the shelves of delicacies both local and international.

4. Mother’s Restaurant
Since 1938, Mother’s has been filling bellies with a broad menu that includes breakfast served all day, classic New Orleans dishes, and even fresh salads for the health-conscious. It’s hard to choose which delicious dish to order, but we recommend red beans and rice as the perfect side to any meal.

5. Commander’s Palace Restaurant
As one of the most special restaurants in the city, the high-end Commander’s Palace is worth the splurge. James Beard Award-winning chef Tony McPhail spoons a different gumbo every day, and the Ponchatoula strawberry salad is not to be missed. If you love to brag back home about exotic dishes, order the turtle soup!

6. Jacques-Imos
Chef Jacques Leonardi’s sense of humor greets you at the front door, where a sign announces “warm beer, lousy food, and poor service.” You’ll get just the opposite as you fill up on hearty portions of real Nawlins food like gumbo, grits, and jambalaya.

7. Antoine’s
If you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion, Antoine’s is the place. For more than 175 years, they’ve been serving their famous Baked Alaska for generations of joyful moments.

8. Brennan’s
Who needs dinner when there’s Brennan’s for dessert? Order the tableside Bananas Foster, and tuck in for a spectacular and delicious treat. When they pour on the rum and light your dessert on fire, you’ll know you’re in New Orleans.

9. Arnaud’s
Fancy some French fries? No matter which fast food version is your favorite, you’ll sweep them all aside once you’ve tasted Arnaud’s legendary soufflé potatoes. They’re served with a sublime Béarnaise sauce, and we recommend a French 75 to drink.

10. Lucky Dog
Not every meal has to be five-star. When you’ve had a few drinks and you want some junk food fast, hit a Lucky Dog stand for a delicious hot dog with all the fixings.

11. Ba Mien Family Restaurant
On the east side of town, in an ordinary strip mall, you’ll find the delicious and affordable Ba Mien. This Vietnamese spot serves unpretentious, fresh, beautifully prepared dishes from Vietnam’s three main culinary regions.

12. Morning Call
When you need waffles at 4 in the morning, this is the place to go. Open 24 hours a day, with picture-perfect views of City Park, this homey restaurant serves up local favorites alongside classic American dishes.

13. Café Degas
Not to be missed by art lovers, Café Degas is an homage to the French artist Edgar Degas and his time living here. Bistro delights include French onion soup, escargot, and steak frites. Ask for a table near the real pecan tree that grows right in the middle of the dining room.

14. St. Roch Market
Food halls are growing in popularity, in part because they let you taste diverse cuisines and please every member of your party. Come to St. Roch hungry and prepare to eat, drink, and shop to your heart’s content.

15. Willie Mae’s Scotch House
Willie Mae’s famously serves food for your soul: fried chicken, veal smothered in gravy, mac and cheese, fried okra, and other spirit-satisfying dishes. They even have a great kids menu, and the luscious desserts provide the perfect ending.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Top 6 Most Romantic Restaurants In Dubai

Top 6 Most Romantic Restaurants In Dubai

In Dubai, there are plenty of restaurants where you can take your girlfriend, fiance, spouse or partner out for a memorable date. Whether you are there to propose, celebrate your birthday or your partner’s, your anniversary, honeymoon, or some other momentous occasion, there are places where you can celebrate and show your love for one another in a special way.

If you are looking for the ideal dining area for a date, here are some of the most romantic spots you may want to consider.

1. Pierchic
The Pierchic restaurant is often listed as one of the restaurants travelers should go to when in Dubai, and with good reason. Pierchic is built on the same site that used to be the Chicago Beach Hotel. When dining at this restaurant, you can expect to enjoy stunning views of the Gulf, the city’s skylines and the world famous sunset. Plus, it is seen as one of the best vistas near the Burj Al Arab hotel.

The restaurant offers a scrumptious selection of seafood and desserts. Not sure of what dishes to try out? If so, then go for the Tasting Menu which includes some of the restaurant’s finest seafood dishes with matching glasses of wine. As this restaurant holds the record for the most proposals, you need to book a table months in advance if you wish to dine here.

2. At.mosphere
If you are looking for a high like no other then try dining at At.mosphere in Dubai. Situated on the 122nd floor of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, the restaurant still holds the unique record of being the highest dining destination in Dubai. Choose from a varied list of dishes or opt for the restaurant’s seven-course or four-course set menus, complete with a bottle of fine wine.

As expected, when dining at At.mosphere, expect to dress up for the special occasion. At.mosphere’s dress code is smart casual.

3. 101
Located at the borders of the Palm Jumeirah is the breathtaking 101 Dining Lounge. Take a seat with your partner at the restaurant’s open-air dining area and enjoy the exquisite views of the surrounding marina. Savor the sights, smells and tastes of the land by sampling some of the restaurant’s selection of Mediterranean dishes.

The interiors may be stylish and elegant but the ambiance is relaxed. If in need of help on what to order, you can ask the restaurant staff for recommendations. A few favorites include the Chicken Chorizo and the Calcotada.

4. Majlis Al Bahar
Give all of your senses a treat here at the Majlis Al Bahar. The restaurant is built on the beach against a backdrop of the ocean with a view of some of the most luxurious hotels in the city. It is a view that is sure to impress any person, including your sweetheart.

In comparison to the rest of the Burj Al Arab, the atmosphere here at the Majlis is more casual and relaxed. This shows in the Majlis Al Bahar menu which consists of a sumptuous selection of appetizers, main courses and desserts. Here you can choose from an array of tapas, platters, barbecued prawns and steaks. For dessert, indulge in their chocolate pizza.

5. Stay
If sampling world-class cuisines is more to your liking, nothing else compares to Stay. It offers a fine dining experience unlike any other. There is more to this place than its classy interiors consisting of black crystal chandeliers and high vaulted ceilings. Its kitchen is run by Yannick Alléno, a world-renowned French chef who has received three Michelin stars since the year 2007.

6. Pai Thai
Finally, built along the serene waterways of Dubai’s Al Qasr Hotel is the Pai Thai restaurant. There is more than enough here to fill your senses. The restaurant offers a wide range of Thai dishes including sun-dried beef with garlic, chili sauce and coriander, green curry, and grilled prawns. Plus, the restaurant offers live entertainment which includes traditional Thai music and dancing.

Kumar Samtani is the co-founder of With an educational background in Industrial & Operations Engineering from the prestigious University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Kumar's expertise lies in process improvement & operations management for all types of organizations. He is also an experienced entrepreneur with business interests in consumer goods, hospitality supplies & real estate.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Chops – The Mouth-watering Delicacy

Chops – The Mouth-watering Delicacy

Chop – the single word is enough to make your mouth water. The balance of outside crust and soft stuffing has been made it one of the popular starters. It is a popular and common street food. It is generally served with Onion and Cucumber rings and a delightful Sauce (mainly Tomato).
Chops can be of many types and each of them has their unique taste. Some famous Chops and Cutletsare as follows:

  • Egg Chops: Egg is such an ingredient that can be used in different dishes from Starters and Main Courses to Desserts. Amongst, various Starters, egg chop are a prominent one that can be easily served in various parties and occasions. Its delicacy enhances during the rainy season. In the romantic and wet weather, you can hardly avoid these wonderful deep-fried Egg Chops. You can prepare these Chops by following its easy recipe.
  • Vegetable Chops: It is another famous variation of Chops. Mainly Potato is stuffed inside these Chops. For vegeratian people, it can be a mouth-watering treat.
  • Paneer Chops: It is another version of Vegetable Chops. Mashed Paneer is stuffed along with other ingredients. It can be considered as an amazing Starter of Paneer.
  • Chicken Chops: Non-Vegetarian and especially the Chicken lovers are usually craving for this dish. Fried Chicken pieces are inserted into the Chops that make them simply heavenly delightful.
  • Mutton Chops: It is obvious that Mutton lovers prefer the Mutton Chops. The process of preparation is almost same as Chicken Chopsjust the meat is different.
  • Fish Chop: It is one version of Fish Cutlet. It goes irresistible with kashundi or mustard It is accompanied with Onion rings and Lemon squeeze.
  • Beetroot Chops: You can relish Beetroot in this style. Beetroot acts as a substitute of Mutton. Therefore, Vegetarian people can easily have this Chop. It is an amazing snack that can be served in the parties. It is a simple and quick recipe.
  • Banana Flower Chops: It is a healthy and flavourful Bengali delicacy that is called as Mochar Chop. Serve this amazingly delicious Chop kasundi or your favorite chutney.
  • Cabbage Cutlet: Many kids do not want to eat Green Vegetables. In this delightful way, the Vegetable can be consumed. This Cabbage Cutlet can be either microwaved or fried.
  • Sabudana Cutlet: In times of fasting, this Cutlet is usually prepared. It can be prepared to serve as the evening snack as well. It is an easy-to-prepare and simple recipe.
  • Prawn Cutlet: Medium-sized Prawns are used to make this finger-licking Cutlet. For all the fish lovers, it will be a delightful treat. However, Prawn allergic people have to be very careful before consuming these Cutlets.
  • Noodles Cutlet: In the party or any other occasion, this unique appetizer can win everyone’s heart through its mind-blowing taste. It is crisp and soft from outside and inside respectively. Boiled Noodles along with various Spices are used in this recipe.
There are various other Chop and Cutlet recipes are available, with which you can surprise your family. Try them after learning the recipes.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The top 10 fruits to eat for a healthy complexion

The top 10 fruits to eat for a healthy complexion

If a healthy skin complexion is something that’s important to you, chances are you will have already tried special diets, taken vitamin supplements and tried countless creams to achieve perfect glowing skin.

Whilst washes and scrubs can help toward getting the affect you want, in order to achieve a glowing complexion means that you have to start from the inside. By incorporating a variety of fruits into your diet you can easily achieve healthy skin that everyone will notice. Here are the top 10 fruits to eat for a healthy complexion.

1. Avocado

Avocado is rich in fatty acids, which helps provide skin with essential lubricants, which promotes youthful, glowing skin. What makes avocado so great for the skin is the fact that it contains vitamin E, which many health experts refer to as ‘the protector of skin’. Avocado is the one of the very few fruits that has as much benefit when applied to the skin as when it is consumed.

2. Lemon

Lemons are great at maintaining healthy, glowing skin because of their high vitamin C content which helps keep nasty skin blemishes at bay. Lemons deep cleanse the skin by breaking down grime that clogs up the skin pores.

3. Strawberries

Strawberries are full of salicylic acid, which is something used in acne treatment. It works by penetrating deep into the pores and cleaning them out, unclogging oil pores and stopping pimples from forming.

4. Apples

Apples are a rich source of malic acid which helps promote firmer, healthier and youthful looking skin by renewing skin cells. The high anti-oxidant content in apples minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. Apples also prevent damage from free-radicals which is known to cause premature skin ageing.

5. Bananas

There are many nutrients in bananas that benefit the condition of the skin. The potassium in bananas moisturises and hydrates the skin, whilst other skin healthy nutrients like vitamin A, B and E help combat premature aging and wrinkles.

6. Pineapple

Pineapple contains an enzyme that has multiple health benefits. It also acts as a gentle exfoliate for skin. Pineapple is also full of anti-oxidants that tackles free radical damage, which is known to cause skin blemishes.

7. Papaya

Extracts of papaya can be found in facial peels, cleansers and lotions. Papaya has an important enzyme called Papain that helps heal damaged skin by quickening cell regeneration. It’s also rich in fibre content which aids digestion and gives a healthy glow to skin.

8. Kiwi


Kiwi is high in vitamin C content which keeps skin looking young and fresh. On top of this, kiwi contains lots of fibre and antioxidants, which makes it an effective laxative which helps get rid of harmful waste and toxins from the body.

9. Grapefruit

This fibre rich fruit makes skin glow. Grapefruit contains a healthy dose of vitamin C which stimulates the production of skin collagen that brings smoothness and elasticity to the skin. The potassium within grapefruit also helps to smooth wrinkles.

10. Grapes

The skin and seeds of red grapes contain a strong antioxidant called resveratrol, which controls the ageing process and helps maintain the overall health of the skin. Grapes are also useful in the repair of collagen - the main structural protein found in skin and other connective tissues.

Thanks to for supplying this guest post.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The 10 Best Healthy Foods You Should Be Eating

The 10 Best Healthy Foods You Should Be Eating

What’s for dinner is one of the most used phrases by many people each and every day. Do you know what you are making for dinner? How do you make your decision about what you will be making for dinner? Is it whatever is easiest to cook or will you be ordering fast food? Whether you are a health fanatic or a junk food eater you should really pay attention to what you are putting in your mouth because you are what you eat. It is not easy to find heathy food that actually tastes good, or is it? According to an article on Fitness here are the ten best healthy foods that you should be eating:

1. Broccoli: also helps to prevent cancer cells from developing.

2. Lemons: help to prevent the growth of cancer cells.

3. Potatoes: helps fight off cancer.

4. Salmon: help fight off heart disease, cancer, depression, memory loss and Alzheimer's disease.

5. Avocados: lowers cholesterol and reduces your risk of heart disease.

6. Beans: lowers your risk of heart disease and breast cancer.

7. Garlic: inhibits the growth of bacteria and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.

8. Spinach: boosts the immune system and good for your eyes as well as a great cancer-fighter.

9. Dark Chocolate: reduces blood pressure.

10. Walnuts: helps to reduce cholesterol and fights off cancer as well as shields you from sun damage.

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Where Can I Buy Parmigiano Reggiano

Where Can I Buy Parmigiano Reggiano

If you are a Cheese-lover and Parmesan is your favorite flavor, the ordinary cheese available in most of the Grocery and Dairy shops definitely not satisfying your taste buds? True? If you are consistently thinking from where can I buy Parmigiano Reggiano, then online stores are the place you are searching for. Yes, your favorite cheese with savory flavor and slight gritty texture is delivered right from the Parma region of Italy.

The King of the Cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano is produced in the regions of Parma, Modena, Reggio Emilia and the provinces of Bologna and Mantua of Italy. From the cattle graving on the hills, mountains and plains of Reno and River Po, this superior quality cheese is produced. The enveloping flavor has earned world wide popularity due to its exclusive taste.

Read More about Parmesan Cheese
Parmigiano Raggiano is not only tasty, but healthy too. Its multipurpose usage in vegetarian and non vegetarian recipes makes it a must have article in a wide number of homes. The granular appearance with aromatic taste and nutty flavor is needs to be stored with careful consideration.

To preserve its neither greasy nor dry texture, it is recommended to store it appropriately. For this it is suggested to wrap the cheese in a moist cloth and then leave it for a day. Later on, it can be wrapped using cling film or foil paper. However, it is specially recommended to store the Parmigiano Reggiano as per instructions mentioned on the packaging paper.

Prescribed Standards & Procedures
The name of the cheese is legally protected and there is a strict criteria followed during the ageing phase. Cheese production as well as sale is regulated under defined rules and procedures by specialized Consorzio that are created by Governmental declarations. The authentication of the product can be estimated by special seals that incorporates its Serial number as well.

If you are a real admirer of the Parmesan cheese, you can easily detect its freshness through aromatic fragrance. It is highly preferred to buy this product from a standard and reliable store. Nowadays, there are online stores that provide fresh and delicious Parmesan cheese originated right from the farms of from Parma, Italy. You can order your favorite product from anywhere and anytime as these stores operates 24X7. So, now you must have got the answer to your query ‘Where can I buy Parmigiano Reggiano?’

Monday, September 28, 2015

Foods You Are Eating That Are Destroying Your Teeth

Foods You Are Eating That Are Destroying Your Teeth

Teeth whitening and dental health ads have become more popular than ever. They are all over television and tempting people to get enticed by their products. Many dream of having a pearly white smile all the year round but that’s not going to happen just by using teeth whitening toothpastes or whitening stripes. You need to pay equal attention to what you are consuming and find out whether the food you are consuming is affecting the quality of your teeth. Take dental health seriously from a young age and there are much lesser chances of you repenting at a later stage.

Here is a list of food items which dentists tell to maintain distance from:

1) Breath mints
- Breath mints are a must have with you if you are a civilized person and don’t want to inflict the curse of bad breath on the person striking a conversation with you. Some even chew them to increase their concentration power when they aren’t able to do so. However you should also know that those very breath mints also hold a large amount of sugar which coat your teeth and give an invitation to cavities. Stay clear of them unless you are chewing on sugar free breath mints.

2) Dried fruits
- Many people like to munch on dried fruits today to curb their hunger pangs as they are considered a healthy snack option. Many also like to have a handful of them before they rush out of their home to travel to their workplace. How about substituting this unhealthy habit of yours with neem leaves powder (available online at discounted price by using Healthkart coupons) which is considered beneficial for teeth and gums? As snack options, you can substitute them with fresh fruits.

3) White wine
- White wine lovers! Sorry! But here’s a bitter truth. Since white wine is acidic in nature and more acidic than red wine, it means your teeth are more open to getting stained. The most effective way to reduce that effect is by having light colored food with white wine. Because this way the tint left by food won’t be that much dark.

4) Black tea
- Black tea has numerous benefits such as getting antioxidants dose, strong bones, low diabetes risk, stress relief and more. Surprisingly Black tea also helps reduce plaque formation which can weaken the gums area. But you should know that by consuming Black tea, you are also inviting stains to live on your teeth. Stained teeth don’t make a good sight, right? You can instead switch to Green tea, which can be bought online at a discounted price by using groupon coupons present on Green tea will do much less damage.

5) Potato chips
- It’s a lazy Saturday night and you decide to munch on a bag of big potato chips and watch your favourite movie. But don’t! That bag of chips can bag you a lot of problems for your teeth. I’m sure that you know that some remains of chips linger on teeth but you may not know is that the longer they stay on your teeth, the longer they are to increase chances of your risk of tooth decay. Even if you feel like having potato chips, ensure that you gargle after having them. Also don’t indulge in the binging process with them as you increase the duration of their remains getting stuck to your teeth. Avoid them as much as you can.

Hope you don’t consume these foods now or consume them wisely so as to protect your teeth properly.