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Monday, September 17, 2018

The Top 5 Tips to Choosing Your Wedding Photographers

The Top 5 Tips to Choosing Your Wedding Photographers

Getting married is a pretty big deal to most people and like most big deals, you want to get great pictures to remember them by. Seeing as you only want to get married once, there’s a lot of pressure on getting those moments captured exactly right, with everyone (especially the bride and groom) looking good in that wedding album! Unfortunately, despite the large number of photographers there seem to be, somehow the process of finding the right one for your wedding can be quite stressful.

However, there are a few simple things you can do to help make sure that you choose right!

1. Choose a style and stick to it
Understand the style of photography you are looking for, before you begin your hunt. Choosing the style you’re after should be among the top things on your wedding planning to-do list. Knowing the kind of pictures you want taken at your wedding will help you narrow down your search to a smaller pool of photographers, making the process much simpler. If you’re uncertain about what style you’re going for – do a ton of research and shortlist some photographs you like. Keep these in mind while looking through portfolios to help you pick out a style suited to yours.

2. Pay attention to their techniques
Now, when you’re flipping through photo albums and you have a set style in mind, make sure you pay attention to the execution too. A style is just the idea behind the photograph, but what truly makes a photograph is a lot more. Pay attention to the angle, composition, framing, and the creativity. Take note of the attention to detail and how well they capture the important and key moments.

3. Read the reviews and recommendations
Most (if not all) photographers will either have a website or a social media account. Look through the reviews left behind by customers and their experiences with them. Additionally, if you haven’t already - ask your friends and relatives about good photographers they can vouch for.

4. Compare the rates and offers
Different photographers give different rates for their services, and offer various packages. Once you’ve narrowed down a few photographers according to the style you’re after and your budget, compare their rates and the packages they offer. For example, photographer A gives you a lower price for the service but photographer B gives you a higher price for a service that includes wedding photo albums and prints. Compare the value of each offer and choose the one that suits you best.

5. The post-production scene
Before hiring a photographer, make sure you have an accurate understanding of how long the post-production is likely to take. This depends entirely on how comfortable you are with waiting. The average photographer is likely to make you wait a month or so until you get the final pictures. Be very clear on what your needs are and what you would expect in case of delays.

We hope these tips can help you choose your wedding photographers! You can read this article for other tips to choose wedding photographers.

If you want to create wedding albums or print the best photos from your wedding day for wall decor, have a look through where you’ll find a bunch of options at very affordable rates.

Friday, July 13, 2018

What Makes A Woman Undateable?

What Makes A Woman Undateable?

undateable woman

Let's talk about some things that makes a woman undateable and see how you like it. At least that's what Billie Jean said.

What makes a woman undateable? Our friends from Loveawake dating site put together the list of 18 signs you really are “the undateable girl,” and how to fix it.

1. She's a vegan: Sorry, I like a gal who can polish off a T-bone or, at the very least, half a chicken.

2. She doesn't like Office Space: Get out. Now.

3. She has a voice like Harvey Fierstein.

4. You ask her if she likes Led Zeppelin, and she replies, "Who's he?" (This happened to me.)

5. She constantly slams people behind their backs.

6. "Thomas Kinkade is so awesome!"

7. She refuses to sing or dance because she's terrible at both. Who cares? Live a little.

8. Two words: Drama. Queen.

9. She's never done any kind of manual labor. Daddy always hired people for that.

10. She doesn't laugh at your jokes.

11. Her favorite authors are Nicholas Sparks and Stephenie Meyer.

12. She goes to the beach but never gets in the water. Ever.

13. She carries a little dog with her everywhere.

14. The word vagina freaks her out. I had a co-worker who was like this. Another woman said vagina in a staff meeting and I thought this chick's head was gonna explode. "Ewwww!" she said. "Don't say that!" Which naturally made everyone start saying it to her all the time.

15. She feeds her cat on a dinner plate and puts a sprig of parsley on top like that commercial.

16. She doesn't like ice cream.

17. She won't wear jeans. Ever.

18. She's always perfectly waxed/shaved down there. Aw come on, let the thing get disreputable sometimes. We won't kick you out of bed for having a little winter growth.

Okay, that's enough for now. I could come up with more, but the truth is, I don't really believe one single thing can make a person undateable. So settle down, all you offended vegans and Twilight fans and fancy cat-feeders. None of us is perfect, and if we started ruling people out because of clothes they wear or music they like or words they can't spell, we'd run out of dating options pretty quickly.

Our flaws and foibles and bad taste make us human. They also highlight the beauty of real affection: we delight in the things we like about partners, and overlook the things we don't. It's what makes love interesting, don't you think? I do.

So, like my list, the Undateable book is a lark and meant to be fun -- or at least we hope. Sadly, we've all known people so critical and picky that no one was good enough for them. If I could say something to those people, it would be this: you suck, and if I ever make a real dating deal-breaker list -- which I won't, but if I did -- you'll be number one. Except then I'd be just like you, wouldn't I? So I'd have to put me on my own list.

Wait. What? I'm so confused.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Prioritize Style This Valentine's Day

Prioritize Style This Valentine's Day

For many, Valentine’s Day is a stressful endeavor, replete with outfit overhauls and grooming nightmares. Indeed, you need to look and feel good for a date to go well. In other words, the romance of the holiday is, itself, an exercise in self-care; thinking of it in this way – as a gift you give yourself, rather than a ritual akin to a job interview – will perhaps make things go a lot smoother. In any case, the following tips ought to be remembered while you’re on the market for a new partner in romance.

Dress For The Occasion
The most fundamental thing to keep in mind is the context of the outing. On the one hand, if the date is going to take place at high-end restaurant that necessitates wearing a tie, then you absolutely must abide by these rules, lest you are caught inappropriately underdressed, which could easily embarrass the object of your affection. On the other hand, if you’ve chosen to go a more casual route by selecting an environment that isn’t so much up-tight as it is fun and outgoing, you should still dress accordingly; being too formal in a setting that doesn’t ask that much of its participants – like a sports bar, movie theatre, or bowling alley – could, arguably, make you stand out in a very awkward way.

How To Pull Off A Casual Look
Certain brands are, of course, more suited to particular situations - if you think the latter, casual route might be the most appropriate decision for your upcoming date, then it’s likely you’ll want the

lowest prices on Jordan Craig clothing in order to acquire the most stylish denim pants for a reasonable amount of money; if this is the case, it’s best to shop around online. Additionally, this renowned brand offers a large selection of hoodies and denim jackets. Indeed, narrowing your online choices down to a well-known company can make it easier to shop around, while allowing for a lot of leeway in styles.

Remember To Be Well-Groomed
Your clothing could be absolutely on-point, but that doesn’t matter if your beard isn’t combed or if you’ve forgotten to brush or comb your hair – hygiene, no doubt, trumps all. No style is complete without that clean feeling of taking care of yourself. This is to say, it’s vital to use product in your hair, brush your teeth, and wear deodorant; nothing can derail a date faster than an unwanted odor.

Although this might be a lot to keep in mind (for some, at least), it’s important to remember to stay cool and enjoy yourself! If you’re adequately prepared with a nice, appropriate outfit and some basic grooming skills, you’ll be sure to impress your valentine and have a lovely outing together!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Amplify Your Love life with Right Moves

Amplify Your Love life with Right Moves

The beauty of this 21st century is that there are many materialistic things that play a crucial role in the enhancement of your relationship with your partner. The best part is that nobody can ruin your bond unless you allow them to. It simply means if you are sure and certain about your love life with your beloved, nobody will able to bring any cracks.

Of course, there is nothing wrong in using tools like true love calculator. Such an instrument plays a role of enhancer. Through such a tool, you get to know where your love life stands. If it is perfect, congratulations! However, if it is fluctuating somewhere, then too there is no need to worry. It is because at least you got to know that there are weak links in your bond, and you can improve accordingly.

Things that can strengthen your Bond
There are many things that can strengthen your bond with your beloved one. Following are a few points that can play a key role. Have a look:

Stop Nagging
No matter how caring or loving your partner is, if you are nagging; you are digging the grave for your relationship. Nagging is something that can affect your relationship adversely. By nagging it means instances wherein you are complaining for small and petty things. There always are issues and matters but you cannot crib about them every now and then. No relationship is perfect and your relationship will become stronger as soon as you understand this fact. Stop nagging because your relationship is better than many relationships scattered in the world. Once you have dropped the habit of nagging, you can find a great difference in your relationship.

Bring some excitement
Do you think there is excitement in your bond? Have you ever find any moments in your relationship where there was excitement in you or your partner? Well, you need to bring some excitement in your relationship through your gestures. Many times, relations become weaker because of lack of excitement. For example, if your partner has just brought a chocolate for you out of love, make sure that you are showing excitement over this. Otherwise, too if your beloved has made a special dish for you, it is important that you show excitement about it. If there is excitement in relationships, they remain light and fresh.

Stay away from silence
In case there is silence creeping in your relationship, make sure that you are doing something about it. Don’t allow silence to grasp your love life. In the presence of unnecessary silence, relations suffer. At any time, if you are facing instances wherein your partner is silence, make sure that you ask the reason. If silence goes unattended, it can burst into unexpected circumstances.

So, are you ready to give these points a place in your life? Once you have started introducing such things in your life, it will surely become a beautiful bond to reside in. after all, only you can do something about your love life.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Should Military Couples Listen to Civilian Relationship Advice?

Should Military Couples Listen to Civilian Relationship Advice?

Relationship advice is something that many people want to give but not many want to receive. Sometimes, the advice is terrible. Military marriages are no exception to this. The military brings unique challenges to marriages and can sometimes be the source of many couples' arguments.

We hate the distance. We hate our new duty station. We normally hate that or do not like that the military has that way of entering its way into our marriages.

I have seen many spouses say that those in civilian marriages, "Do not understand what I'm going through." If that is the case, should we ignore the advice of others just because their spouse isn't in the military?

No marriage is the same. What one person wants in a marriage is not always what another person wants. Our faith, upbringing and personalities can play a vital role in how we think our marriage should be.

I like to think the military is a microcosm of the United States as a whole. We come from different backgrounds, have different passions, different jobs and all end up in the same place.

It is one of the great things of the military but also one that shows that we are not all the same person no matter what our spouse's occupation is.

Civilian marriages and military marriages go through many similar issues. The issues range from lack of communication to infidelity. The root of the issue will stem from different things for every marriage.

But is the solution to these problems the same for military and civilian marriages? I say yes. Getting into the nitty gritty details of any marital issue can be painful no matter what your spouse's occupation is.

The most common issues I have seen and experienced in military marriages stem from time apart. Being separated for weeks, months and even years at a time can be excruciatingly difficult on a marriage.

Deployments add an extra amount of fear of the unknown and can leave you up at night wondering if your spouse is okay. You know that there are marriages which day by day becomes happier because of time apart; and some are destroyed.

Military marriages are not the only marriages that grapple with distance and fear of the unknown, and military relationships can feel isolating at times. But do we sometimes fall victim to isolating ourselves?

The specific situations could be different but are civilian marriages really that different? You could be the wife of a truck driver, doctor or a police officer and I bet the pain of time apart feels the same.

What about the civilian versus military divorce rate? The divorce rate for male military persons was 2.6 percent and it was 6.6 percent for female military members. So ask questions to girls and boys before marriage to get to know each other very well.

The Marine Corps was the only branch that saw an increase in divorce in 2016. The Center for Disease Control reports that the divorce rate in the United States was 3.2 percent in 2014.

Although that rate is measured differently than the military rate and doesn't take into account several states, including California, it's clear that the divorce rate difference between military and civilians is not as drastically different as widely thought.

The best advice is usually from professionals, both in the military and civilian world. Military Family Life Counselors provide non-medical counseling to military members and their families.

Marriage counseling is offered in addition to individual counseling. If you choose to seek advice and counseling I also highly recommend seeking a licensed therapist, psychologist or counselor through or Military One Source.

There are many fantastic resources available both in the military and civilian world that can benefit any relationship.

Sometimes this life is hard and makes us feel alone, but it does not have to be that way forever. Reaching out for advice or help does not mean you are weak or your marriage is doomed to fail. It means you place value on your relationship and yourself to make things better.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

Right Friendship - Relationship, Faith, Accountability
True friendship is involved in a relationship, we have become the foundation mentioned above, in which the recognition is transparent in relations. Friendship takes time: the time of knowing each other, the time to make shared memories, the time to invest in each other's development.

Trust is essential for true friendship, we all need someone with whom we can share our lives, thoughts, feelings, and disappointments.

Its meaning
We are all needed to hear the old adage "friend friends" we have true friends in your life ready for a real or true friend will always help us when we need them. Also, it is our responsibility to be supportive of our friends.

This proverb means that "a friend who helps his friend's needs is a real friend." Proverbs can mean that 'friends trust each other'.

A friend in need is definitely a friend '- mean and detail

Its meaning
All of us have heard the old saying "Friend needs a friend" We need a true friend in our life A real or true friend is always ready to help us when we need them. Also, it is our responsibility to be supportive of our friends.

If someone is our friend, then we should be happy to help him at the time of need and we can assume that this feeling is mutual. This is the truth that friendship is about ‘A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed’ 10 Things do after the engagement and before marriage.

Needed a true friend: We can not live alone in society. We need friends for company and conference. A man can get his friends from his friends and he can not meet his family members. A true friend is considered as the most valuable asset that a person can have. In good times, everyone behaves like they are our friends. The right opportunity to test the friendship of a person happens at the time of need, a true friend learns your need and comes forward to help you voluntarily without any hope of getting anything back. Such friends are definitely rare, but they are there.

The matter of pride: It is a matter of pride with such a person.

‘A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed’
But the real friend is not like that. Selfless service is the essence of true friendship. A true friend proves him by his good deeds. A true friend does not have any selfish motive, he is ready to do anything for friendship, he also wants to save his friend's life. Life can sacrifice such a friend as a true friend.

Misuse of friendship: There are some selfish people who always try to misuse friendship with a selfish purpose. Then try to take advantage of your friendship and get something to serve your selfish interests. They establish a friendship with this purpose and leave you when their goal is achieved. They are wrong friends, we should always be aware of such friends and try to stay away from them. ‘A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed’.

We should always search for good friends. A good friend is always safe even during adverse times. With the help of friends, a person can overcome difficult times problems. Life becomes easier for those who are blessed with true friends.‘A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed’

Friday, October 6, 2017

Acknowledge yourself with matrimonial websites

Acknowledge yourself with matrimonial websites

Matrimonial websites or marriage websites are very popular in India. If you are looking for the perfect match, just register yourself with such matrimonial websites of India and post your biodata to get the perfect match. To find the suitors, you require to attach your photo with biodata containing (nationality, age, caste, geographical location, gender and occupation). If you are searching or finding punjabi girl for marriage, you can upload your biodata on matrimonial or marriage websites to find the perfect punjabi girl for you. Matrimonial websites provide the strict privacy, security and safety. Matrimony sites are actually very appropriate and convenient and good source to find the perfect match. 
As you know, there are many online marriage websites available to find suitors. Here is the entire list of matrimonial websites are as follows-
  • is the most convenient and appropriate matrimonial website. It is actually a free marriage website. This website is actually very simple and easy to operate. To find the perfect suitors, you need to create a profile and upload your biodata containing the correct and appropriate information. This website usually provide 100 percent screening. People can view thousands or millions of profiles day to day. offers the best services for free.
  • Humsafar matrimony
Humsafar matrimony is also the best and convenient matrimony website, where you can find people of all communities, religion and caste as well. For example- if you are looking for punjabi people, you can easily find them by searching punjabi community. Humsafar matrimony is a free website. It also provide the best privacy services and helps in getting the perfect suitor as well. Visit this amazing and best matrimonial website and register yourself and upload the appropriate biodata with photograph.
  • is one of the popular matrimonial website in India. This is a cost free matrimonial website. You can find millions of rishtey over there. It actually provide aadhaar verified profiles. Make your profile on this website for registration and post your biodata, which contains the necessary information such as (gender, occupation, religion, nationality and many other important things). Find the best appropriate suitor for yourself through this convenient matrimonial website. This marriage website is very good at providing services to people.

If you are searching for the perfect suitor. Just go through all these matrimonial websites and find the perfect suitors. On these marriage websites, you can get millions of rishtey. All these marriage websites will probably provide you the best and strict security and safety. Generally, if you are finding punjabi girl, search punjabi girl matrimonial. These websites are trustworthy and safe, people can easily operate and search many profiles regularly. Make an attractive biodata and upload it on these marriage or matrimonial websites and get your perfect match easily.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Reasons to Pre-plan for Your Funeral Services

Reasons to Pre-plan for Your Funeral Services

Death is uncertain yet definite. Sooner or later, everyone who is born is meant to die. This thought is extremely terrifying for most of the people and yet it is a harsh reality. It is a mature thing to embrace the reality and face it. Also, the faster you face this reality, the easier it is to pre-plan everything. Most people make arrangements to ensure that their family has consistent financial stability even after their death as they do not want their loved ones to suffer even after their death.

One more thing to consider pre-planning is the funeral service. When a person dies, the loved ones are in an extreme sad phase and are in a state of coping up with the loss. In all this, planning a funeral would be another burden for the family in that state of grief. So, pre-planning your funeral services. Apart from this, there are several other advantages to this:
  • It is a way to assume the financial responsibility of your funeral services: Irrespective of whether you are leaving behind a large sum of money for your loved ones or not, the funds are not going to be immediately accessible after your death. So, to relieve your family of the financial burden, you can shoulder the responsibility beforehand and make all the arrangements of your funeral services. For financially independent and self-reliant people who do not like to depend on anyone for anything, this is a great option.
  • A way to ensure you get the type of funeral you want: Many people have strong preferences regarding how their remains are disposed. To ensure your own words are inscribed on your tombstone just the way you want it, get the right epitaph on your headstone, the right background music, the reading of your choice at your funeral, or your choice between burial or cremation, all of these can be pre-defined clearly if you opt to pre-plan and organise your funeral services by yourself. Some people even have preferences in the coffin type. You can even define whether you want a funeral ceremony or a silent burial.
  • Save your family from rising funeral costs: With inflation seeping into every commercial business, funeral services are not far behind. The costs of funeral services are increasing every year. This means a funeral service today will cost lesser than a funeral service after 5 years. This way, pre-planning the whole thing can save your family members a lot of money. This is one of the most meaningful reason for preplanning your funeral.
  • Your family can enjoy a meaningful funeral without any fuss: A funeral is an important event for any family for grieving the loss of the loved one. If you have already planned everything beforehand, they will know what exactly has to be done and it saves them from the confusion and the guess work. This way, you know your wishes are being honoured and your family members can grieve in peace. With everything planned out, your family gets a sense of closure and begin the healing process from the loss. The family benefits by recovering emotionally and is happy on the social front as they know that they are honouring the life of their loved one with a fitting ceremony and by giving them an apt send off. Also, it is difficult to make the funeral a good success as it needs to be when planning is done within a short time.
All these benefits are so prominent that you will surely think about making pre-preparations for your funeral services and rest assured that even in your absence, your family does not face any difficulties.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Top Engagement Rings | Top 4 Engagement Ring | Engagement Ring Styles

Top Engagement Rings | Top 4 Engagement Ring | Engagement Ring Styles

Top 4 Engagement Ring Styles

Just as every girl has her own fashion sense for clothing and shoes, so she has an individual spark and interest in an engagement ring. For many, engagement rings are the ultimate personal choice — since the ring is supposed to represent the culmination of one of the most important relationships in one’s life. If you’re looking for an engagement ring, read on to get a basic overview of some of the most popular engagement ring styles available today.

A Singular Sensation

The solitaire engagement ring is one of the most popular and oldest ring designs of all time. From the Victorian era in the 1800s, all the way through the Modern era, the solitaire ring has been at the top.

A solitaire engagement ring is generally a single stone, in any shape, gemstone, or cut, that’s set in an engagement ring. A solitaire ring is so popular due to its versatility, as the category encompasses so many different styles including marquis, princess, or round cuts, as well as diamond, sapphire, opal, pearl, or emerald stones. Some solitaire rings have no embellishment along the shoulders, while others have channel set stones or intricate scrollwork.

Elizabeth Taylor’s 29 carat, emerald engagement ring is one of the most famous solitaire rings in history! Many celebrities, who have designed their own custom fine jewelry, have followed in her footsteps with large, single stone rings — although few have been as dramatic in size or color.

Three of a Kind

The three stone engagement ring, also known as the trinity or trilogy ring, is another style that has been around for centuries, although it’s popularity stems less from a design standpoint than a symbolic one. A three stone ring generally has three stones set horizontally along the band. The middle stone is often the largest, but it’s not uncommon to see some rings set with three stones of the same size.

Each stone on the ring symbolizes different elements in a relationship. One belief is that the stones of the ring represent love, loyalty, and friendship, while another dictates that the stones represent the past, present, and future of a relationship. Each couple attributes the symbolism they wish to apply to their love.

The three stone ring is also incredibly versatile as it allows for a mix of several gemstones, cuts, and shapes in one ring.

Just Like an Angel

A classic favorite that has graced the fingers of royalty from Queen Victoria to Princess Diana and Princess Kate, the halo ring draws the eye of many women for its intrinsic sparkle and shine. A halo ring has one larger center stone, and is then surrounded by a circle of smaller stones that enhance the size and glitter of the entire ring.

Many women choose this option for its economical value, as well as its flexibility. The halo ring is a good way to ensure that a ring looks bigger, without the higher price tag, and it also allows a bride to experiment with cuts, settings, and gemstone varieties.

Truss and Bundle

A newer style that has recently taken the engagement ring world by storm is a cousin of the halo style engagement ring, known as the cluster ring. For the unusual bride, cluster rings don’t generally have any sense of order or symmetry — instead they bring together a seemingly random number of stones in varying sizes and colors to create a cluster of intriguing shapes and curves. The cluster ring style provides an option many women consider more elegant, fragile, and intricate than a single, clunky large stone.

In addition to its delicate design appeal, cluster rings also allow brides to get a ring with a higher total carat weight at a fraction of the cost of a single stone of the same size. Many brides also prefer the number of different gems they can include in the ring to create a whimsical interplay of color, shape, and size in a single ring.

What You Love
While trends and current styles often dictate what is popular and available on the engagement ring market, at the end of the day, it’s important to find a ring that speaks to you. Many websites and brick and mortar jewelry stores are happy to explore the many designs and settings a bride wants to try and it’s a simple matter to request a private consult to discover (or create) a ring you love. Find the ring of your dreams when you look for something that truly represents you!

Author Bio:
Lynn Lewis is a freelance writer and former jewelry store manager, based in Pacific Palisades, California. She writes about jewelry trends, engagement ring shopping, and fashion. When she’s not writing, she enjoys hitting the beach with her dog, Leo.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Guidelines How You Can Organize A Small Indian Wedding

Guidelines How You Can Organize A Small Indian Wedding

When it comes to plan a desi wedding, all Indian brides begin with trendy and creative ideas. But it is not necessary to make a huge gathering of guests at your wedding. Being a bride, if you are planning to organize a small wedding then it can be a great and exclusive idea.

Having a huge wedding is great and inevitable thing and it makes sense. It becomes tough to minimize the guest list from 500 to 150 numbers of people. In Indian communities, you can’t skip any name from the guest list. But it is not necessary that you only enjoy organizing a big fat marriage. You can also plan an affectionate and intimate wedding. In which you must include your close friends, family and relatives. You can plan everything quickly & in a sorted manner. Make a guest list and mail wedding cards to them and host it anywhere you want to. Here are some tips to hosting a small wedding:

Make it a destination wedding
If you want to get married in a different place, city or country then your hometown. It automatically reduces the number of people. Planning a destination wedding is a great idea because everyone expects it to be small celebration. It is too harsh to hear but a lot of people participate in wedding events just because these are community celebrations. If you don’t invite such people, they will not come simply.

Get married at your home
You can also host a small wedding at your home and it is a great idea to invite limited people in the wedding. Except this, getting married in your home makes you feel amazing.

Have a family-only ceremony
It’s a great feeling to have small wedding ceremony in which you are surrounded by close friends and family members. It gives you an intimate feeling without offending anyone.

Make it a kid-free event
Many couples implement this idea and plan a kid’s free wedding. It’s good somehow, because children creates annoying situations and disrupts ceremony. They even won’t enjoy the food and wedding as well. Cutting kids from guest list makes your event fine and people will understand it.

Most importantly develop a policy like, ‘if I don’t know them, they don’t get invited’, it is essential, if you are planning to organize a small wedding. You will automatically left with close friends and family.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Here are 5 Tips on How You Can Pick the Perfect Wedding Ring for Your Big Day

Here are 5 Tips on How You Can Pick the Perfect Wedding Ring for Your Big Day

With a flurry of your engagement in the festive season, now comes the main event, “the wedding.” While choosing the right engagement ring may not be such a big issue, it’s the part where you have to choose the perfect wedding ring that is more of a challenge. Around the world, it is customary for married couples to wear wedding rings, which stands out as a symbol to show their love and respect for each other. A jewelry that you wear for the rest of your life, it is always worth it to spend more time in finding the right one.

The sheer number of wedding bands and rings out there can be overwhelming as it becomes a challenge to decide on which one to buy. Before you say “I do” to any wedding ring, here are some tips that could help you to pick the perfect one.

1. Narrow Down Your Choices
Traditionally, the material dedicated to wedding rings is yellow gold, which remains a timeless choice. However, others like platinum, white gold, rose gold with diamonds have become the most popular modern styles. Rose gold is a popular choice these days among people who shop online from stores like Aida Design Us.

A tip for you here is to narrow down your search by going for options like diamonds, gold, or platinum wedding rings. Take it one step at a time; you should start with the style. Do you want a simple band or something with diamond embellishments? Do you want your wedding ring to be the same metal as the one you chose for your engagement ring? If you want your ring and your partners to match, you should go for rings with such options.

2. Consider Buying Your Wedding Rings Together
If you make up your mind that you want to buy similar wedding rings, then you and your partner should head out on the hunt together. If you have your engagement rings as the standard choice, it may be best to take it along with you when you go to a store or sit together to place orders online. These days, choosing wedding rings also comes with the option to customize them. For example, if you have a unique engagement ring and want your wedding ring to have a no fuss and simple band with diamond sparkles, you can have it altered or choose to have them custom made.

You also need to consider the size. If you are planning to wear the engagement ring side by side, you need to go for a smaller size that contours perfectly around your finger. Take your time and talk to your jeweler to give you options that work well.

3. An Early Search is always best
Once you have a basic idea of the type of ring you would like to wear, it is time to try them out. Before your marriage, you should give yourself at least three months of time to finalize the perfect ring. This stage requires lots of trying and size alterations to finally get the perfect fit. You will need this time to revisit rings, research prices, and if you give custom orders, you will probably need much more time. Keep in mind that extras like engraving could also take much time, about a month.

4. Search within Your Budget
when you start your wedding ring hunt, shop with the assumption that you will have to spend about 3% of your total wedding budget on the rings. Depending on the store you choose, if you have a tight budget, you can go for plain, or simple platinum bands, which cost less than gold. Embellishments like diamonds instantly add more cost to the rings, so you need to choose wisely. If you plan to personalize your rings with any other extras, the price will be based on the features you add, whether it is the addition of more stones or engraving.

5. Mix It Up
If you like platinum, and your partner prefers gold, fret not! No rule says that you must choose the same metal or style. These days, with customization options, you can have a wedding ring with a mix of both metals. You can have bands with a blend of the two metals together with styles of your choice. You can go for vintage, plain, or contemporary ring styles to reflect your individual tastes.

Choosing the perfect wedding rings is not a hassle, provided you take your time to search and narrow down your options. It could be a tricky process, but it is advisable that you survey the market, choose within your budget, and place your orders at least three months before the big day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Top ten things every first time mum and dad should remember

Top ten things every first time mum and dad should remember

First time parents go through a slew of emotions when their first child is born. There is excitement and a surge of happiness; a sense of hope and clarity about their love towards this child. There are however other, more anxiety-inducing emotions 
− there is fear of not understanding the needs of the child and anxiousness to be the best parents they can be.

The media often paints a distorted picture of parenting, compelling dads, and mums even more, to be super parents. With this in mind, we have come up with the top ten things every first time mum and dad should remember − from the safety tips to some reassuring points. 

1. Spoiling you child- unlike what you may have heard, you cannot spoil a child with love. You do so when you give the child a substitute for your attention. It is important to love your child and to show this love, so he will know that there is someone in this world who loves him unconditionally. Moreover, you should not let your child cry for too long. Crying is your baby's last resort at trying to communicate with you about a discomfort and he should not learn to self-soothe. Responding to their needs will give the child a sense of security that will serve him the rest of his life.

2. Advice - you are not an incompetent parent if you ask for advice. Choose someone you can trust and confide any issues you are facing.

3. Hygiene- your child's immune system will get stronger through time but until then, make sure anyone who cradles the child washes their hands and that your child lives in a clean environment.

4. Routine- as baffling as his 2am wailing might be, you will figure out what his cries mean. More than that, you will ease into a routine in time.

5. Bonding- the physical closeness for a newborn is crucial as it helps create an emotional connection. Try skin to skin bonding and make sure you keep your newborn close during the first few days. 

6. Safety- never underestimate how your child can get hurt. Cradle the neck and avoid bouncing or shaking when your child is still a newborn. When he starts to roam around the house take precautions.

7. Development- refrain from comparing your child to another because every child develops at his or her natural pace.

8. Nutrition- obesity will be our children's biggest issue, so make sure you provide appropriate and the healthiest foods for every stage of his development.

9. Playtime- incorporate playtime everyday and expose your child to nature. With so many indoor distractions − from televisions to gadgets − it is easy to forget giving your child the chance to interact and play outside. 

10. Personal time- loving your child means being a happy parent. Make time for yourself by doing something you love and go on date nights to reconnect. When you are with your baby, wrap him up in a sling and go for a relaxing walk. It is essential for you to get out of the house.

Author Bio: A parenting writer, Regina empowers women through her writing and modern parenting tips. If she’s not writing, you can catch her surfing the web for what’s new at Fertile Mind.

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Same-sex Marriage: Wondering What All The Fuss Was About

Same-sex Marriage: Wondering What All The Fuss Was About

With the exception of a stubborn county clerk in rural Kentucky, the majority of Americans appear to have made their peace with same-sex marriage.

The Gallup polling organization has been tracking Americans' opinions on same-sex marriagesince 1996, when nearly 70 percent of Americans opposed the legal right of gay and lesbian couples to wed. A July 2015 poll showed nearly 60 percent support for same-sex marriage across the country.

Massachusetts led the way

The long road to acceptance began in the spring of 2004, when Massachusetts became the first state in the nation to legalize same-sex marriage. Over the next decade, more than half the states in the country had made it legal for gay men and lesbians to marry their partners.

But it wasn't until the United States Supreme Court ruled in the summer of 2015 that all Americans, no matter their state of residence, had the right to marry their same-sex partners and to have their marriages recognized no matter where in the U.S. they traveled.

As 2015 comes to a close, it has been six months since the Supreme Court's ruling that banning same-sex marriage violates the rights granted to every American under the United States Constitution.

Since SCOTUS spoke

According to the LA Times, nearly 100,000 gay and lesbian couples have wed since the landmark decision. Reporter David Lauter wrote on Nov. 6, 2015, that the number of married same-sex couples in the United States is nearing 1 million -- roughly 972,000 according to figures available when his article was written.

Same-sex marriages are less than 1 percent of the 2.1 million marriages in the United States each year, but the number is growing. According to a Gallup survey on which Lauter based his article, the number of married same-sex couples jumped from 38 percent before the Supreme Court ruling to 45 percent since.

Future looks bright

The news is good for the future of gay marriage. Young people, according to Gallup and other polls, are the greatest supporters of marriage equality. Gay and lesbian couples who have already married are ambassadors for the LGBT community, proving that broader marriage rights strengthen the institution as a whole.

Case in point: an opinion column by the Washington Post's Kathleen Parker, who wrote two years before the Supreme Court ruling about one-time gay marriage opponent David Blankenhorn. The founder of the Institute for American Values, Blankenhorn continues to believe that marriage is the foundational unit of the American family, and that children should be born into homes where their parents -- ideally a man and a woman -- are married.

But, Parker wrote in January 2013, Blankenhorn's position evolved into one of support of same-sex marriage because of its ability to broaden the institution of marriage.

“Marriage,” Blankenhorn has written, “is a gift that society bestows on its children.”

Common sense

Even though Blankenhorn's opinions about marriage and family may be somewhat outdated in their entirety, his recognition that gay and lesbian couples function no differently in society than heterosexual couples is encouraging.

Parker wrote, "It is simply not possible to justify offering societal protections to only certain children. As Blankenhorn has recognized, it is in everyone’s best interest that all children in all families have the security of parents committed through marriage with all its attendant rights and responsibilities."

John Keefe is an avid blogger and professional Wedding Officiant in Oklahoma City. John is passionate about sharing information online through his blogs, on youtube, and provides local marriage services in OKC to his local community with Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies Wedding Officiants.

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Best Exercises For Love Life

Best Exercises For Love Life

This generation has become dependent on medicines. Instead of taking tablets for a slight pain I think they should take exercise daily. It is a fun and a vital necessity. Daily exercise improves mood by stimulating endorphin production. An expert says, “Those who exercise daily are 25 % less likely to develop anxiety or depression”. According to Dr. James A. Blumenthal, for patients with major depression 30 minutes regular exercise is equally effective as antidepressant medications.

Regular exercise can make your body strong, mind strong as well as improves sexual functioning as well. Exercise is known as key of overcoming from ED. It is an inability in men who are unable to achieve and maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. Millions of Americans are suffering from this. As I said about production of endorphin stimulates the release of sex hormones. Harvard study linked that walking for 30 minutes per day can 41 % reduce the risk for developing ED. Moderate exercise helps to restore the sexual function in middle aged and also to the obese people with ED problem. Here are some exercises which will help you to improve sexual function.

• Salsa Dance
Nobody would hate to dance. People who hate exercising can go for salsa dancing. Have a salsa dance with your partner improve sexual function as well as you will feel attracted towards each other. Salsa dance is known for balancing and good for keeping weight under control. It helps to burns calories. Salsa dance also helps to build self-confidence.

• Swimming
It is known that swimming can keep an individual going and like an energizer bunny. One more is swimming for three times in a week for 30 minutes increases sexual endurance. It is also great for weight loss which eventually causes better sex. Try some workouts to increase sexual endurance and flexibility. You will get a fit body as well as your partner will get impressed with your increased sexual power.

• Weight Lifting
Weight lifting causes the body to produce testosterone. It is said that weight lifting can put you back in to mood by increasing blood flow. Really. Weight lifting can boost testosterone and can also growth hormone levels. An individual should need to do two weightlifting sessions per week and should not exceed 45 minutes per session. This increases the levels of hormones. Weight lifting is the best recipe for better sex.

• Yoga
Yoga practice is the best option to improve sexual function. By practicing different positions of yoga allow your body to get into creative positions for great pleasure during intercourse. Yoga helps to improve flexibility which will eventually result in to better sex. Expert says, Yoga also improves stamina and pelvic muscles, such as peacock pose, bow pose and shoulder stand. These exercises will definitely helps to improve sexual function but it takes time. These days there are various ED drugs are available which helps a man to achieve an erection such as Generic Viagra. This medication is very well known for its fast action and long lasting effect. It helps a man to get an erection in just 30 minutes. You can also buy Viagra Online.

There are many online pharmacies these days which provide Viagra Coupon. Benefits of these coupons is you can get the best medicine in discounted rates and you can save a good amount of dollars. These pharmacies also delivers the product at your doorstep that means it saves your time as well. All you have to do is just use the coupon code and get your pills in low cost.

Aside also try above work outs to improve sexual endurance. I am sure your partner is going to be impressed by your sexual powers.