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Monday, September 17, 2018

10 Unusual Ways To Spend Your Time

10 Unusual Ways To Spend Your Time

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Everybody is looking for unusual ways to spend time. There are fun ways to spend your time that don’t break the bank either and can potentially even save you some money. Below are a few ways you can spend your time, with some suggestions that will occasionally bring in some income too. If you’re bored of the usual hobbies, read on to get inspired.

Sell your hair
You’ve just had a haircut, and now you’ve got a load of hair going spare. For most people, it’s a case of simply chucking it away – but did you know that human hair is extremely valuable? There is a multi-billion dollar market for human hair which can then be put to use in hair extensions and wigs. What grows on the top of your head can be quite literally a gold mine – especially if you are blonde, with blonde hair worth up to three times as much as dark hair.

House sit
When people go away on holiday, they might feel uncomfortable leaving their homes unattended. There is a growing market for house sitters, people who are paid a nominal sum to look after a home while the occupants aren’t around. Given that houses can’t shout, scream or need to put to bed, it’s a much easier way of earning money than babysitting and you can even get to see parts of the world you’d never have thought to visit.

Take part in a clinical trial
While clinical trials tend to require people with certain disabilities or illnesses, occasionally ones come up that need able-bodied participants. By enrolling on a clinical trial, you’ll be handsomely paid to take some drugs and undergo some tests with potentially a bit of time in hospital under observation thrown in. You’ll also be doing your bit to help in scientific discovery. If you have a free afternoon on your hands, this is something you can consider doing.

Get Socializing
It is, of course, essential that you take some time to yourself to relax and unwind. People often overlook the importance of simply chilling out with their free time and often think their free time needs to be filled to the max with activities or pastimes. You can also take it easy occasionally, and enjoy a meal, drinks, or simply chill out with company. Look into options such as an Escort Agency to find some ideal company to make your chill time enjoyable.

Walk dogs
Owning a dog is great, but there are plenty of owners out there who don’t appreciate the hard graft that goes with it. You can help them out, by offering your services as a dog walker. It’s a job that becomes particularly prevalent in the winter when people don’t want to be walking their pooches in the wind, the rain and the cold. Instead, they’ll pay you to do it for them. It’s a great way to get out in the open air if you like man’s best friend.

Rent some space
When somebody suggests the idea of renting, most people will just assume they mean a room of their house and dismiss the idea. Who wants a stranger to come and live with them? Space is an increasing commodity however, and that means that you can now just rent out a bit of space in your home. Got a garage that you hardly utilize? Why not offer it up to somebody who needs a storage facility? If your home is in a desirable location near public transport links or there is a big event going on just around the corner, you could sell parking spot on your drive. Get creative and flog the space you don’t use – there’s bound to be someone out there who needs it.

Become a tutor
Did you know that the US private tutor industry is worth an estimated $5 billion? If you’ve got any sort of expertise in Math, Science or English then you could sell that expertise to a parent who is looking to give their child a boost in their schooling. You’ll be well paid for the couple of hours you put aside, and what’s more, you’ll be helping to give a young person a real boost to their future prospects. This is a great way to spend your free time but also capitalize and potentially make a second income.

Become a life model
If you’re not shy about stripping off in front of a room full of people you don’t know, then life modeling is a great way to earn money. As you might expect from a task that can be pretty intrusive, the pay is good, and you don’t need to have the body of a Greek God to become a model – art classes look for all shapes and sizes. Best of all? You might even be able to take one of the completed drawings home with you, giving you a unique piece of art at the same time!

Get gardening
Trees and plants can, quite literally, take hundreds of years to grow. Even before we became a society that expects things quickly and on-demand, not many people had time to wait for that to happen! If you’re clearing out your garden, why not sell your unwanted plants and shrubbery? There’s a growing marketplace for it online, with sites such as eBay and Amazon experiencing a huge boom in the number of plants listed.

Eat as much food as you possibly can
TV programs such as Man v Food have popularized the ability to eat as much food as is humanly possible. As a result, eating contests are now big business. Prizes can range from a free meal to cash rewards that can run up to $100,000. If shoveling hotdogs into your mouth or trying to eat a pizza the size of Europe is your idea of fun, then why not attempt to win a prize for doing it? Find competitions near you and find some food loving enthusiasts while you’re at it; who knows, this could become the perfect side- hobby!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Happy Navratri Quotes and Wishes for a Prosperous Life Ahead

Happy Navratri Quotes and Wishes for a Prosperous Life Ahead

With Navratri just approaching, it is becoming exciting for the people to welcome it in all its fervour. These blessed days which are auspicious and blissful are perfect for any important task to begin with.
Though all days are good to begin any task as all days are God’s and he is always there blessing us. But our belief of some days being extra special allows us to do our special tasks with the blessings of God.

Similarlynavratras mark those special days where the Goddess showers her immense blessings on her children. People feel elated as they have complete faith that whatever they do, the blessings of the Goddess would be there to keep them and their family protected.

Navratras are nine nights where the Goddess Durga in all her manifestations comes to the house of her devotees to bless them protect them and to show her immense love. The devotees to reciprocate the love of their maa, keep fasts, organise kirtans, jagrans and sing songs and dance. They get soaked in the love of theirGoddess who in whom they have immense faith.

With the social media becoming popular, people remain abreast with it and wish their loved ones with sending NavratriWishes to them. The various platforms give an edge to express their feelings and to exchange wishes with their friends and family.

Also through messages, you can send Happy Navratri Quotes for a great life ahead.  The quotes shared are so good and meaningful that you feel blessed to have these coming from you loved ones. The pious feeling of the Goddess showering her immense blessings keeps all going in the positive direction. It stops people from doing the wrong task. Your contentious does not allow you to do wrong to anyone. You know that your MAA DURGA is there to check you, as it is well taught by her that be good to all.Abstain from any wrong doing. Never hurt anybody. Love and respect all.

She guides all to follow the path of righteousness, and never fear wrong doings. Stand up for whatever is right and truthful. Have courage and be strong in life. She is the Goddess of power who fought against demon for her self-respect and dignity she fought for the victory of good over evil. Anything which is evil and devilish has an end and truth is victorious in the end, however difficult its path is.

You can share some happy Navratri quotes-

9 days of prayers, 9 nights of joy, Navratri is here, my friend. May Goddess Durga bless you for your prayers! Memories of performing our prayers together, Memories of Navratri celebrations gone by, Moments that will stay with me forever.
Here’s hoping this Navratri will bring you Good Fortune! Chant ‘Jai DurgaMaa’ in the mornings,Celebrate her blessings in the evenings. Say after me: ‘Jai Mata Di’ Happy Navratri to you.
May this Navratri be as fruitful as ever, may this Navratri remove all evil from your lives, May this Navratri bring joy, prosperity and God’s blessings to you and your loved ones. Happy Navratri.
 May you all be blessed and here we wish you happy Navratri to all.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

6 Ways To Shoot A Film Using Your GoPro

6 Ways To Shoot A Film Using Your GoPro

(photo source: CNET)
When the topic of conversation leads to talking about action cameras, GoPro is probably one of the brands that will pop up. GoPro is probably the most famous and most successful brand of action camera ever and it is still one of the best-selling action cameras around the globe. They have great quality and they are easy to use that is why many people are drawn by it.

A lot of people are slowly falling in love with the idea of filming using an action camera. They even use this camera for their travel diaries. If you are one of them, you are definitely on the right page. Here are the six ways to shoot a film using your GoPro:

1. Pick A Location

(photo source: steven dewitt)
You have to understand that location plays a big role in shooting a film with any kind of gadget. And with regards to a GoPro, it is also necessary to choose a location that would look more amazing when recorded with your action camera. An action camera like a GoPro has the capacity to capture a bird’s eye view/fisheye type of view that would make the viewers drawn and excited. Some location suggestions: the mountains, beaches and historical sites.

2. Choose Your Actors

(photo source: youtube)
Of course, in shooting a film you must have actors. If you’re just starting out then you may opt to choose your friends to act for your mini-movie if you don’t have a budget to pay for professional actors. But if it is really a legitimate movie that will be shown to people, might as well invest and do casting calls.

3. Have A Vision
Always remember that in making a film, you must have a vision especially in using a GoPro. It will be risky but it will be worth it as well. Not a lot of people are making films from action cameras and you should really have a vision in mind so that you will be able to execute the story well.

4. Write A Script

(photo source: powtoon)
Write a script or have a friend write for you. A story will feel dull without a script. While some are great in making spontaneous films, a newbie must consider writing scripts so that you will be able to expand and develop yourself to the world of filmmaking especially in using action cameras as medium to tell a story.

5. Use A Monopod

(photo source: camera lk)
Monopod are really really important. Shooting a film with your GoPro will be easier if you have it connected to a monopod so it will be more stabilized and the shots will be smooth and appealing.

6. Use An Underwater Case

(photo source: masters in motion)
If you ever happen to shoot underwater, using an underwater case is very important because you have to protect your GoPro. There are also GoPro action cameras that are good for underwater.

Shooting a film with a GoPro is just like filming with any other camera but action cameras are both easy and complicated so you got to find the balance between the two.

Author Bio: Mark is a daytime writer for Zapals, an internationally renowned global shopping website that offers extensive range of high quality products at the lowest prices for customers. Mark also helps consumers about the information they should know regarding new gadgets.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Get the Music Vibe with a Concert Series-Welcome to Salt Lake City’s Art Arena

Get the Music Vibe with a Concert Series-Welcome to Salt Lake City’s Art Arena

One of the key elements that make Salt Lake City a grand venue for concerts and arts is its ability to re-shape itself according to the audience’s tastes. In different eras it has been able to turn with the tide and taste of music that has taken center stage. At the same time it has let the new generation swing with the old trend. Whether it is a free performance at the Temple Square or a curated event in a prestigious venue, the music vibe is sorted out for every age group. With the constant stream of best performing artists arriving in town, the art scene is alive every weekend. If you want to catch an artist, act or some live action of concerts in Salt Lake City, Utah then the following piece of information can be music to your ears.

Eventful sojourns are scheduled and reserved for weekends
Presenting a few samples to listen to!
You’d wonder why we are talking about the Farmers’ market here and right now! Well, various festivals hold fort and healthy grub is as important-food for the stomach and music for the soul! A great time is guaranteed each time you step into the city’s downtown area. Between Broadway shows and art museums you will be spoilt for choice. In this culture conscious city, the best way to savor the sights sounds and melody is to begin the trip with the strong music vibe. Several classical concerts have been staged for the pleasure of eclectic audiences. Let’s start with the most popular Utah symphony. Its wide-ranging reach makes it one of the most popular events in the county. All shows, Salt Lake City, stages of this respected choir provide an ideal way to get children introduced to music. Maybe, amongst the young crowd, a budding musician’s heartstrings could play magic in the future. The symphony reaches out to children via their schools and this is the coolest way to catch ‘em young. Several live orchestras and shows are held as part of the tradition for urban schools. Free symphonies produced and performed by the likes of Richfield, Moab, Randolph, Ephraim and Monticello are appreciated by the kids.

Musical abilities soar in professional theaters
Budding musicians need a platform
It is really quite prestigious to get a gig organized in the celebrated Abravanel Hall. The upcoming concerts in Utah Symphony let’s budding musicians also perform on stage when it performs here. It gives confidence to the youngsters to take up arts and music in the right spirit. The venue provides a multi-sensory treat for audiences whose reviews have always encouraged more shows to be staged. Hence, there is always a clamor for tickets even online. If you need Capitol Theatre tickets, then send the email to the right online address on the website. It is advisable to go through the FAQs to know what might be required to respect a performance group and other patrons. When a group is respected, their musical abilities always soar to the peak levels.

The city is sensitive to other members of the arts and music community that enjoys the arts scene. They have introduced a visual section in some auditoriums for the deaf. The harmony and musical balance allows such people also to savour the sound of music in their own way. For such audiences, the low frequencies of music are enhanced for their benefit. The music reaches not only their ears but their hearts too.

Clubs and bars also host music bands
Hear, hear, what’s on at the watering holes!
Often, people skip the large venues and look for a music scene when they go to a pub or bar. Sure many watering holes have new bands and new sound of music. This city offers many places where live music is played. It is also inexpensive and can be enjoyed for hours. Of course this is very different from the ‘disco’ environment and it is ideal to enjoy a Jazz performance while having dinner with friends. There are many local garage rock and metal bands, which offer their talent in such places. In such places where the sound system is not so modulated, it is best to carry earplugs! Yes, you heard it right!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Want to up your selfie game? Have a look at the best selfie phones!

Want to up your selfie game? Have a look at the best selfie phones!

Selfies are the new ‘in’ thing which are trending since a couple of years. Earlier, even the best of the phones was packed only with a primary back camera. But with selfie craze trending, front cameras came into the picture, and within no time, every Smartphone brand launched their latest device with best of front cameras.  
For a classic selfie, the device must get the best camera that can offer an effective resolution. There are some devices in the market that can help the user to have a quality resolution. For the selfie, the front camera needs to be of high-quality. Those who love to have quality images and selfies must check some of the best of the quality devices in the market. The budget and other features must also be taken into account while choosing a device. There are some of the famous brands that offer a device with anamazing camera.
If you are looking to grab your hands on an amazing selfie camera, have a look at the best selfie phones of 2017:

Nokia 6

This latest device from the house of Nokia offers an 8 MP front camera which enables in clicking amazing selfies. However, the device does not offer front flash. Among the other features, one can find a whopping 16MP rear camera with dual tone LED flash and a 3000 mAh non-removable battery. From the performance aspect, the device is packed with 1.4 GHz processor along with Snapdragon 430 chipset and an average 3GB RAM. It is available with 5.5 inches IPS LCD full HD display with 401 pixels per inch. One can buy Nokia 6 at Rs.14999. The famous brand has this device in the medium price range, and it is also known for its effective front camera quality. 

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

Xiaomi is one the remarkable brands which is offering finest of phones since it launched in India. Xiaomi is also one of the brands that offer amazing camera especially selfie camera. The Redmi note 5 is packed with 8 MP front camera which is best in class. Among the other features, one can find 16 MP rear camera with dual tone LED flash. It offers a powerful battery with 4000 mAh which is known for quick charging. Look wise the device flaunts an average 5.5 IPS LCD full HD display with 401 ppl. Performance wise the device is equipped with Octa core 1.8 GHz, Quad core + 1.4 GHz, Quad core processor along with Snapdragon 625 chipset and a decent 4GB RAM.The device can be bought at Rs.12990. It is one more device from the Chinese giant that offers an amazing front camera for the selfie lovers. The brand has many other models also that can be checked before buying any other device than that of this brand. 

Nokia Edge

If you have a slightly high budget, Nokia Edge is the selfie device for you! The phone offers a whopping 13MP front camera which is best in class. It comes with an amazing 23MP rear camera with LED flash. However, the display and battery is average for Nokia Edge. It has got the screen with 5.2 inches and IPS full HD screen along with an average 3600 mAh battery. Performance wise the device is equipped with an Octa core 2GHz processor along with MediaTek MT6755 chipset and a 3GB RAM. You can own the device at Rs.19990. The device falls into the higher medium price segment, and hence one can get a quality device with a stunning resolution of front camera that can be much useful in capturing quality selfies. 


OnePlus 5 was one of the most coveted phones of the year, and it has stood true to all the expectations around it. This model is also known as one of the best selfie phones as it offers a 16MP front camera which enables in clicking amazing selfies and capturing HD videos. The device comes with a more amazing primary camera with 16MP +20 MP. It is packed with 3300 mAh battery along with 5.5.-inch optic AMOLED full HD screen. Performance wise the device is packed with Octa-core 2.45 GHz, Quad core + 1.9 GHz, Quad core. It offers an amazing 8GB RAM which is best in class. The device can be bought at Rs. 37999. This quality device is known for its camera features. However, the device falls into the premium category, and hence one needs to check the same with other devices in the same range also.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Max

The Samsung Galaxy J7 Max is yet another device of 2017 which offers an amazing camera. The device is packed with 13MP primary and front camera. The 13MP front camera is commendable at the given price range. Performance wise the device is packed with Octa Core 1.6 GHz processor and MediaTek MT6757 chipset along with a 4GB RAM. Display wise the device wins with a 5.7-inch IPS LCD full HD camera with 386 ppi which is average in the segment. The device is powered by a fairly good battery with 3300 mAh. The device can be bought at Rs.17890. It is a device that falls into the category of medium price, and hence in this category, one can hardly get any better device that can have quality selfies. 

Vivo V5

Vivo is yet another device with an impeccable front camera. The device comes with a 20MP front camera. This is one of the rare devices where the front camera is more powerful than the rear one. It has got a 13MP primary camera with LED flash. It flaunts 5.5-inch IPS LCD HD screen with 267 ppl. It comes with 3000 mAh battery and 4GB RAM along with Oct acre 1.5 GHz processor and MediaTek MT6750. Vivo V5 can be bought at Rs.15499. It is also one more effective device known for its quality selfies. 
These are some of the devices from known brands available in the market that can be opted by a user who loves to have quality selfies. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Some Tips To Organise An Event Successfully

Some Tips To Organise An Event Successfully

Organising an event successfully can prove to be an incredibly overwhelming task. It involves a lot of challenges and requires high level idea generation, proper planning and detailed management of a diverse range of aspects.
There are several event entertainment agencies in London which can organise the event for you. However with the following tips you can ensure that your event runs smoothly and successfully:

• Set objectives: The very first thing you need to consider is the objective of the event- how you want your event to look and feel. What kind of event are you holding? Who will attend? What is the reason for the event?

• Decide upon your target audience: You should clearly define who your target audience is. From this all the other decisions will fall into place in terms of format, content, prices, location, etc.

• Make a list of all the details: When you organise an event, everything counts. From program content and lighting to transportation and parking-everything matters. Making a list will ensure that you don’t overlook things.

• Develop a budget: Develop a financial plan for your event. Look at the list of tasks and reflect them in your budget. The budget should be specific and should include all expenses including printing, permit, insurance, food, supplies, speakers, entertainers and security. Also, unexpected expenses might come up- so plan ahead.

• Find the right venue: It is important to find the right venue for your event. It needs to reflect your personality, be within budget and should accommodate all your logistical needs. Consider what is most important for your delegates and build your search around that. Once you have found the venue, check to see if they have any restrictions. Before booking, be sure to ask what restrictions a venue may have. Taking the time to find the right venue is key to organising a successful event.

• Book an entertainer: Consider some of the factors if you are planning to hire an entertainer for your event. Who is the agent for the entertainment? Does the entertainment appeal to a broad audience? How many people are expected to attend? Does the entertainment have special technical requirements? Does the entertainer require hotel or transportation arrangements?

• Arrange for parking: In case you are expecting a large number of guests, ensure there is ample parking arrangement. The parking you select should be easily accessible to the location of the event.

• Have plenty of food and drinks: Consider the timings, choices, and variety of food and beverage options you offer your guests. Think about what kind of food will you serve? Dinner? Snacks? Buffet? Sit down? What kind of beverages will be available?

Will they be served in a can, punch bowl or some other way? It’s also worth checking where the catering will be served-the same room as the meeting or a different one and how accessible is it? In case you intend to serve alcohol, make sure that there are plenty of designated drivers available to transport those who may not be able to drive home.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Review Of The Battles In Wind Of Luck

A Review Of The Battles In Wind Of Luck

The entire point of Wind of Luck (WoL) is to defeat your opponents in battles over sea. Each battle is unique and different because of the variety of battles modes, maps and ships that are offered to you. WoL allows users to create new tactics to defeat your enemy, either in an obvious or sneaky way. The choice is yours as to how you come out as victor.


Wind of Luck offers players six different maps. The maps help change game play drastically because each map is unique and different. The first map, Aztec Gold is much more tropical. The map features several different small mountainous types lands with beautiful beaches and palm trees. The other maps are Skeleton Island, Lost Expedition, Archipelago, Straits of Makassar and Imperial Pearls. Each of these maps are beautifully designed to both please the eye of the player and improve his or her gaming experience.


One of the games Caribbean scenes
Battles also feature five different battle types. Each battle type is very different and makes playing so much more fun. They are each very fast pace and really test your captain skills. The first of the battles is Lost Treasure. The goal of this battle is two teams battle it out at sea over who will claim the lost treasure in the bottom of the sea. The second battle mode is Royal Caravan. The point of this battle mode is to guard the royal caravan passing though. You need to make sure that you defeat the pirates trying to attack and claim the royal treasure. The third game mode is Port Siege. This game mode is where you and another team are battling over who gets to claim the port. You will need to defeat the other team to be claimed victor. The other two battle modes are Pirate Bases and Fleet Battle. Each battle is unique and different, making playing so much more fun.

After each battle, players are awarded. Players can be awarded fame, who doesn't like fame? Fame is what unlocks new ships. Players are rewarded Expertise. Expertise is what is used to upgrade your ship and unlocking special abilities in the Tier Tree. Players are also rewarded piastres. This is what players use to repair the ship, resupply ammunition, and mounting various weapons on the ship. These are all important in boosting your power and strength during battles, making it easier to win each battle.

The entire point of Wind of Luck is battling. It shows that a of work was put into making sure that each player could experience something new in each session. They have made battles so open ended that players can come up with their own strategies. The possibilities are endless once you hit that battle arena. Not only was there so much work put into the mechanism of battles, the scenery and detail to the ships and maps are stunning. Producers made sure that the game is both fun and pleasurable to the eye.

Learn more about Wind of Luck battles here.

This post was supplied by Mark Stubbles, Mark likes to play Wind of Luck and pretend he is Lord Nelson. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

10 Independence Day Must Haves

10 Independence Day Must Haves

Independence Day, or Fourth of July, has always been one of the most fun holidays for me and I am sure for a lot of you. I absolutely love going to the beach, laying out a big towel, and watching the fireworks burst out over the water.

Anything by a pool, lake or ocean relaxes me and the Fourth of July is a perfect excuse to be outside all day, eat good food and basically splurge in every way possible. Splurge on decorations, food, fireworks and whatever else you may enjoy.

There are plenty of things that all of your creative minds can think of to spruce up your individual Fourth of July celebrations (and I am sure you have had great ideas in the past!) but these are a few must-haves that can help you brainstorm and improve your celebration.

1. Sunscreen
SUNSCREEN IS KEY!! Independence Day is a day we can all get caught up in and forget about things as vital as wearing sunscreen. Let’s prevent skin cancer and sunburn and wear it regularly!

Women, if you are worried about looking greasy after wearing sunscreen and reapplying (yes please reapply!!) there are great powder sunscreens that are out there. They are light and protect you just as much as regular sunscreen. It may not feel like there is much protection, but there is and I love the light feeling of the powder.

2. Grilling Tools Galore
Having fancy grilling tools can impress all your friends and family and make your grilling expertise seem even better than it is, and hey it may even make your food taste better in their minds!

Whip them out and whip up something tasty and feel fancy and talented while doing so. All of that sounds pleasing to me.

3. Custom shirts
Make your own shirts! Whether your favorite part of Independence Day is the food, the fireworks, the setting or the activities with family and friends, express yourself. The shirt can be used year after year and you will never see anyone else wearing that exact shirt (unless you make multiple for friends and family, which is a rad party gift thought).

With custom shirts there are no restrictions. You can do anything you can think of, so brainstorm outside of the box and impress everyone with how cool your shirt turned out. When they ask where you got it you get to brag that you made it yourself. There are so many mediums that you can do this through, online or at a store, and usually they are not far away. I use a custom shirt place five minutes away.

4. Decorations (Lanterns, candles, festive things)
Lanterns with bug repellent make for attractive centerpieces, too, especially at night when it gets buggy and muggy. The lighting from the lanterns is so relaxing, too, and Fourth of July is meant to be laid back.

Chinese Lanterns or string lights look crazy good if you are in your backyard. Get them in the colors you want or just get white, and Chinese lanterns are fun to splatter paint.

5. Festive nails
Come on girls, do your nails! Just a simple clear coat covered with sparkles in red, white and blue is beautiful. If you are actually good at doing your nails feel free to run with this idea. I cannot, so I will be sticking to the clear with sparkles.

6. Sundresses, linen clothes
Sundresses complete the look for Independence Day and help keep you cool. Linen clothing can also help you keep cool and usually there are white linen pants and such that are just too comfy and make tops in bright blues and reds pop out.

7. Centerpiece/Tablecloth/Place Mats
If you are at the beach it is fun to get a big glass jar and fill it up with shells or marbles that are red, white and blue and then fill them with flowers of the same colors (you can get fake flowers at craft stores so you can keep reusing them!).

Buying a festive tablecloth that is stain resistant is a wonderful idea, too. Pull it out, use it, wash it, and use it again the next year. Place mats can prevent anything from getting on the tablecloth, too.

8. Plates, Silverware
It would be smart to buy plates and silverware that you really like outside of using it for holidays, but if you enjoy the idea of going all out and getting things that truly only work for Fourth of July, that’s okay, too.

I suggest getting silverware and plates that are somewhat durable to hold up being outside and perhaps dropped.

9. Drink Dispenser
Drink dispensers make everything simpler. Depending on the amount of people you have over (or if it is just for yourself, indulge away!) you can buy different sizes of dispensers. They come in all shapes and sizes, but an exciting idea for Fourth of July could be buying a clear plastic dispenser and decorating it with paint.

You might be as talented as me at crafts (which is limited) or you may go hard in the paint (literally). Get creative and paint anything related to Independence Day you can think of-- within reason! This craft is made even better when you make a tasty drink. Throw strawberries, blueberries, bananas, whatever you want into the drink to make the colors accurate to the holiday.

10. Fun sunglasses
I think fun sunglasses for any type of event are such a topic of conversation and they spruce any outfit up. I have a pair of sunglasses I am looking at right now that are black with white polka dots and off of the right eye they have a huge palm tree and off the left side they have a huge dolphin. That might be hard to picture, but they are the best accessory I have owned.

Every time I wear them people get enthusiastic to ask me where I got them (I do not remember) and to compliment me on how ridiculously awesome they are. I kind of obsess over them. You should get yourself a super interesting pair of sunglasses. Surprisingly enough there are plenty of places to buy them.
American flag sunglasses easily pop up in a search online. Along with fun sunglasses women can pull off some chunky jewelry in bright colors and red, white and blue for Independence Day.

Have fun and relax in the company of friends, family, yummy food and drinks and the beauty of fireworks. Celebrate the Independence of this great country we all live in. 

About the Author

The author, Taylor Thomas, is a homemaker and part-time student at Valencia who frequently organizes parties and other events for friends and family. For many of these occasions she requires custom shirts to spice up the occasion, and heartily recommends DGPromo Incorporated for anybody requiring the same.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Brief Guide To Circus History

A Brief Guide To Circus History

The History of the Circus
We all love the circus and the unique performances that have become synonymous with it, but the exact origin of circus entertainment is largely unknown to the general public. It has long been engrained in the public consciousness that the circus developed its familiar brand of entertainment during the days of the Roman Empire. However, in actuality this form of entertainment was actually far removed from what we enjoy today.

The modern version of the circus originated in 18th century England and was largely thanks to a man named Philip Astley, a veteran of the Seven Years War who became an entertainer following his military service. Astley’s area of expertise was in performing specialised horse riding stunts. In 1768 Astley began performing these stunts in a circular arena where he performed these stunts was known as the circle, or ‘circus’, which had a diameter of 42 feet, the size that has since become the global standard for circus rings.

By 1770, Astley had assembled a successful troupe of other artists along with his equestrian shows. This included acrobats, jugglers and tightrope walkers. It was around this time that he also introduced that most famous of circus entertainers, clowns. The clown is a character originally formed in English Renaissance theatre and it brought some much needed light comic entertainment to Astley’s circus proceedings through a variety of chaotic performances.

Astley’s circus soon became an international phenomenon, and in 1782 the first Paris circus, the Amphiteatre Anglois was opened. Many other international circus organisations soon followed and soon every major European city soon boasted at least one permanent circus, boasting a wooden arena with stunning architecture. In 1797 John Bill Ricketts opened the first United States circus and soon this nation would change the world’s perception of the circus forever.

American Circuses
The United States’ travelling circuses were of prolific use in the early 19th century as few circuses were able to generate enough revenue when situated in one place. By traveling around the country an eager audience was always guaranteed.

It was in America that the first documented use of a large canvas tent housing a circus was used. New York circus entrepreneur Joshuah Purdy Brown is credited with replacing the common wooden structure in such a way. This humble yet outlandish approach created a unique look for the circus trade that circus performers across the world soon adopted.

It was around this time that animal performances were introduced to the circus repertoire after a cattle dealer named Hachaliah Bailey bought a baby elephant for exhibition across America. Circus managers saw the public’s reaction to this exotic creature and realised the potential that animals have in attracting audiences. Soon menageries were a staple of circus performances, although circuses had difficulty in cornering the market, as 135 enterprising farmers and menagerie-owners came together and established the Zoological Institute, an organisation which sought to control the nation’s menageries and then tour the country showing off these animals without the need for incorporating circus related entertainment.

The first circus to market animals was the P.T. Barnum museum, which was a collaborative effort between the entertainers William Cameron Coup and Phineas Taylor Barnum, marketed under the name of Menagerie & Circus traveling show. It was the inclusion of a human abnormalities show that gave this effort its unofficial name of the ‘Sideshow’. Since circus shows were programmes that mostly didn’t feature speech, there was international appreciation for such shows thanks to the lack of a language barrier. This international travel was not exclusive to America as travelling circuses were by now known all over the globe. The popularity of travelling circuses peaked in Europe in the 20th century between the two World Wars, with particular appreciation in Germany.

Modern Circus
Although television and cinema took away much of the public’s interest in the circus, a new lease of life was injecting into the circus format in the 20th century when Russia’s Soviet State College of Circus and Variety Arts became a major figure in 20th century circus thanks to the introduction of the Soviet State College of Circus and Variety Arts, more commonly referred to as the Moscow Circus School. This was due to a range of innovative acts that showcased new levels of talent and became so popular that Russian circuses were one of the few Soviet organisations able to travel outside of the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

However, many other national circuses came to prominence during this century, such as the French government’s Centre National des Arts du Cirque, a circus college influenced by Soviet circus. Circus training schools and colleges were also organised in other countries across the globe.

Circuses remain an international attraction to this day, and have even experienced a resurgence of popularity in recent years thanks to many cinema chains screening circus performances.

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Friday, April 4, 2014

How To Spend Your Winnings: World's Most Expensive..

How To Spend Your Winnings: World's Most Expensive..

If someone is already rich beyond many people’s wildest dreams, how do they achieve that special feeling of ‘splashing out’ on something? If you and your peers can afford everything then how does one show off?
The answer appears to be to buy the most outlandish and expensive things. An item that almost anyone can own has been altered just enough and made with such materials to ensure that it cost the most, although judging by the following list, correct as of May 2013, there is no accounting for taste.


In Mumbai, India, your humble abode could be in Atilia where a price starting from $1 billion will get you a 400,000 square foot sky scraper with underground parking, 3 helicopter pads and a ‘health’ level to call home. Not a bad use of bricks and mortar.


Such is the price of the $3.9 million Lamborghini Veneno only 3 have actually been made. Surprisingly, or maybe not, the fastest “only” ranks number 3 most expensive at a much more reasonable $2.4 million.


The Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse, made of 4,517 diamonds and 18kt gold took 10 people 8,800 hours to create. The result is an exquisite heart shaped purse valued at $3.8 million which actually sounds quite reasonable given the jewels and craft.


Time is precious however watches appear to be priceless. Literally in the case of the Jaeger Le Coultre Joallene Manchette, with no actual listing price this silver and sapphire crystal watch comes adorned with a choice of diamonds or onyx cabochons. The estimated value is anywhere over $26 million.


Given that all songs can be streamed online at the click of a mouse and carried around on an mp3 there is something quite touching about the value placed on owning a physical record. The actual existence and the history of the object adding to its monetary value gives this writer a sense of hope in an otherwise crazy world of riches.

Such is the power behind the story of the most expensive record it stopped me in my tracks. On 8th December 1980 Mark David Chapman asked John Lennon to sign a copy of his and Yoko Ono’s Double Fantasy album, five hours later he shot him fatally. Used in the court case for Chapman’s fingerprints and with Lennon’s signature this went for £400,000 in 1999.


The Chinese Crested Hairless puppy will set you back for around $4,000, famed for winning the world’s ugliest dog title. Alternatively an English Bulldog could cost around $3,000. If dogs are a little too mundane how about a White Lion Cub for $138,000? Although it would be wise to consider Siegfried and Roy at this point.

To consider how much an animal costs is a wonderful paradox because the animal itself is blissfully unaware of the concept of money. They do not know of food prices, working for a living, luxury accommodation or a trip to the barbers. All that matters in their world is companionship, food, love and shelter. In return they will give you unquestionable loyalty. On that note I think I’ll end this article there.

Thanks to Dave from for supplying us with this post. Dave is a huge fan of cars and contributes regularly to motoring blogs.