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Thursday, September 20, 2018

5 Best Environmental Law colleges in India

5 Best Environmental Law colleges in India

Environmental law is the broad area of law that deals with a wide range of issues related to environment including water, natural air, agriculture, species protection, hazardous waste, waste management and alternative energy resources etc. This field also looks at the regulations and usage of the natural resources. There are different laws across the world to regulate the things such as chemical discharges, noise levels and remediation. Issues like pollutants and their containment. Transport usage of fossil fuels also falls under the environmental law.

Like most academic degrees, these courses also start with core programs and other opportunities to choose law topics as per your interests and particular career path you have chosen. Teaching is done through a combination of case studies, group discussions, seminars, lectures, presentations and debate sessions.

Studying environmental law in India
Some institutes also offer a chance to gain invaluable experience and skills to apply them in the real world. There are several environmental law colleges in India offering the course at postgraduate level to the aspirants. The course is designed as per international standards and demand of the industry to prepare the candidates for the global opportunities. If you are planning to make a successful career in this field and looking for the best colleges offering such programs, here is the list for you to make the task easier:

1. Institute of Environment Education and Research, Bharati Vidyapeeth University: This is one of the top environmental law institutes in India offering the best programs in environmental law field. The institute also has collaboration with some top universities that help the candidates to understand the concepts better. The institute offers amazing infrastructural facilities to the students and offers a great learning environment for their overall development. Apart from this, assignments and projects are also provided to the students to let them gain the real-world experiences.

2. Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia National Law University: This is one of the best law colleges across India offering post graduate diploma program in environmental law. Excellent infrastructural facilities are offered to the students that make learning easier for them. Placement opportunities offered are ultimate and students are also required to take part in internships to gain a knowledge and experience about the industry.

3. Banaras Hindu University: This is one among the best environmental law colleges in India that has a great placement record and best infrastructural facilities. The institute has the best faculties that are well-experienced and qualified in their fields that help the students to understand the concepts with real world experiences.

4. Hindayatullah National Law University: This is another best law college across India offering several environmental law courses at postgraduate, diploma and doctoral levels. The college has the best faculty and amazing learning opportunities are provided to the students. The institute offers the best environmental law course with wide industry experience and develops right knowledge and skills in the aspirants.

5. Tamilnadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University: The institute offers advanced degree program in Environmental Law to the students. Placement opportunities are also provided and students are provided with the best knowledge to understand the environment law and related terms.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Top 10 Tips for Choosing the Right Boarding School for Your Child

Top 10 Tips for Choosing the Right Boarding School for Your Child

Boarding schools bring about altogether a different experience for the students. It has been observed that students of boarding schools are more confident and are able to handle the toughest situations and take the biggest decisions on their own. However, the school chosen for boarding education is of prime importance. The top boarding schools in India shape and nurture the students holistically as well as academically.

Mentioned below are the top 10 tips for choosing the right boarding school for your child:
1. Residential Facility: The most important thing about the boarding schools is the residential facility. The school should have clean and spacious rooms and should have separate facilities for boys and girls and should have the right amount of control by the authorities.

2. Medical facilities: Education is equally important along with the physical and mental well-being of the students and so, it is important to see that the boarding schools and the hostels have medical facilities employed, regular medical check-ups and a hospital nearby for any emergencies.

3. Extra-Curricular activities: Since the students are available for the whole day, so the school authorities should have ample opportunities to involve students in fruitful activities which provide them exposure as well as help in developing their skills. In this regard, the top boarding schools in Dehradun have gained a huge popularity amongst parents as well as students.

4. Sports facilities: It is important to have the facilities for the sports to have physical fitness in the people. One should see that there is a proper infrastructure for the sports which includes a big ground and equipment for sports such as cricket, football, basketball, lawn tennis, badminton, etc. It is good to be involved with at least a couple of sports to develop physical agility and alertness. It is rightly said that a healthy mind resides in the healthy body.

5. Course Curriculum: The course curriculum should be such as it is acceptable in all the colleges. The best boarding schools in Uttarakhand are affiliated to CBSE apart from having link-up to some foreign universities. This helps students get exposure to an advanced curriculum which prepares them for foreign universities as well. Some of the schools also have tie-ups with foreign universities which helps them for the jobs abroad as well.

6. Infrastructure: The schools should have a nice infrastructure with properly ventilated and bright classrooms. Apart from this, schools should also have a proper library with access to all the relevant books, latest journals, and magazines. Schools should also have proper labs with the latest equipment helping the students in getting the practical knowledge of all the subjects.

7. Languages: With the globalization, people are not confined to work in a particular country. It is good to have knowledge of different cultures, religions and know some international languages. The top boarding schools in India have multiple languages in their course curriculum which includes Spanish, French, German, etc.

8. Faculty: More than the course curriculum, it is sometimes important to have good teachers and administrative staff. Sometimes more than the subject, it is the way the subjects are taught.Thus, it is very important to have a good teaching faculty which have a good knowledge of subjects and an industry exposure could be an added advantage.

9. Past Record: The best CBSE schools in Dehradun have been working hard in providing education with decades of experience. They have been providing successful results for the years now. A number of boarding schools in Dehradun are also listed among the top 10 schools of the country. Many of the important dignitaries have passed from these schools.

10. Extensive curriculum: The curriculum in the schools of Dehradun are very well-developed with hobby classes developed, they also have trips planned in the year for certain outside locations. These trips help students in learning about the history and culture of various states as well as helping them provide refreshment.

The above points help parents decide on the best boarding school for the education of their children.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

JEE Main 2019: Know How to Attempt via Free Online Mock Test Provided by NTA

JEE Main 2019: Know How to Attempt via Free Online Mock Test Provided by NTA

The National Testing Agency has released the online mock tests for all the candidates who will be attempting the JEE Main 2019 examination. Students can take up the online examination by visiting the official website of NTA and also download the same for practicing offline.

About the examination
JEE Main is one of the most awaited examinations that is taken up by millions of students who seek admission in top IITs across the country for engineering and architectural courses. However, pertaining to the new major changes brought about in the examination many students are left obscured about how to attempt it.

According to the changes, the first is that it will be a computer-based online mode of examination and the exam will be conducted twice a year. Furthermore, NTA which is the exam conducting body will be responsible for allotting the slots from this year. However, there exists a lot of obscurity amongst students regarding the new changes especially about the computer-based mode of examination. This article deals with clearing the misconceptions related to the examination and how can candidates prepare themselves for the test using the online mock exams.

How to attempt via free mock tests conducted online by NTA
To make things easier for students, NTA has released mock tests of JEE Mains for practice. Students can participate in the mock tests and practice sessions which will be conducted every Saturday and Sunday at the Test practice Centers (TOC). The test interface of the computer-based test will be conducted exactly the way it will be on the day of the exam, thus making aspirants accustomed to the exam pattern. In other words, the motto of these tests is with a view of rendering aspirants maximum advantage of the exams.

The misconceptions regarding the examination
Before proceeding to the section on how to attempt and prepare for the Computer-based Mock test for the upcoming JEE Mains in 2019, let's look at some of the queries that linger the minds of students. Here are some of the facts that would help shed light on the doubts.

Use of internet for collecting answers
The online examination doesn’t use internet regarding answers. They are conducted using a computer software that doesn’t make use of the internet.

The level of difficulty in the JEE 2019 Mains will be higher in comparison to previous years
No, there is no difference in the level of questions asked in the examination. All questions are predefined and will be same as that of previous years as conducted during the pen and paper mode.

Candidates are required to have excessive knowledge of computers
All the candidate needs to know is, how to click the mouse and is not required to hold any extra knowledge of computers.

Responses can be manipulated post examination
This is a popular misconception that has gripped the minds of students leaving them cold feet. The responses are collected using a computer software and cannot be accessed by anyone. In addition, even the student won't be allowed to access any part of the test once the exam is over.

In case of power loss during the examination, the answers will get lost
The computer-based online tests work on a real-time basis. As soon as the student mark their answer or change it during the exam, the response will be immediately recorded.

For all students who are attempting the computer-based model of examination for the first time, there is nothing to worry about. All the candidates will be provided instructions on the computer screen about how to use the computer during the test.
JEE Main Pattern Changes from 2019

JEE Main Pattern Changes from 2019

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main is an undergraduate level engineering entrance examination. It is considered as the gateway for admission into B.Tech courses in the National Institutes of Technology (NITs). In 2019, JEE Main will be held only in computer-based mode i.e. in CBT mode. The question paper will be available in multiple sets and the topper of each paper will be treated as equal performers with 100 percentile.

This year, the JEE Main exam will be conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). Every year, more than 10 lakh students appear for the exam. NTA is likely to introduce various changes to the JEE Main 2019. Keep reading the article to know more about the changes which are likely to occur in the JEE Main 2019.

Since 2013, JEE Main was being conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in the pen-paper mode as well as in the computer-based mode. The test comprises questions from Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

The NTA will conduct the JEE main examination in two cycles. The first cycle will be held between January 06 and 20, 2019 and the second session between April 6 and 20. JEE Main 2019 will have various sets of question papers. You must be thinking that if each paper consists of different questions, there might be grievances on the basis of the difficulty level of each set of paper. In order to solve these grievances, NTA has decided to adopt the percentile system.

Now, the next question that comes to mind will be how the percentile score of a student will be obtained? So, it’s basically on the same method as in CAT i.e. the percentile of a student is obtained by dividing the number of students who scored fewer marks than with the number of students who appeared, and then multiply the ratio by 100.

Since there will be multiple sets of question papers, there are chances that there will be numerous 100 percentile scorers. So, in such case, NTA will prepare the merit based on candidate’s marks first in Mathematics and then in Physics. As per statements made by the NTA official, higher score in Mathematics and that in Physics will be used as tie-breakers.

The percentile will be prepared based on the normalized score in the examination and the percentile will be used for preparing the merit list. The percentile will be calculated up to seven decimal places. So, now 99.45 and 99.456 will not be considered as an equal percentile.

The NTA officials also said that the multiple sets of question papers will follow the same standardization in terms of the difficulty level of questions in each set. This year, the date of the examination will be allotted randomly to the candidate. This is done to reduce student’s grievances that were made to appear in a difficult paper. The official also said that they have formulated the normalization system by analysing it in various national level entrance exams such as in the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) entrance test.

An IIT Delhi teacher made a statement that the IITs are likely to allow the 2.5 Lakh top scorers of JEE Main to appear in the JEE Advanced 2019. However, in 2018, 2.2 Lakh top scorers of JEE Main were allowed to appear for JEE Advanced. As you can see from trends, there will be an increase in the number of B.Tech seats in all the IITs. So, the NTA’s newly proposed method of normalization appears to be a reliable model for selecting genuine and meritorious students.

So, boost your preparation for JEE Main 2019. There are pretty good chances for genuine and sincere students to excel in the examination.
Why you should opt for PGDM course for Management Studies?

Why you should opt for PGDM course for Management Studies?

pgdm programs

Students looking for better career opportunities in management after graduation are faced with various dilemmas such as, which program to pursue - MBA or PGDM. While, both programs are postgraduate in management of two years duration, there are some differences between the two. Unlike MBA, PGDM courses are offered by autonomous institutes. The Indian law allows only a university to offer degree programs such as the BBA, MBA or B.Tech. Autonomous educational bodies that run independently provide PGDM and other such programs.

The management aspirants looking forward to boosting their career and sharpening their managerial skills tend to prefer a PGDM program. The program is examined and approved by AICTE and the institute needs to gain other certifications from Association of Indian Universities. Technically, PGDM is not a postgraduate degree but a masters diploma program but there is no difference between PGDM and MBA when it comes to how the industry treats them in the outside world. The career growth opportunities are similar for both and it is more dependent on the individual performance than on any other factor. Even in the global context, the job opportunities are similar.

Some of the benefits of studying PGDM programs are:
• Up-to-date curriculum: The syllabus for Post Graduate Diploma in Management is frequently updated according to the current industry practices and trends. While university syllabuses are not updated for at least three years, the institutes offering PGDM tend to update their syllabus regularly. Since the industry and technology are constantly changing around the world, these upgrades in the program make it more industry relevant and helpful for the learners. Professional feedbacks from industry experts are kept in mind when formulating these courses.

• Enhance the individual’s personality: The program gives its students the advantages of developing their entrepreneurial and business skills. It also helps the students build their confidence level and face the challenges with confidence in their academics and beyond. Practical training holds utmost importance in these courses. Along with their theoretical studies, the students are encouraged to be a part of various extra-curricular activities. These activities help them acquire leadership and decision-making skills.

• Industry ready: The up to date curriculum and features such as industrial visits, guest lecturers by industry experts, etc. help the learners to understand the industry better. The practical projects provide them opportunities to learn more about their subjects and help them develop team skills. Management Institutes like IES MCRC analyze the case studies of global and Indian companies that provide the students with an opportunity to understand real life corporate problems. The institute conducts class tests, surprise tests, projects, assignments, presentations, and more to let the students bridge the gap between theory and practical.

• Subject specialisations: The PGDM programs have numerous elective subjects to offer its students such as, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Pharmaceuticals Management etc. These subjects help them understand the individual subjects and the working of various fields of management.

• Placement opportunities: PGDM is a meticulously conceived industry-oriented programme that helps students learn innovative tools and methods to realise their full potential. Students that study PGDM tend to be more industry ready and are offered good salary packages. Working individuals can get good hike in salaries and promotion opportunities after pursuing the program.
Best Institutes for NATA Entrance Exam Coaching Classes in Jaipur

Best Institutes for NATA Entrance Exam Coaching Classes in Jaipur

nata coaching in jaipur
To excel in any exam one has to prepare for the exam with a lot of dedication and strategy. Majority of the skills required can be honed by coaching and proper guidance. Thus it is important to join a course with a good team of faculty and a good record of preparing students for the concerned course. You should be ready to do rigorous research before deciding where to join and prepare for your entrance exam and then join one of the best coaching classes for NATA in Jaipur.

In the case of NATA coaching, which is the national level entrance test for architecture and tests the observational, drawing, proportion etc. skills in the candidates, we would suggest you to check our list of some of the best institutes for NATA coaching:

Arkin Institute: Arkin is a very big institute and has the highest number of branches across India. The Institute has been providing coaching in the field of fashion, design and architecture. The Institute has a diverse faculty with a rich experience in preparing students for architectural exams. The Institute boasts of four things for coaching:

* Mentors: Institute has one of the best faculty members which are fully dedicated and are focussed towards student development.
* Centres: Arkin has highest number of institutes thus providing students easy approachability.
* Creative: Institute helps in instilling creativity which is the primary requirement for these courses.
* Ongoing Support.

BRDS (Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio): The Institute has earned its name over the years by producing consistently good results in various courses like NATA, CEPT, JEE, etc. The institute has been regarded amongst the best coaching classes for NATA in Jaipur with an experience of more than 11 years.

The Institute has focussed on the two important pillars required for the coaching:
* Faculty: The coaching institute has a diversified team of faculty with a rich experience in providing coaching in architecture
* Course Material: Course material for the NATA entrance exam has been designed with lot of introspection and has been revised from time to time to keep pace with the changes.

GM Classes: GM classes understands the importance of high quality education and has been providing coaching in various design and architectural courses like NIFT, NID, Pearl academy etc. It is recognized as the best coaching classes for NATA in Jaipur. Some of the key features of this coaching institute include:
*Faculty: It has a team of experienced, qualified and dedicated teachers.
*Result oriented: Institute uses manual as well as digital methods for teaching.
*Facilities: Institute has very nice facilities with wifi enabled campus and accommodation for outside students.
*Regular assessment: Curriculum is designed in such a way so as to regularly assess and test the learnings of the students.

Architecture and Design Academy (ADA): The Institute has been providing coaching in the field of architecture and design since 2007. The Institute has its branches across India. The Institute boasts of dedicated faculty members who are trained in their respective subjects and have a good industry experience as well.

The Institute also has a good infrastructure to help students get attuned with the practical aspect, digital technology, wifi enabled campus, and all of this enables students to learn faster.

Inspiration (art and education): Inspiration institute provides education to the students who are preparing for Architecture, Design & Art. The institute prepares students for exams like NATA, NID, NIFT, UCEED and JEE (B.Arch). The institute is spread across various parts of Rajasthan with a rich alumni base which are part of some of the top architectural institutes across India.

Along with a good study material and experienced faculty, the institute helps in preparing students by series of tests, previous year papers and mock tests to help students get the feel of real entrance test environment.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Best NATA and CEPT coaching institutes in Delhi

Best NATA and CEPT coaching institutes in Delhi

Choosing architecture over other courses is a great idea. There are many reasons to choose this subject as it offers excellent opportunities and high-salaries to the students. Learners who want to succeed in their life and seek for a better future can always go for this career. An architect goes around designing new buildings keeping the environmental factors and feasibility considerations in mind. An architect has a tremendous sense of delight when they see their ideas transformed into reality. There is much joy of creation in this field and the field provides multiple opportunities of creativity to the students. Moreover, with higher studies, one can look for a better career prospective in India and overseas. A learner can excel in this field by getting into the right college. It is very much important these days to get admission in the best college which offers not only education but all the necessary things to shape a student’s dream in the best possible way.

Here are the two best NATA and CEPT coaching institutes in Delhi for getting admission in the top most architecture colleges. They prepare the candidates well, so that they don’t have to deny a good future for themselves.

BhanwarRathore Design Studio
BhanwarRathore Design Studio is one of the best entrance coaching studios which provides training for entrance exams of architecture such as NATA, CEPT and much more. This coaching centre has one of the top-notch alumni. They ensure that each and every child gets the best coaching classes. Moreover, they also ensure a student’s selection in one of the top 10 architecture colleges of India. Being in this industry for so many years, they know the importance of competition these days. They prepare the children in the best possible ways to make sure that they get good placement. They imbibe confidence in the children so that they can demonstrate it well in the interviews and group discussions. You can get all the information about this institute on its website where you can get information related to classroom coaching, online coaching, study materials, online registration form and much more. Contact the coaching centre today and get trained for a beautiful future.

Pahal Design
Pahal Design is another prominent coaching centre in Delhi which offers best education to the students. It is a venture of Art of Creativity Society. This society was incepted in the year 1999 in the supervision of Kiran Singh. They are committed towards preparing a candidate for the best fit by imbibing creativity in line with the candidate’s aspiration and expectation. They have always ensured to provide extensive range of training in the least amount of time. By using most modern technique and facilities, they provide coaching for different courses such as NIFT, NID, U/CEED, Fine Arts and Arch Edge- NATA, JEE Arch. They have opened several doors for the candidates to excel in different streams and create a fruitful career for themselves.

So, here are the top-notch CEPT and NATA coaching institutes in Delhi which offer best training. So, if you are talented and confident enough to create beautiful structures, then get into these coaching centres. You can get all the information about these coaching centres on their respective websites.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Why BCA Courses is the best career option

Why BCA Courses is the best career option

BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Applications. This is a 3 year Graduation course being offered by many of the colleges in India. There are many other options of pursuing bachelor degree in different disciplines but if you are interested in Computer Science and its application BCA will be among the best choice.

AS a BCA student you acquire knowledge o different topics like programming languages, computer hardware and software, computer networks, World Wide Web, Database Management, Logic, Multimedia etc.

After completion of the course students can go for a master’s degree (MCA) or if not interested in further studies one can take up job opportunities.

Here are some job prospects of BCA students:
System Administrator:  BCA course graduates can become System Administrators for firms/ organizations with massive computer bases. A system administrator is responsible for managing, overseeing and maintaining a multiuser computing environment.

Programmer: After your BCA you can take up a career in computer programming. A computer programmer writes in a language the computer can understand to allow it to solve a problem.

IT Trainer: As BCA will give you all round knowledge of computers and IT you could join training or coaching firm which provides IT training or you could start your own business in the same field.

Getting into e-commerce: E-Commerce and E-business is the future, in the past few years online sales and commerce has grown beyond our imagination. So you could join e-Commerce or e-Business Company, Start-up your own e-Commerce or e-Business Company or Start sales on an existing e-Commerce site.

Web Developer: Web developer is a very good career direction and your BCA will also be helpful in career progression as Web Developer.

Technical Support Professionals: BCA degree holders are equipped with systems and computer knowledge to enter technical support professions, whether at IT teams of MNCs, call centre jobs, or smaller firms.

There are many renowned colleges in Bangalore that offer B.Com Degree to name a few:
Presidency College, Bangalore: Established in the year 2000 Presidency College offered only two courses in the beginning. But in just span of few years it has become one of the renowned B-schools and offers a number of management courses. The Department of Computer Applications was started in the year 2000 it offers both BCA and MCA courses. In the initial time the course had only a few students, but today it has hundreds of students and a plentiful staff. Comprising of a state of art infrastructure the department has a vast library with a great collection of books on computer science.

SRN Adarsh Degree College: It is one of the best BCA colleges in Bangalore. The duration of the course is 3 years and has six semesters. The BCA Department compromises of an excellent team of faculty members with great academic proficiencies. The infrastructure includes latest computer systems and exhaustive study material which provides students required support in their studies. The program covers all the topics needed to get an in-depth knowledge of computer science and serves as a stepping stone for master’s program or for job opportunities in the IT industry.

International Institute of Business studies: IIBS is known to be amongst the top colleges in Bangalore. It encourages quality education and offers world class infrastructure along with experienced faculty members. IIBS Offers full-time BCA for a period of 3 years. The Wi-Fi enabled campus is a boon for the students, through which they can connect to the business world outside and enhance the skills required to be corporate ready. The College has a limited number of seats. Apart from studies, the college offers various classes to enhance skills like foreign language, dance, training and grooming and sports.
Best 5 private colleges in Rajasthan for MBA IT

Best 5 private colleges in Rajasthan for MBA IT

MBA IT is a business administration course with specialization in information technology. This subject integrates the idea of information technology with business management. The course puts special emphasis on the business and management areas of IT sector. Those candidates who have obtained a bachelor’s degree in any stream can opt for this course of 2 years’ duration. A management degree in this subject makes one qualified in handling administrative problems and areas related to information technology. Candidates with this degree generally have an added benefit as they have knowledge of business aspects and technology together. Today, MBA IT has become one of the most sought after courses as the scope of this course is extremely vast in the corporate world. Candidates with an MBA IT degree can find jobs in various public and private sector undertakings, IT industries, banking sectors, and IT and business related firms.

There are several MBA in IT colleges all across India where students can receive education. Rajasthan, one of the largest states of India, likewise can be aptly considered by students to opt for a course in this subject. The state has a good number of private colleges that provide higher education in this area. So, if you are also looking to enroll in a postgraduate course in MBA IT in Rajasthan then there are ample of colleges in this state that you can select from. Have a look at the best private MBA IT colleges in Rajasthan for pursuing a course in the field.

JECRC University
JECRC University School of Management offers programs at post graduate level of MBA IT. The course of the institution has been designed to enable management students gain skills like analytical ability, communication skills, data interpretation, problem solving, and so on to develop a holistic perspective of the business world.

Sir Padampat Singhania University
Sir Padampat Singhania University, one of the best educational institutes offering MBA courses that formulates management programs to cope-up with the needs of the management industry. The management curriculum of the institute aims to develop in-depth understanding of topics related to business and information technology. Special emphasis is given on international exposure, soft skills and personality development. The University also has international collaborations with foreign universities in Czech Republic, Japan, Austria, Israel and the USA. The course of study provides a prospect to practice dual specialization in different areas of management in a two-year post graduate program. Students with graduation in any discipline can apply for the MBA program. The selection procedure is through the Admission Test -SPSAT.

Jagannath University
Jagannath University, established in 2008, provides MBA IT specialisation course in a two-year full-time program. The MBA department of the institute provides a strong foundation in the basic discipline and enables the students to specialise in their area of interest. Students with graduation in any discipline can apply for the course. The selection procedure is through MAT/CAT/ CMAT/JUEE.

Biyani Group of Colleges
Biyani Group of Colleges is one of the best colleges in Rajasthan providing MBA IT course. The college is committed to impart quality education through an intellectual faculty board. MBA courses in this reputed institute are provided in two-year program.

Poddar Group of Institutions
Poddar Group of Institutions welcomes graduates with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks from recognised universities to enroll in its MBA IT course. The institution puts special emphasis on a syllabus that provides theoretical and practical training to students to help them gain a better understanding of general business management functions and the role of information technology.

Monday, August 13, 2018

5 best management colleges in Bangalore

5 best management colleges in Bangalore

management college in bangalore

Bangalore attracts lot of students for its IT demand in upcoming scenario. Being country’s first Silicon City, lot of students prefer it as their dream location for management course. Every year there are migration from northern and eastern part of the country to this location for MBA course. Economy of the country growing at 10%, Bangalore is claimed as second largest city in terms of development across country. When we talk about the quality of education here, it has best management institute in Bangalore.

Companies like Airbus, Bosch, Boeing, GE, GM, Google, Oracle, Flipkart, Amazon, Philips and many more has launched their offices in Bangalore. This gives management students a push, where they can be sure of good campus placement in case their pedigree is strong.

Let’s have a look at comprehensive list of best management institute in Bangalore, which could be best for your studies:

1. Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore :
IIM, Bangalore is the first choice for any MBA aspirant for being at No.2 across country for management degree. It is always rated at the top list of best management institute in Bangalore. It is rated as “AAAAA” which means Exceptional in quality study. They offer - PGPG ( post graduate programme in management), Executive PGPG – for executive working at mid-level, FPM – again for students with master’s degree or professionals like CA, ICWA, CS, - it’s a 5 years course with 30seats. Other than this it has PGPM Enterprise Management for Working Professionals and PGPM Public Policy and Management.

IIM’s admit the students only through CAT and GMAT. They conduct these exams every year.

2. Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore:
This institute is considered as Second Best College for Management studies when we talk about Bangalore as a location. It was established in 1991. It offers Post Graduation Diploma in Management, which is for 2yrs. Key highlight for this college is that it is rated as A1 institute by Business Standard in June 2017 for its extra ordinary performance.

The institute claims a 100% placement record with an average salary of 6.7lacs per annum.

3. AIMS Institutes, Bangalore:
This college is affiliated to Bangalore University and was established in 1994. They offer – MBA, Hotel Management, BA courses, MCA, BBA, BCA, B.Com and many more. Total course offering is around 20 courses. This is also a well-known institute in Bangalore and is appreciated for its quality study.

They expect CMAT/CAT/MAT/GMAT/XAT if students have 60 percentile and above. Also, they must have 50% in graduation with a minimum of 1 year of work experience.

4. SIBM Bangalore: Symbiosis Institute of Business Management:
SIBM is affiliated to Symbiosis International University. It was established to 2008. They offer full time MBA course with a tuition fees of approx. 13.98 lacs. The course duration here is 24months with an intake capacity of 180 seats.

The highest package offered at SIBM- Bangalore for the batch 2016-18 was Rs.25lacs with an average of 10.05lacs.

5. Adarsh Group of Institutions – AGI, Bangalore
This is one of oldest and great institute known for its legacy and unique curriculum. It was established in 1971. It has strong collaborations with strong players in India and International market. They offer courses like BBA and MBA.

They offer course under the umbrella of different colleges of their group – Adarsh AIMIT for MBA course, Adarsh Degree College – this is considered as one of the best degree college in Bangalore, Adarsh PU college – the uniqueness of this college is that being a PU college, it has a dedicated placement cell, Adarsh Evening College – this offers world class infrastructure to its students.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

States in opposition to NTA’s Decision to conduct NEET, JEE Main Twice a Year

States in opposition to NTA’s Decision to conduct NEET, JEE Main Twice a Year

National Testing Agency (NTA) will be now conducting JEE Main and NEET twice in a year, as per the recent announcement made by Prakash Javadekar, HRD minister, on July 7, 2018. NEET and JEE Main are the gateway to two most important and popular courses in India. The exams will be conducted online twice in a year. On the other hand, NEET will be conducted in February and May and JEE Main will be held in January and April, respectively.

Students are relieved by this sudden change in the process, as, now, they won’t have to wait for an entire year to reappear for the examination. Students can appear both times in both the examinations. In cases where the candidate has appeared both the times for the exam the best score out of both will be considered for the admission processes.

Major Changes
So far, CBSE used to conduct the Health Ministry & National Eligibility Test (NET) for University Grant Commission and NEET for Medical Council of India (MCI). But from now on, both these exams, NEET and JEE MAINS will be held by the newly formed NTA. However, the JEE (Advanced) will continue to be held by the IITs.

Students will get the benefit to choose a date of their convenience and choice as exams will be held over many days. Earlier, both these exams used to be conducted on one single day in a year, which was the cause of stress in students. But now, students have more choice and adequate opportunities to bring out their best, as per a statement by the government.

NTA will give chances to students to test their aptitude twice a year and all exams will be conducted in online mode for their benefits. For rural students, NTA would assign centres at district or sub-district level for training. The basic structure of the examinations like, structure, fees and format, will all remain the same. All the important dates and how to apply and all the related instructions will be uploaded on the official website of the ministry.

States in Opposition to the Decision
The state of Tamil Nadu is in the opposition to this decision made by HRD minister to conduct NEET twice in a year. The state government has criticised and opposed the centres’ approach and believes that it will ‘create confusion’ among the students. K Asengottaiyan, School Education Minister, also said that a six month period is not enough for preparation, and they will bring this issue in front of the Prime Minister.

NEET has always been a critical issue in Tamil Nadu. From 2006 till last year, unlike the other states, the admissions in medical universities in southern states took place only on the basis of class 12th board exam results.

MK Stalin, the leader of opposition in the Assembly, also said that this decision is a conspiracy to keep the rural students out of the medical education system.

The changes made by the centre are for the improvement of the education system only and students will adapt to it. The final goal is to make the entire process more transparent & flexible and make it available for all.

About NTA
Filed under Indian Societies Act, the NTA was recently formed as a society in 2017 and is a self-sustained and autonomous testing organisation to direct all entrance examinations for higher educational institutions. In the budget-speech of 2017-18, the finance minister introduced the need for a specialised body in India for examinations. The government believes that NTA will create a high-reliability level for assessing aptitude and will also benefit all the candidates. NTA will initiate by conducting those examinations first, which were conducted by the CBSE and in due course, once fully functional will take up other exams too. NTA will also raise the standardised difficulty level to test aptitude and intelligence of the students.

Monday, July 30, 2018

10 Things to Consider Before Choosing Best Chef Courses

10 Things to Consider Before Choosing Best Chef Courses

Cooking is no more limited to the traditional kitchen job in today’s world. It has now evolved into a creative, dynamic and lucrative career option. So, if you have decided to pursue one of the chef courses in Pune and make your career in the hospitality industry as a chef, then you are on the right track towards your dream career.

Also, for becoming a good chef, you would need some industry experience so that you get a good job opportunity after the completion of your chef training course. A lot of successful chefs have emerged as industry experts who are now renowned names in the hotel industry.

We are providing below the list of top 10 things to consider before joining the best chef courses, so that you have a clear understanding of the same while choosing your course and college:

1. Infrastructure and Facilities

It is the first impression that gets imprinted in the student's mind and it is also a mandatory part for the evaluation of that school where he or she decided to study. You need to ensure that the institute you are joining is furnished with state-of-the-art facilities and kitchen and classrooms have the modern equipment. Besides this, you also need to note that high-tech kitchen may not prepare students for the rugged environments adequately so you have to ensure learning in both circumstances to become a successful chef.

2. Accreditation

This should be in your top priorities before making the decision of joining the college. It matters a lot to analyze your college and it is like a sticker of approval of that college in the chef industry. It sets a standard for culinary arts program which will provide you a top-notch culinary arts education.

3. Years of Existence

Experience is a key component to evaluate the best culinary school. With several years of experience, a track record of that college can be analyzed perfectly. While in the case of newer colleges, you can't expect so much from them and they also don't have any alumni network. An established academic institute should always be your priority.

4. Fee Structure

You must check thoroughly about the fee structure of the college that you are looking forward to study in, because many chef training colleges in Pune have hidden charges that you may be asked to pay during the course.You can also discuss with related college support staff regarding this.

5. Hands-On Guidance

A good chef course allows you to experience a real-world restaurant service. Hands-On guidance is a part of making the robust industry professionals in the modern world. You can take real experiences from the previous students of the college. It is even better if the college insists on internships during the program.

6. Culinary Scholarships

Many institutes boast of attractive scholarships which later turns out to be only on papers. The main reason for not providing the scholarships is that they don't have a robust network because they're new in the industry. So, you need to check this as well. Try getting in touch with the existing students of the college, particularly anyone who has already got the scholarship that you are looking for.

7. Internships

When you choose to pursue your chef course in Pune, you will also have to find out if the college you are joining provides ample internship opportunities. This will not only prepare you for the professional world but also give you a real world experience and an understanding of work culture.

8. Faculty

Shaping your future career is majorly in the hands of the faculty members of your college. They are the ones who will guide you at every step regarding your career decisions and will solve your queries and concerns. That’s the reason a college always has faculty members who are industry experts with several years of experience.

9. Course Structure

What and how you study during your chef course is also important. A structured course will not only comprise of theoretical learning but also practical exposure to the studied concept. Industry exposure in equally important.

10. Placement Record

No one would like to struggle for a good job after the completion of chef training course. So, look for a college that has a placement cell which assists students well in getting placed at a good organization and at a good salary package. Proven track record through a successful alumni network helps to settle oneself and have a great reputation as a professional in the industry. It will also help you to access national as well as international career opportunities.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Top 10 Institutes in India for B Tech Courses

Top 10 Institutes in India for B Tech Courses

b tech colleges in kolkata
B. Tech. is one of the most sought-after professional courses in India. The career prospects after successful completion of engineer course from a reputed B.Tech. college in India are numerous. Whether you get placed in top-notch companies or get an opportunity to serve in government organisations or go for research work, you will be in a win-win situation. As an engineer, you would be constantly changing the world through inventions and solutions that prove to be useful for humankind.

There are engineering colleges in every nook and corner of the country. However, you should be aware of the good engineering colleges in India to strengthen the learning base as well as get a good career growth.

Some of the best institutes offering B. Tech. courses in India include:

1. Indian Institute of Technology
IITs are the autonomous public institutes created across India since 1961. Currently, there are 23 IITs across India. IITs have an advantage of providing good academics along with a great infrastructure and placements. They are the most coveted B.Tech. colleges in India. Admissions to IITs are conducted through JEE.

2. Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences
BITS features in the list of eminent engineering colleges in India. The college has a history of more than 50 years, and has been providing range of undergraduate and post graduate courses in engineering, pharmacy and B.Sc., etc.

3. Institute of Engineering and Management
The college is regarded as the 3rd best B. Tech. institute in Kolkata. The college has won various accolades in the near future for providing quality education. It provides graduate and post-graduate level courses and also won the prestigious title of the “Jewel of the East” by Telegraph for the excellent contribution in the field of technical education. It has one of the best placement cells in the nation providing assistance to students in getting the best in-industry jobs and most suitable and deserved salary packages.

4. National Institute of Technology
These are the autonomous public institutes for B.Tech. courses in India. The admission through these is also through the JEE exam. Currently, there are 31 NITs located across India. They provide graduate and post graduate courses in engineering and architecture.

5. Vellore Institute of Technology
VIT is one of the oldest engineering colleges in India and has maintained to be in the list of top engineering colleges owing to the highly structured course curriculum and support from faculty members. The college not only admits Indian students but also has seats for foreign students. It has the one of the best infrastructure which includes mechanical labs, library, computer labs, auditoriums, etc. The institute offers courses for graduates, post-graduates and PhD.

6. Manipal institute of Technology
The College is the 5th best private B.Tech. college in India. MIT offers latest courses to choose from for engineering. The college has a history of more than 50 years and has earned the status of deemed university. Along with B.Tech., MIT also offers post graduate and research programs.

7. Thapar Institute of Technology
The College has the history of 61 years and is amongst the top 8 universities in India in terms of placements. The institute has a great infrastructure and faculty. The college also has international partnerships which provide a good exposure to students.

8. Lovely Professional University
The College has recently earned huge fame amongst the private B.Tech. colleges in India. It is known for its excellent infrastructure, tie ups with foreign universities and excellent placement record. The college provides range of courses in various disciplines.

9. Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology (NSIT)
The college was started in 1983 in Delhi to meet the growing demand of engineering students. Currently, it provides range of B. Tech and M.Tech. courses. The admissions to the college is done through JEE main exam.

10. KJ Somaiya College of Engineering
The College has been given ‘A’ grade status and is amongst the top 150 B.Tech. Colleges in India. It is also ranked 8th amongst the top private engineering colleges in India. The college encourages students for inter-disciplinary activities and develops research aptitude as well as entrepreneurial skills in them.

Friday, July 20, 2018

5 Reasons to Consider NATA Coaching Classes in Bangalore

5 Reasons to Consider NATA Coaching Classes in Bangalore

If you are considering admission in a prestigious architecture college then you should clear NATA entry test. It is important for aspiring students to clear the NATA entrance examination if they wish to get admitted into an architecture college of their choice. There are numerous institutes that offer NATA Coaching Classes in Bangalore. However, it is important to choose the coaching centres which provide the best NATA coaching. Joining a NATA coaching centre, you can avail a number of benefits as they offer guidance and assistance to the NATA aspirants. Here, we have enlisted 5 reasons why one should consider NATA coaching courses in Bangalore.

1. Availability of better coaching centers for NATA
Bangalore being an IT hub attracts more and more youths year after year who come here in search of top quality education. This has further led to the rising demand for office space, commercial and residential space in the city. There is consistent demand for professional architects in the industry. This has facilitated the growth of NATA coaching centers in the city. You will find some of the most reputed NATA Coaching Institutes in Bangalore like Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio (BRDS), Gate Indian Institute of Tutorials etc.

2. Better NATA scores
If you opt for Institute in Bangaluru for NATA coaching, then you have all the chances to score better NATA scores. Students are required to choose a NATA coaching center that has sustained reliable performance. Aspiring students should also inquire the average gap of ranks that an institute’s previous students have secured in the NATA exam. This information will definitely help the students to make the right choice regarding an institute providing NATA coaching. Once you have enrolled in a reputed center in Bangalore, your chances of scoring a better rank improve considerably.

3. Sharpen drawing skills
Joining a top NATA coaching classes in Bangalore, students can easily sharpen their drawing skills. Since a huge chunk of marks is based on drawing skills, it is important to learn all the basics in drawing. Aspirants should always go through the drawing works of the students from the previous batches. Each student is given individual attention in order to help them to brace up the drawing skills. The coaching institutes in Bangalore facilitates face-to-face meeting and thus help the students to understand the actual dynamics in the coaching center in a better way.

4. Study material
Another reason to consider NATA coaching institute is that it provides latest study material on different subjects to the learners. The best NATA coaching centre in Bangalore provides students with a valuable resource - its library. Regularly updated libraries are great assets in such institutes, one that are frequently visited by the NATA aspirants.

5. Extensive NATA coaching
If you practice drawing at your home, there would be no one to point out your mistakes and correct them on the spot. However, NATA Coaching Institute in Bangalore provides extensive NATA coaching to the aspirants preparing them as future architects. These coaching institutes not only save your time but also help you to get better marks in drawing since students are guided by their drawing experts, making your drawing concept clear.

Keen to study fashion? Keep a few things in mind

Keen to study fashion? Keep a few things in mind

Fashion designing is one of the industries that have witnesses an exponential boom in the last few decades. While there are many factors that have catapulted this growth, the major ones that have explicitly contributed to escalate fashion and design to the commercial world are the influence of west and broadened perspective of people towards the creative career choices. People have, over the years, opened their minds towards the creative fields, including fashion design, having awakened to the fact that a truly talented person with a potential for fashion designing can make it big. This mindset has, in turn, led to an increase in the number of fashion designing institutes and courses in the country.

However, there are certain integral points that should be taken into account by aspiring students of fashion. First and foremost, you have to be very clear about the degree you want to have from the top fashion designing colleges in India, for which you can consider the following aspects:

1. Certificate and diploma programs, and even associate’s degrees, are shorter in duration and more intensely focused on fashion design.

2. Most bachelors’ degree programs provide a well-rounded liberal arts education.

3. Along with fashion designing classes, you will have general education credits to complete.

4. With a broader educational experience, it will be easier to look for jobs and make your foray into the fashion business. 5. A higher level degree makes you more competitive in the job market.

Fun, fierce, and fast-paced, the fashion industry draws countless graduates every year, and the numbers have only been increasing. The industry has undoubtedly earned immense reputation in recent times, and thus, it hardly comes as a wonder that the demand for positions in the fashion industry has been on a never-seen-before rise. The best part is, from the production of raw materials to the retail sector, the fashion designing industry has a wide spectrum of professional roles to choose from, thus offering the youngsters the opportunity to settle for a career that best does justice to their skill-sets and potential. It goes without saying that those gifted with a creative eye go for the most obvious role- fashion designer.

One also has to learn clothing construction techniques, which are taught progressively in more advanced classes. Under its purview, students learn basic fabric selection and garment construction, which is followed by how to construct more difficult pieces with speed and accuracy. Be it draping satin on a human shaped torso or creating a dress that is fastened only with ties or pins, draping is must-have skill for budding fashion designers.

Eventually, students go on to learn pattern drafting skills which involves creating, drawing, and cutting a pattern used in the creation of a garment or accessory. Students will acquire the skills of creating finished designs from the patterns as well as learn how to alter completed designs. Other skills that are a taught in fashion design schools in India, include, learning how to organize, market, and produce fashion shows. Classes may be taken in event planning and trend forecasting as well. India fashion schools have a vast reach and they are being able to bring in the best names in the industry as mentors for their students. Not just Indian designers, but even those of international repute often drop by for special classes in these institutes, and it reflects, in a way, to show how much the Indian fashion scenario has evolved in recent times. It is also heartening to note that not just the established celebrity designers, but a number of new and aspiring designers too are getting a chance to work in the prestigious locations of fashion, such as Paris and New York.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Best 5 Colleges in Kolkata to Get Admission in Hospitality Management Courses

Best 5 Colleges in Kolkata to Get Admission in Hospitality Management Courses

The hospitality industry has now become a multi-billion-dollar business and includes restaurants, event planning & management, travel & tourism industry, resorts, casinos, sports, etc. Hence, there a plethora of opportunities for the students who want to make a dream career in hospitality industry.

Hotel Management courses offered by hotel management colleges in Kolkata has now become very popular as a career option among students in India and abroad as well. It has also been found in a recent study that the hospitality industry is the second largest business industry in the world currently.

After the drastic growth in this industry, there are many private and government hotel management colleges that have been opened up across the country in major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, and Kolkata. Out of these colleges, there are some that have earned huge popularity among the students in terms of their great infrastructure and placement records.

So, here we have selected the top 5 hotel management colleges in Kolkata that attract students from across the globe -

1. SBIHM (Subhash Bose Institute of Hotel Management)
SBIHM hospitality management college is one of the premier institutes in the field of offering hospitality management courses in Kolkata. Some phenomenal achievements have given this college a great position in the hospitality education sector in the past few years.

SBIHM has geared itself according to the modern and growing world. Besides this, the college has also advanced learning atmosphere in a multi-cultural environment. The main motto of this college is to provide quality education at an affordable price. SBIHM hospital management college is nurturing the talents from all over India and providing the best hospitality education in Kolkata.

2. NIPS School of Hotel Management
NIPS School of Hotel Management is also a leading name in the hospitality education sector in Kolkata. This college is accredited from AICTE and is affiliated to the West Bengal University of Technology. All courses of NIPS are designed as per the employability in the toady's environment so that students can get the best place after the completion of their education.

NIPS has also won many awards so far, such as 'Certificate of Honour' among the best colleges in the Hotel Management Category and also got 'Gurukuljyoti Award' for Education Excellence.

3. Camellia School of Business Management
Camellia School of Business Management offers various hospitality courses for the students who want to make their career in the hotel management industry. The college understands the importance of education as per the Indian values as well as the need of the industry.

The Institute aims at producing the best quality of hotel management professionals who are capable to meet any challenge that comes ever in their career and life as well. It offers world-class facilities to its students and also has established high standard in the education field in Kolkata.

4. Barclay College of Management
Barclay College of Management provides various hospitality courses by offering 18 bachelor and master's degrees to the students. It is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE).

This is one of the oldest colleges in Kolkata and was established in the year 1917 and adopted its current name in the year 1990 in in honor of the 1st Quaker theologian, Robert Barclay.

The infrastructure of the college is great and its campus is spread over the 20-acre land. It has 8 major buildings and 3 residence halls where about 200 students can live at a time.

5. International Institute of Business Studies
Another established name amongst the top hotel management colleges in Kolkata, IIBS is affiliated to Bharathiar University and Mysore University. It offers state-of-the-art infrastructure to its students of hotel management education program.

This college has highly qualified and experienced faculty which has rich experience in creating successful professionals. College also provides scholarship to meritorious students. Additionally, workshops and guest lectures are also organized regularly in the college.