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Top 4 Engagement Ring Styles

Just as every girl has her own fashion sense for clothing and shoes, so she has an individual spark and interest in an engagement ring. For many, engagement rings are the ultimate personal choice — since the ring is supposed to represent the culmination of one of the most important relationships in one’s life. If you’re looking for an engagement ring, read on to get a basic overview of some of the most popular engagement ring styles available today.

A Singular Sensation

The solitaire engagement ring is one of the most popular and oldest ring designs of all time. From the Victorian era in the 1800s, all the way through the Modern era, the solitaire ring has been at the top.

A solitaire engagement ring is generally a single stone, in any shape, gemstone, or cut, that’s set in an engagement ring. A solitaire ring is so popular due to its versatility, as the category encompasses so many different styles including marquis, princess, or round cuts, as well as diamond, sapphire, opal, pearl, or emerald stones. Some solitaire rings have no embellishment along the shoulders, while others have channel set stones or intricate scrollwork.

Elizabeth Taylor’s 29 carat, emerald engagement ring is one of the most famous solitaire rings in history! Many celebrities, who have designed their own custom fine jewelry, have followed in her footsteps with large, single stone rings — although few have been as dramatic in size or color.

Three of a Kind

The three stone engagement ring, also known as the trinity or trilogy ring, is another style that has been around for centuries, although it’s popularity stems less from a design standpoint than a symbolic one. A three stone ring generally has three stones set horizontally along the band. The middle stone is often the largest, but it’s not uncommon to see some rings set with three stones of the same size.

Each stone on the ring symbolizes different elements in a relationship. One belief is that the stones of the ring represent love, loyalty, and friendship, while another dictates that the stones represent the past, present, and future of a relationship. Each couple attributes the symbolism they wish to apply to their love.

The three stone ring is also incredibly versatile as it allows for a mix of several gemstones, cuts, and shapes in one ring.

Just Like an Angel

A classic favorite that has graced the fingers of royalty from Queen Victoria to Princess Diana and Princess Kate, the halo ring draws the eye of many women for its intrinsic sparkle and shine. A halo ring has one larger center stone, and is then surrounded by a circle of smaller stones that enhance the size and glitter of the entire ring.

Many women choose this option for its economical value, as well as its flexibility. The halo ring is a good way to ensure that a ring looks bigger, without the higher price tag, and it also allows a bride to experiment with cuts, settings, and gemstone varieties.

Truss and Bundle

A newer style that has recently taken the engagement ring world by storm is a cousin of the halo style engagement ring, known as the cluster ring. For the unusual bride, cluster rings don’t generally have any sense of order or symmetry — instead they bring together a seemingly random number of stones in varying sizes and colors to create a cluster of intriguing shapes and curves. The cluster ring style provides an option many women consider more elegant, fragile, and intricate than a single, clunky large stone.

In addition to its delicate design appeal, cluster rings also allow brides to get a ring with a higher total carat weight at a fraction of the cost of a single stone of the same size. Many brides also prefer the number of different gems they can include in the ring to create a whimsical interplay of color, shape, and size in a single ring.

What You Love
While trends and current styles often dictate what is popular and available on the engagement ring market, at the end of the day, it’s important to find a ring that speaks to you. Many websites and brick and mortar jewelry stores are happy to explore the many designs and settings a bride wants to try and it’s a simple matter to request a private consult to discover (or create) a ring you love. Find the ring of your dreams when you look for something that truly represents you!

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