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Everything About Height Safety Equipment

Everything About Height Safety Equipment

Having the safety equipment with you on the site is a very important thing. However, having the right kind of equipment is even more important. You will need a well-trained and highly skilled inspector to inspect the equipment. It is important that a height safety equipment inspector check the equipment before they are used to make sure everything is ready to go. You will not like to take the risk and use the equipment without having an inspection. There are many individual inspectors as well as there are many companies who provide the inspection services. They can help you with everything related to the safety equipment. You can hire the safety equipment, as you do not require it for a long time. There are many such companies, which provide the safety equipment on rent.

Here are some of the important things you need to know about the height safety equipment renting companies and inspectors:

Renting Companies:

Reputed – Do a bit of research with the help of the internet on the top companies who deal in the renting of the height safety equipment. It is always better to choose a company with the good market reputation. You can check the user’s feedback on the website and make sure, if the company is doing good. You can take references from your friends, if they have any experience in dealing with such companies.
Quality – It is important that you only rent the equipment, which is of the best quality and manufactured by the most trusted brands. You will come to know on the web about the top brands of height safety equipment.
Safety checks – The most significant thing is that the equipment must undergo an inspection to check whether they are good enough to be in use. You should only rent the equipment, which is tested to make sure you are not taking any risks.
Cost – It is essential that the company, which is providing you with the safety equipment on rent, is fair on the charges. Most of the companies have a per day rent on the height safety equipment. If you need the equipment for more than 5 days, the renting system is different. It is good if you can compare the charges with some other reputed companies and makes sure that you are getting the best deal. You can avail the special offers and discounts most companies provide.

Height Safety Equipment Inspectors:

Licensed – As you need the driving license to drive the vehicle, which shows that you have passed the driving test, a safety equipment inspector will also need a license for inspecting the safety equipment. They must have a valid and government approved license to show. Having license, you can ensure that you are in safe hands.
Experience – The older the better is the perfect saying and same is true for the height safety equipment inspector. It is must the inspector has a good amount of experience in inspecting the safety equipment. If they have the good amount of experience, you can fore sure trust their inspection ability.
Knowledge – With the good experience, it is also important that they have the right knowledge of everything related to the safety equipment. They should not only do the proper inspection of the equipment but also should help you with all the safety tips related to the usage of the equipment.
Above are some of the vital things you need to understand about the height safety equipment renting companies and inspector. This can help to get the best deal on renting the equipment and help you choose the right safety inspector for inspecting the equipment. 

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 Publishing Your Work Online

Publishing Your Work Online

The Necessity of Publishing One’s Work Online:
In the internet-powered globalized world, all the people are closely connected with one another over the World Wide Web. Social media and personal and business websites are growing with incredibly fast pace.Creative people and businessmen are impatient to see their work live over the web. But why is such a trend getting more and more momentum? Quite logically, anything useful that you might be having at your end would be of no use to others unless you make it accessible to them. The best and most efficient platform to utilize for this purpose is that of internet where you need to launch and manage your own website.

How You Can Popularize Your Blog—Just Make It Look Different:
Owing to an already intensely competitive environment, it has become fairly difficult to popularize your online project.When a website has the same style as that of an already existing one, it will give a look of monotony, thus least able to fetch the attention of users. Still a useful option is there—make your project look different.A different and more dynamic layout will itself serve as a source of great fascination for the viewers, and you would be in a position to get the desired results in less time.
What If a Single Best WordPress Blog Theme Offers 40+ Ways to Build a Blog!
Now there is no need to waste time and money in purchasing and experimenting with different so called best WordPress blog themes as a single theme can do the job that all others cannot, even if taken collectively. It can be easily searched on with the name “Personal”. Wondering how one premium WordPress template can offer 40+ ways to build a blog? Well, just have a look at its live demo and you yourself would become the supporter of this very claim!
The Overflowing Power and Diversity of Personal:
It is the dozens of homepage layouts (each with further variation in layout), a huge collection of very useful features and immense flexibility that render the Personal WordPress blog theme brimming with energy and variety. All the layouts are accomplished in all ways and are ready to use. So, the only thing you need is to install the demos with a click and replace the demo content with that of your own project in a few clicks. If there be need, it will be a great fun to make changes in the layout and the combination and arrangement of features. For this purpose, there is a pool of short codes and elements that can be immediately put to use. The distinguishing quality of these elements is that they have got a responsive and extremely flexible layout. So they will get readjusted and fitted into the space you apply them automatically. A globally popular tool for their application and arrangement is also provided, i.e. Visual Composer page builder. It also brings you the front-end editing facility.

Have Complete, Easy Control over All Aspects of Blog:
The job does not end even after you have structured and launched the website. The major phase follows which requires the effective management of the website. Here you are likely to face many troubles that will come on the way quite unexpectedly. But, if you are fortunate enough to get one of the best WordPress blog themes like Personal, there is nothing to worry about. It comes furnished with the most exquisitely managed Admin Panel Backend Management System. There are unlimited custom options which enable you personalize every inch of the theme at your will. Building and customizing mega menu; enabling/disabling different features on header; changing font and color styles; building sidebar widgets; modifying page layout; building new pages; and doing anything else is completely under your control and command.
Use Your Blog to Sell Products Online:
Besides offering you the best blog layouts, the Personal theme also provides the additional functionality of online shopping. In other words, your blog stands turned into a complete online shop, where you can not only sell products but also accept online payments from the clients.For this purpose, WooCommerce and PayPal online payment system are fully supported.
End Note:
It is an age of intense competition, where little carelessness can leave you leagues behind your competitors. So, everything you choose must be the best in the world. First comes the template and Personal the best WordPress blog theme tops the list on the basis of its extraordinary powers and designing excellence. Just see, it offers more than forty different ways to publish your work online. Even there is stuff for online shopping and accepting payments from the buyers. The dynamics of design and freshness of look will cast a spell on the mind of the viewers.

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Simple Tips to Connect Printer to Different Devices

Simple Tips to Connect Printer to Different Devices

Do you use printer for all the personal and professional purposes? But what if the printer creates issues while connecting to different devices? Provided below are some of the tips that you should follow if you want to connect printer to various devices:

1. How to connect a printer to the Windows computer?
• Set the printer close enough to your computer so that the cable can reach the device easily.

• Before connecting the printer to the computer, install the software that came along with the printer. It will make the connection process easy.

• In case if you don’t have any software, don’t worry about it. Simply plug it in and the windows will detect the printer automatically.

• Always make sure that you plug the printer into your computer using a USB port and not a USB hub.

• Plug the printer into a power source and turn it on.

• Windows will automatically detect the printer and install the additional software as required. You need to follow the auto generated guidelines.

• Follow the below listed steps to install the printer properly:
o At first open the Control Panel.

o Then select ‘Devices and Printer’ option.

o Finally, on the list try to find the printer that is installed.

• In case the printer does not show up, go to the manufacturer’s support site and download the drivers recommended for your printer model. It may solve the issue.

2. How to connect a printer to Mac computer?
• Follow the above mentioned first four steps correctly.

• In order to confirm that the printer is installed correctly follow the below listed steps:
o At first click the Apple menu.

o Then select Print and Scan.

o Finally, search the printer on the left sided list.

• Other steps are same as mentioned in the case of Windows computer.

3. How to set up a wireless printer network?
• Most printers can connect to a wireless network or they have Ethernet ports. But if you cannot use any of these options, your printer needs to be connected to your computer and to be shared on the network. Else, you can connect it to a printer server.

• If you connect your printer through Ethernet, you need to place it near your router so that they can communicate easily.

• Check the manual of the printer if you need particular set up instructions.

4. How to connect a network printer to your Windows PC?
• After connecting the printer to the network you have to connect it to your Windows PC. If you use a Mac computer follow the listed steps:
o Opening the Control Panel select ‘Devices and Printer’.

o At the top of the window tap the ‘Add a printer’ button.

o After that select ‘Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer’.

o Selecting the new network printer from the list tap ‘Next’.

o Finally print a test page.

In case you cannot resolve the issues in printer even after following provided steps properly, go ahead and get in touch with the experts of brother printer tech support.

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The 10 Essential Things For Your Kitchen

The 10 Essential Things For Your Kitchen

Do not you just like your kitchen? Do you always need something while you cook?

Today's post is for you, not only decoration but also organization.

Let's see the 10 indispensable items in a kitchen.

Order and organization
For your kitchen to be functional and pleasant, the first thing is that it is clear; it does not seem overwhelming or chaotic.

Good lighting
It is very important, when it comes to cooking; you have to have adequate lighting. If you also eat in the kitchen then it would be best to have different points of light to create the environments strong light to cook and diffuse light to eat in a more relaxed atmosphere.

The best appliances that come with you
I explained it in a last post about how to organize the kitchen.
It may be that you are more comfortable with a juicer than a toaster ... you have to detect what you use most and what you need most to know that it is an indispensable for your kitchen.

Sharp knives

You'll be careful, will not you? However, it is more dangerous a bad (ie badly sharp) knife than a knife that would cut the silk. To make life easier, to cook to taste, you have to have knives adapted to the different tasks of the kitchen and well sharpened.


The food tastes much better if you spice it up. The only thing that can worry you here is how to order the spices to avoid invading the kitchen.

Aromatic plants

As you know, a fresh parsley does not taste the same as a dry parsley. I invite you to try to have the basic aromatic plants in your kitchen. It is better, it is healthier and they are not very difficult to maintain.

Good rags

I am not saying that you have to leave a lot of money in the kitchen rags, no, it is not necessary but the truth is that quality rags make life easier. They dry out a thousand times faster than bad and touch rags and notes that are strong. They serve for many things: dry, not burn when you take the pan by its handle, support the hot plate and shine your glassware and cutlery. It is best if they are natural: linen or at least 100% cotton and thick enough.

Wooden boards

Not only for its cutting board function but also because it is good to have in the kitchen elements of wood to counteract the "fire" effect of this room. It is best to have the wooden board (s) between the sink and the plates. It is a basic recommendation of feng shui.


They are comfortable and very decorative. Perfect for your kitchen!
If you have many already at home, read this to inspire you ... many things can be done with the cooking pots.

Post-it and magnets in the fridge

To know the family schedule, have important phone numbers, photos of loved ones, postcards to dream or the next exhibitions to go to visit ...

What is the most indispensable element of the kitchen for you?

Now "LA" surprise ... We are in a draw!

Regards and...

Decorate for a better life!

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Dive into the artistic world of Paper Quilling

Dive into the artistic world of Paper Quilling

This paper art is a very beautiful and unique craft and it is important that you don’t underestimate it before you have tried it. The gorgeous designs, attractive patterns and light weight make these accessories an ideal jewellery wear.

It is an Inventive Art
Actually, quilling is the art of rolling thin strips of paper into beautiful coils or attractive scrolls and positioning them to form elegant lattice. The paper art method is really unique and dynamic. You can find interesting and plenty of beautiful designs in quilling.If you are looking for some beautiful earrings, why not just try out Quilling earrings? These earrings aren’t going to make a hollow in your pocket. Rather these will give you the most attractive and interesting outcomes that too within your budget.

There are plenty of shades available and beautiful combinations of designs and patterns make the earrings apt for the wearers. Whether you want to flaunt your style in a party or you want to set a style statement, quilling jewellery is all set to turn the heads for you. Paper quilling is so majestic and engaging that you will definitely get enticed towards it. Many women have started wearing jewellery made of quilling. After all, the point is to look elegant, gorgeous and beautiful. And when you can look so with aesthetic and artistic quilling accessories, why not just then go for it?

Another interesting thing is that you can get a huge collection of quilling accessories and jewellery once you have tried it. There are even people who wear earrings, necklaces and rings that are made up of creative and beautiful paper quilling designs. So, it is high time that you look for jewellery that is specially made up for you. Come on, maybe you cannot afford expensive jewellery accessories, but you can at least try wearing jewellery that is made up of paper quilling. So, why not just go for it and make a difference in your style statement?

While you have always carried different types of jewellery items, why not just go for quilling now? Look around and find out which designs, patterns, combinations and shades look good on you. You can understand and feel the warmth and extensiveness of quilling jewellery only when you experience it yourself. Maybe you say that these jewellery accessories are made up of fragile papers and can get spoiled anytime; but why you think about negative only? If you see in a positive way, the same jewellery accessories can last for ever.

Conclusion :
Thus, whether for yourself, your sisters or any one in your circle, you can try paper quilling earrings. These earrings are easy to carry, beautiful in looks and absolutely inexpensive. The most spectacular thing about quilling stuff is that it looks very stunning and elegant. Suppose you are wearing a gorgeous silk saree and you are wearing a beautiful pair of designer quilled earrings; don’t you think it would look absolutely outstanding? Not just saree, you can carry it with tops, gowns, formals and any type of attire you want!

Let Mauritius Be Your Next Vacation Destination!

Let Mauritius Be Your Next Vacation Destination!

It must be a lazy afternoon when the legendary Mark Twain once said, “Mauritius was made first, and then heaven, and that heaven was copied after Mauritius”.

This indeed is so true in the present scenario as well. The warmth of the sun shining bright and the cool breeze blowing across one’s face in the evening is what makes Mauritius a perfect getaway spot for wanderers. If you too are looking to satiate your wanderlust, we bring you 5 reasons why Mauritius is a perfect destination to take a break from your otherwise mundane routine.

Dubai with Mauritius package

Heaven for water sports freak
Rightfully so! Mauritius boast of some enthralling water sports activities for the tourists. If you are looking for some fun activity during your vacation, you are at the right place. It offers unforgettable diving experience. A small island country that it is, it offers a huge array of water sports choices. Parasailing, Snorkeling, Scuba diving or underwater adventures, you can try your hands at everything here. The west coast of Mauritius is famous for its water activities. Similarly the Grand Baie is famous for its thrilling water mavericks.

The hustle-bustle of Port Louis
Port Louis is the capital city of Mauritius and is the pinnacle of beauty. It hosts some of the amazing events and sightseeing spots for the tourists. Once you are in Mauritius you just cannot miss to explore the capital and dig out its ancient gems. Not to forget, the authentic continental food that one gets here is sinfully delectable. Le Captained is one of the popular food joint here that was also featured in the Indian Movie, ‘Break ke baad’. Do not forget to try the popular ‘Dholl Puri’ that is also known as the National food of Mauritius.

Dolphin spotting
Vacations are meant to bury your worries and bring out the kid in you. Best way of doing this in Mauritius is to go for Dolphin Spotting. Some of the best dolphin seeing spots are Dream Dolphin (River Noire) and Coral Batte Catamaran where you will get to indulge in whale watching and Dolphin spotting.

One day tour of Ile Aux Aigrettes
Exploring this beauty is incomplete if you do not take a guided tour to Ile Aux Aigrettes. This scenic spot was declared as a Natural reserve in the year 1965 and since then it has attracted many a tourists. Made up of Coral lime stones, this island boasts of exotic species of Flora and fauna and is easily the most loved spot for any wildlife enthusiast.

Exploring the mystery of Chamarel
Chamarel is a NOT-TO-MISS spot if you are vacationing in Mauritius, What happens to be a small village, also serves as a prime tourist attraction due to its scenic marvel. The seven colored layers of sand is mystical and captivating to the eyes of the tourists. They also sell test tubes filled with seven colored sands as souvenir to cherish life long.

Connectivity to all prominent cities in India, Mauritius is undoutebdly one of the most preferred destination for travelers. Visa on arrival offers the luxury of random travel plans and you can make timey arrangements. Although, it is pleasant all through the year, but May-December is the best season to explore the serenity of this island. There are a lot of air packages that you can chose from. Dubai with Mauritius package remains to be the commonly chosen one.

Author Bio: Vishal Virk is a full time Travel Consultant & Owner at Ok to Board is one of a leading travel brand. In addition to this, he is passionate about setting goals and achieving them. He is action-oriented and has a strong work ethics.

5 Amazing Ways to Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

5 Amazing Ways to Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

Ecommerce is huge, and if truth be told it is everywhere on the internet. So, if you have recently launched your ecommerce startup, achieving rapid sales growth is your ultimate goal. But do you know what matters most to grow your ecommerce business sales?

Being an ecommerce business, you have to make a committed effort and it takes years to achieve sales growth. You need to experiment with omni channel retail and figure out all the opportunities until you come up with a strong ecommerce sales strategy for stable growth.

To help you get started, I’ve listed a few tried and tested ways that you can implement to improve your ecommerce sales and keep the momentum going high.

1. Establish Your Unique Value Proposition
There are many ecommerce startups who assume and hope that their prospects will find out the real reason to choose your brand over your competitors. This mindset gives nothing but the lost sales and high bounce rate. Make sure your unique selling point is highlighted on your homepage and clearly explains the benefits of choosing your brand over your competitors. If possible, mention customer reviews so that people find the real reason to choose your products or services.

2. Convert Small Screen Buyers
In order to make more ecommerce sales, create a mobile optimized website or mobile app. If your website is optimized for mobile buyers, chances are you will get more leads and sales. There are many ecommerce website development agencies that create mobile-optimized website for ecommerce startups so that they can keep their mobile customers happy by providing intuitive user experience, regardless of the device being used by the consumers.

eCommerce website developers know that adding some feature like auto-complete search suggestions and more refined options will make mobile visitors to spend less time looking for products and more time on purchasing the product.

3. Gather Data and Personalize
Many ecommerce businesses don’t have enough budget for digital marketing, but the best thing is, they have ample resources and experience to gather valuable data of the consumers and then personalize according to their shopping behavior and buying patterns.

Do you know why Amazon has now become a market leader in ecommerce industry? Because the brand takes care of the preferences of their customers. Believe it or not, customers’ data is the lifeblood for running any personalized and targeted campaign. There are many tools like Marketo and Pardot that help ecommerce businesses to provide the latest technology needed to automate such processes and gather important data.

4. Empower Your Customers
Keep in mind that you are selling products online, and you can’t avail the advantage brick and mortar companies can avail. Your buyers can’t experience the offerings individually. Therefore, you need to serve a template that bridges the gap between individual and online shopping interactions.

You can motivate your prospects by using appropriate visuals that enhance the features of the products. You can allow customers to try different combinations of related products that provide a 360 degree view of the final product that will ultimately make online shopping experience more exciting. Empowering your consumers’ needs instant, clear communication with them. And to facilitate this, you need a reliable messaging platform for your eCommerce business, understand your customers’ needs, preferences and take time to build a strong relationship with them.

5. Your ecommerce Website Must Load Faster
The design of your ecommerce website matters most, but the speed shouldn’t be compromised for the sake of aesthetics and features. A website that takes forever to load is a stumbling block of your ecommerce startup. A research says that a 2 seconds delay in website contributes to 87% of abandonment rate. And the figure is big, therefore, it is advised to don’t install unnecessary plugins and apps to improve site speed.

In the End
All in all, the ecommerce industry is getting competitive day by day, staying ahead in the game can only be possible if you follow these measures as they will help you strengthen your position and increase your chances of converting more prospects.

Author Bio:
Irfan Ahmed Khan is a brand strategist, digital marketing expert and blogger. He has served many brands with his digital expertise. Currently, he's associated with digital agency.

Understanding a Home Buyer’s Journey

Understanding a Home Buyer’s Journey

The different stages a buyer goes through while buying a property

Buying a home is no way similar to a retail shopping experience. It is a game changer for many middle class people.

Get real; a home is a tangible asset!
Going to a mall and buying clothes you had not intended to buy will not burn a hole in your pocket even if it was an instant decision, probably triggered of by an approaching holiday. A home purchase will similarly be triggered off by a need or desire, maybe because you are fed up of shifting house every time the lease deed expires or because like your friends, you too desire to own a home of your own.

However, buying a property is never as easy as entering a mall, finding something you like and making the purchase. Investing in a property requires deliberation on the state of your finances and capacity for paying EMIs. It is deeply interwoven with your dreams about a home, your ability to find projects that are within your budget, visiting the properties to zero in on what you like, and finally signing on the sale agreement.

Financial considerations take centre-stage
Then come the down payment that determines the final decision to invest.
The first stage in buying a property is probably awareness that you need it. Awareness will lead to a search that will first begin on the internet and then on ground by visiting project sites. You would at the same time make enquiries among friends and family.

What you will also factor in is what kind of home you can afford, the kind of features you want— like the number of bedrooms, kitchen size and open spaces. You might find that you liked the location of one of the luxury villas in Bangalore you recently visited but that does not mean you have the wherewithal to be able to finance such an apartment. Remember to be careful when you go in for under-construction projects as builders can take you for a ride and you would be left with an incomplete apartment even after having made a full payment. Unscrupulous builders might not have the necessary clearances like sanctioned plan or commencement certificate so look into these aspects before making the down payment. Check relevant documents which give credence to the project in which you are investing. It is the most logical thing to do when buying a new home.

Check the legalities
Consult a property lawyer; you are putting in your hard earned money into the property.

While it is a good idea to dream about living in a luxury villa you must not be taken in by the glossy brochures or the sugar coated sales talk of the builder. Instead what you must do is make a checklist of all the legalities of buying a property in consultation with a property lawyer and go over these with the builder. This will ensure you are making an investment in a property that has legal sanction.

Once you have ensured everything is above board you must go check out the property so you can see what kind of material is actually being used in the building. You need to also see if the features, amenities promised to you in the brochure actually exist on ground. With the new rules that govern the realty sector, all is set to change. But due diligence is highly recommended at every stage.

The final stages
Before sealing the deal in an under-construction project do a thorough check once more.

After having checked out everything if you then decide to go in for an under-construction villa go in for a payment schedule that reflects the actual completion stages. In the next stage of the process you will need to sign a sale agreement. You must again check out the terms and conditions of the sale agreement.

If you feel that the terms of the agreement don’t suit you and the builder is not willing to make the necessary changes, you might find it a better idea to look for another property.

On making the down payment you will receive an allotment letter which will have the details of your flat or villa like flat number, area of the property and price. The payment details and other extra charges levied on amenities such as car parking, club membership, and maintenance charges that you are liable to pay at the time of possession.

The final stage is possession and registration of your property so that it becomes yours legally. However, a registration of Khata will happen only if you have an Occupancy Certificate (OC). An OC is given only if the construction is according to sanctioned plans and bye-laws. Therefore, the builder must commit to OC and Khata in writing in the sale agreement.

Myths about Omni-channel retailing you need to be Aware of

Myths about Omni-channel retailing you need to be Aware of

Retailing today has taken a giant leap from the traditional scale based economic parameters. Apart from fighting price margin wars, today’s retail is more about offering a seamless customer experience. The onset of online retail has played its role in ensuring traditional retailers to undertake a technological leap to build smarter brands. The use of omni-channel retailing is one such approach that is helping businesses to offer a better shopping experience to their customers.

The popularity of digital devices like Smartphone and tablets, the use of mobile applications, use of advanced featured sale kiosks in brick and mortar store are all essential parts of omni-channel retail functionality. The ability to offer services across various retail channels with proactive customer support makes up for the coherent traits of omni-channel retailing. Retailers or brands offering better customer experiences are more likely to have lower churn rates and higher brand loyalty.

Omni-channel functionality is high on the wish list of most retailers.
A common factor that stops majority of retailers in adopting an omni-channel approach is the association of multiple myths. Here is a look at the popular myths associated with omni-channel retailing helping retailing.

1: Omni-Chanel retailing means higher costs
Many enterprises would like to adopt an omni-channel sales approach if given a choice but the myth that omni channel strategies cost a lot runs them down. Omni channel strategies are definitely likely to cost more if not managed professionally. On the other hand when done the right way in an experienced work environment, implementing omni-channel strategies may not be that costly an affair. From choosing an inexperienced application management services to using the wrong channel for the wrong process and not educating customers about other potential channels have a role in escalating costs and minimizing omni-channel functionality. Effectively creating multiple channel operational frameworks is a case in point to ensure low cost omni-channel retail functionality.

2: Omni Channel means similar customer experience across all channels
Many retailers looking for omni-channel retail functionality often are unsure what they would like their customers to experience on various channels. If as a business enterprise you are looking at similar customer experience at various retail channels, building an omni-channel function may be a never ending process. Every retail channel is attractive for dedicated buyers or potential buyers. Since the users vary at each channel, the customer experience for each channel will also be unique and different. So while an omni-channel does mean cross integration of sales, customer service and support, the customer experience can be unique for each channel.

3: Customer driven omni-channel works best
Retailers offering omni-channel support function often consider that the best way in ensuring higher sales and low churn rates is to let the customer choose the apt channel. While it may not be a bad idea but an average customer may not always have the perfect information as to which channel will be most effective. For example, a customer may walk into a retail store and would like to use the in-house omni channel sale kiosk. Being a first time user, the customer may not be able to make full use of the functionality offered by the self use kiosk. If the customer can be offered a helping hand by a salesperson, it may result in a successful sale. So while having multiple Omni-channel implementation are great for business, customers must be tracked to offer the best customer experience as per their convenience.

4: Every channel needs dedicated skills
Cross linking between omni-channel for retail should be balanced by cross linking of various teams handling each such channel. A common myth associated with omni-channel retail is the need of dedicated skill set of employees to handle each channel. For example, a customer may initiate proceedings on one channel, buy on another and opt for a customer service or feedback using an entirely different channel. So, effectively having dedicated skill set employees for each channel may not work as a best strategy.

5: Omni-channel is all about technology
Although technology plays a significant role in omni-channel retailing, it is not all about technology alone. The basic imperatives to drive omni-channel retail should be based on actual return on investment. The recent Ernst & Young research indicates that merely 33% businesses were actually profitable post omni-channel integration. The cost effectiveness of omni-channel functionality should be judged primarily on business based parameters and not just adopting technology alone.

Conclusion: Omni channel retailing is the future and sooner retailers adopt for such functionality the better it can be for their business. Strategizing of omni-channel retailing should be done after taking adequate measure of actual return on investment (ROI) and not based on popular myths. Some of the popular myths associated with omni-channel retailing are busted above.